How Do You Dry up Breast Milk Quickly

How Do You Dry up Breast Milk Quickly

Have you chosen to convert your baby to formula but are still noticing enlargement in your breasts? Perhaps your nursing child has weaned, in which case you need your milk to stop flowing.

As it is known to many people who don’t breastfeed or do it less than drying up breast milk quickly is essential.

If you are someone with lactation but don’t breastfeed, you might have signs like pain and leaking breasts. 

This article compiles a few home remedies for mothers who want to dry up breast milk quickly. 

How Do You Dry Up Breast Milk Quickly? 

Since this condition is common to many mothers, the knowledge of drying up breast milk quickly is essential.

However, the phenomenon of lactation is natural in all mothers; the decision and choice are up to them to decide what they want to do with the supply of breast milk.

Being aware of the consequences of breastfeeding for a long time, no woman wants to do it beyond a certain point or unless absolutely necessary for the baby.

Women may have to go through the discomfort of leaking breasts, pain, and a commonly experienced infection called mastitis

To avoid such effects of prolonged breastfeeding, mothers either choose to decrease their supply of breast milk or eliminate the supply altogether as quickly as possible. 

This article brings all mothers some proven home remedies to dry up breast milk.

However, with time you will realize breast milk will dry up on its own; the length of time can be different for every person. 

A lot of research has gone into noting the benefits of a particular technique or method to dry up breast milk.

But, definitely, one has to be mindful of whatever diet one is consuming and what time of the day. 

1. Consumption of Herbs and Teas 

Herbal teas definitely have the potential to dry up breast milk quickly. In addition, implementing specific herbal supplements in your diet helps dry up or reduce breast milk supply. 

The effective herbs include Jasmine, parsley, and peppermint oil. 

Jasmine helps lower the production of a hormone that produces breast milk.

Therefore, it is recommended by researchers to be consumed only in tea along with other herbs. 

Peppermint oil is applied directly on the skin around your breast; it is not recommended to be used if you are still nursing an infant.

However, it can ease out a lot of pain you were feeling otherwise. 

Parsley can be used as a seasoning or even eaten as part of a salad. 

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2. Gentle Massaging 

The pain that you are experiencing from engorgement may just be eased out by doing a gentle massage around your breasts every day. 

Remember not to irritate your nipples in the process. Causing discomfort to the nipples while massaging may lead you to feel even more restless.

Also, don’t massage aggressively; it might increase the milk supply, and you don’t want that. 

Massage it only as much as you feel the need for your breasts to relax.

Doing it gently will immediately ease the pain and discomfort you have been feeling for a long time. 

3. Try Medications 

The kind of foods we consume and the exercise we do are essential when we are looking to dry up breast milk quickly, but if we want to speed up the process, we may consider taking a few medications. 

The many medications doctors recommend using include anti prolactin drugs, decongestants, estrogen, and birth control pills. 

These medications might either dry up breast milk quickly or lower the milk supply with time.

However, with decongestants, breast milk supply may immediately eliminate on its own as they get into your breast milk straight.

  If you are the one trying the option of decongestants, stop nursing anymore. 


How Do You Dry Up Breast Milk Quickly? There are various ways and techniques to dry up breast milk, which covers all of them.

Familiarize yourself with what all to do and what to avoid if you are looking to dry up breast milk and have a carefree and smooth time looking after your child. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Long Does It Take to Dry Up Breast Milk? 

It is natural with every mother; when you completely stop breastfeeding, your milk supply will dry up within a week or ten days—waiting sometime after breastfeeding is the most simple and organic way to achieve the goal of reduced breast milk. 

How Can I Dry Up My Breast Milk Fast? 

Wearing a good supportive bra that will hold your breast in place is an excellent way to help the process.

Use ice packs as well, and they will help with pain and inflammation. 

How Can I Dry Up My Breast Milk Naturally? 

Consider using breast pads that will soak up leaking milk and save you feeling uncomfortable the entire day.

In addition, putting a cold gel pack in your bra may immediately relieve you of pain and swelling. 

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