How Long Can You Use A Bassinet

How Long Can You Use A Bassinet? 3 Practical Tips

Need to know How Long Can You Use A Bassinet??

After giving birth, taking your baby home is a huge step. While you may have planned for everything else, new mothers usually get overlooked by the sleeping arrangement with a newborn baby around. Bassinets are something every baby should start off sleeping in once they come home from the hospital.

However, how long can you use a bassinet, and is it worth your time and money? Here’s all the information you need to make the right choice for you and your baby. 

Is a Bassinet Really Important?

If you’re wondering if a bassinet is really important for your baby, the answer is yes. Bassinets provide a safe and convenient place for your newborn baby to nap and sleep. It’s one of the items you should think about buying when shopping for baby items. Or you can include it in your baby registry. 

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Bassinets are circular and don’t have corners that the baby can roll into as they sleep, which is a leading cause of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). This constricted, small space makes your baby feel safe similar to the womb and ensures that they maintain the same sleeping position. 

Bassinets are also lightweight and take up very little space, which means you can put them anywhere or even move around. 

How Long Can You Use A Bassinet?

In the first few weeks after you come home from giving birth, both you and your baby will be learning each other’s rhythm. As your baby adjusts to life at home, they’ll spend a lot of their time sleeping and need a safe place to do so. Experts recommend that parents share the bedroom, but not the bed, with their children up to 12 months old. 

A bassinet offers this, and it is convenient for the parents because they can be close by when needed. You can put it just next to your bed and provide your infant with the best sleeping arrangement for them. When wondering how long you can use a bassinet, several factors have to be considered, including the baby’s size and weight. 

Due to their cramped nature, a bassinet will no longer be a good fit for your baby the older they get. Most babies usually outgrow their bassinets by 3 to 4 months of age and need to be moved to a crib. 

Bassinets are also designed for babies to sleep on their backs, and they are usually not large enough or high enough for babies that want to roll over or stand up. By the time they are 6 months of age, babies can also move around much more, and a bassinet may be too shallow to keep them from pitching over the side and hurting themselves. It is advisable to transition from a bassinet to a crib at this point.

When wondering how long can you use a bassinet, it is important to keep in mind that bassinets are very important for your baby’s growth and a critical step in their development. They will also help both mother and child sleep easier while preventing possible accidents when sleeping in the same bed.

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