How Long Do Baby Wipes Last Unopened
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How Long Do Baby Wipes Last Unopened?

How long do baby wipes last unopened? That’s the question every parent has whenever they open a packet of baby wipes. 

When shopping, most of us are normally keen to check the expiry dates of the product we are buying to ensure we don’t suffer losses or even worse risk getting harmful reactions after using expired products. 

Needless to say, we are even more diligent when buying products for use by our baby or toddler.

It is important to check and see the expiry date and best before dates before proceeding to purchase an item. 

But what if the said product happens to be baby wipes that don’t have an expiry date on their packages? Does it mean that baby wipes don’t expire?

We have the answers for you.

1. How Long do Baby Wipes Last Unopened

While baby wipes don’t have an expiry date, they do have a shelf life, which in many cases ranges between fifteen months to two years provided that they stay unopened. 

The shelf life of particular baby wipes will however depend on the brand and types of wipes and the conditions of storage. 

What happens to baby wipes that have overstayed on the shelves?

 Well, I have mentioned that baby wipes don’t expire but they do have a shelf life.

What happens to the baby wipes that have surpassed their designated period on the shelves might be the next burning question. 

A lot can happen to the wipes that can make them undesirable for use on your baby, including: 

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a) drying Out 

Most natural wipes are ninety-five percent comprised of water. This water is essential when the wipe is used on the baby’s soft and delicate skin.

When the wipes have crossed their stay on the shelves they tend to lose water through evaporation even when they are sealed. 

b) Lose Effectiveness  

When wipes stay on the shelves longer than projected by the manufacturer they might start being ineffective.

This happens simply because the constituents of wipes, mostly soapy water moisturizing oils break up with time to lose the potency especially when the wipes have overstayed in the shelves. 

c) Mold accumulation 

Molds, fungal colonies that might grow even if the baby wipes pack is unopened, can cause contamination of the wipes especially when the wipes are made up of natural ingredients.

Even then most sanitized wipes run the risk of such contamination. 

It is advisable you discard the wipes if you notice black or grey spots. That is a sign of mold or fungal growth, which can affect one’s skin.

2. What to do if baby wipes are past shelf life?

There are several uses for baby wipes that have hit shelf life, especially when it has no mold or fungal growth.

Here are a few uses for baby wipes that are past shelf life and you do not want to use them on the baby:

a) Removing Makeup

First of all dry wipes are an excellent way to remove eye makeup when moistened with water or baby oils.

The moistened baby wipes are gentle on the delicate eyes and are very effective considering the fact that they are cheaper than the beauty wipes and can work equally well.

b) Manicure & Pedicure

Have you run out of cotton for wiping nail polish from your manicure or pedicure?

Dry baby wipes are an excellent alternative for cotton in this scenario. You can use lotions or other vitamin E oils to make your mani-pedi shine. 

You can use dry wipes to wipe the nail polish using vitamin E oils or other lotions to protect your nails.

c) Cleaning 

Another use for baby wipes is cleaning the body, especially after waxing. To make it more effective and calming, you can moisturize the dry wipes with oils, like essential oils. 

Apart from personal cleaning, you can still use these wipes for your domestic cleaning.

For instance, delicate electronics like your computers, phones, and TV screens or home furniture, like cabinets.  

If you shop in bulk and are wondering how long do baby wipes last unopened, there is some good news.

Baby wipes don’t have an expiry date but they have a shelf life after which, they can dry, be ineffective or develop molds.

But that doesn’t mean you cannot use them, as long as they don’t have molds. 

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