How Long Can Baby Use Swing
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How Long Can Baby Use Swing

Are you aware of how long can baby use swing? 

Swinging a baby to sleep can seem like a miracle cure for sleep-deprived parents whose children refuse to fall asleep any other way.

Babies can be soothed and rocked to sleep, so they stop crying. 

Swings, however, aren’t long-term solutions.

Baby swings should not only be used for a limited period but also be stopped when the baby’s weight is exceeded or when he/she starts crawling out of the swing.

To answer how long a baby can use a swing, let’s read this article. 

How Long Can Baby Use Swing?

Most parents usually agree upon a baby swing as the best way of soothing a crying infant.

Experts say you can use a swing to comfort your colicky baby if they are fussy.

In addition, experts suggest holding or swaddling your baby as another way to soothe. 

However, you may find that your baby will fall asleep using the swing’s rhythmic rocking motion.

Your baby can suffer from SIDS if you let them sleep in a swing. In contrast to cribs or bassinettes, swings are not intended for napping.

As soon as possible, move your baby from the swing to a crib, bassinet, or play yard if they fall asleep there.

In 2012, the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) adopted new standards for baby swings to prevent accidents involving babies falling out of the swing or slumping forward until they can no longer breathe. 

The CPSC recommends a five-point harness for holding your baby securely in a swing.

However, before buying a swing, experts recommend that you check the CPSC’s list of product recalls.

1. Getting Your Baby Used to Climb Out

Your baby may be mobile enough to try to climb out of the swing even if they have not yet exceeded the weight limit of the swing.

However, as children reach the age of 12 months, they may attempt to climb out, resulting in a fall and a head injury. 

The straps of the swing could become tangled if your baby tries to climb out, and he could fall and get injured whether you strap him in with the harness or not.

You should always strap in your baby with the harness, no matter how you place him in the swing.

 It’s estimated that baby swings injured 1,800 children under age five in 2005, and one baby dies from swing use every year, Consumer Reports says.

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2. What Are the Benefits of Using A Baby Swing?

Baby swings provide new parents with much-needed relief from holding (and rocking and bouncing) their little ones, whether they have to make dinner, help an older sibling with homework, or scroll through Instagram. 

Several experts explain that baby swings tend to relax and entertain the baby while caregivers have a few moments of peace.

As explained by the National Sleep Foundation, babies tend to become calmer when they swing and bounce in their arms since they are experiencing a sensory experience similar to being in the womb

3. A Baby Should Stop Swinging When They Reach A Certain Age

In terms of preventing your baby from using the swing, there are no hard and fast rules.

A swing’s instructions and the size of your child will determine which swing is right for them. 

Manufacturers generally state the weight and height requirements.

If your baby swing is both a bouncer and a rocker, you might want to double-check the instructions.

If the baby is hanging from the mechanical swing base or standing on the floor, the weight limit will differ. 


In the end, you have the answer to the question, how long can baby use swing? Safety precautions need to be taken whenever working with one. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can a baby be on a swing for the maximum amount of time?

Trachtenberg advises babies not to spend more than 30 minutes in a swing at a time.

According to the AAP, your child may flatten their head if you keep them strapped in a swing for too long each day.

Does it matter if a baby swing for hours?

It is generally recommended that babies spend no more than one hour a day in a motorized swing.

This is because, in the swing, she won’t be able to develop the motor skills that will lead her to crawl, stand, and cruise eventually.

Is it possible for baby swings to damage the brain?

The brain and eyes of an infant or child are not injured when you toss them in the air, bounce on the knee, place them in an infant swing, or jog with a backpack on.




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