How Long Can Baby Stay In Mini Crib
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How Long Can Baby Stay In Mini Crib?

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How long can baby stay in mini crib is usually a top concern for many parents.

While a full-sized or a standard-sized crib may be one of the most pricey baby gear, a mini crib might seem a feasible option. 

Mini cribs are affordable, smaller and occupy minimal space compared to a full-sized crib.

Also, most mini cribs are portable, making it seamless to move from one room to another.

It may seem appropriate for some parents to consider a mini crib as a perfect option in your little one’s nursery.

Still, it’s best to be knowledgeable before making this necessary purchase. 

To ensure your baby’s safety and well-being, we have all the information about mini cribs. 

How Long Can Baby Stay In Mini Crib

There is no hard and fast age when your little bundle of joy can outgrow sleeping in a mini crib.

We can’t put the finger on the exact time your baby can stay in the mini crib considering all babies come of age differently.

However, there are other factors you have to be mindful of. The most critical being the weight and height of your baby.

Some mini crib manufacturers design mini cribs that can hold babies of up to 45 pounds (20.4 kgs).

However, the recommendation is for infants weighing a maximum of 35 pounds (16 kgs). 

It’s no lie that babies grow fast in the first and second year of their lives.

According to Child Growth Standards from the World Health Organization, the average height of a 2-year-old is between 32-28 inches. 

The length of most mini cribs is about 38 inches long. It’s reasonable to conclude that an active and agile two-year-old can quickly outclimb a mini crib.

However, the perfect option is to heed the height and weight restrictions of the preferred model of a mini crib. 

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Mini Crib Vs Standard-Sized Crib Vs A Bassinet

As the name suggests, a mini crib is a miniature version of a standard-sized crib. In length, most standard cribs are 20 inches longer than a mini crib.

The width of both cribs differ slightly, but the mini crib is an ideal choice for households with tight or limited spacing.

Not to mention the portability feature of mini cribs makes it easy and appropriate to switch from room to room.

And even when a baby spends at their grandparent’s house or the babysitter, some mini cribs are collapsible and can tag along. 

Also, the thickness in size of a mini crib is slightly thinner than that of a standard-sized crib.

Unlike the standardized mattress and sheets size for a full-sized crib, the mattress size for mini cribs varies so much.

This is because mini crib manufacturers make their brands as per their design, and a mattress fit for a particular brand may not fit another mini crib.

Also, finding the correct sheet for your mini crib might be challenging. It’s vital to find the right bedding that fits your baby’s mini crib to avoid risks such as suffocation. 

Typically, standard-sized cribs hold up to 50 pounds (22.68 kgs) and can convert into a toddler bed or full-size bed.

Mini cribs may be a perfect solution for your newborn or less 2-year-old baby. It’s more warm and cosy for newborn babies.

Also, it’s easier to position mini cribs next to your bed. However, when the baby comes of age, he/she might as well transition to a convertible standard-sized crib

With some comparable features between a mini crib and a bassinet, it’s sensible why some parents might confuse a mini crib with a bassinet.

Bassinets are smaller, more portable, and babies outgrow them by four months of age. 

The drawback of a mini crib is that babies outgrow it much quicker than a standard crib. One way or another, your baby will need a bigger and spacier bed. 


How long can baby stay in mini crib depends on the weight and height. Be cautious and monitor when your child tries to escape the safety rails on their own.

When making this purchase, always opt for a mini crib that is safety tested and approved. 

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