How Long Do Steri Strips Stay On After C Section
C Section

How Long Do Steri Strips Stay On After C Section? 3 Practical Tips

Learning How Long Do Steri Strips Stay On After C Section is important. A c-section is a major surgical procedure that can take quite some time to heal. It requires a lot of rest, being cautious, and taking care of the wound properly to prevent infections. One of the things that help out mothers in the healing process are Steri-Strips, but they can’t remain on your body forever.

If you’re wondering how long do Steri-Strips stay on after c-section, keep reading to find more.

Why are Steri-Strips necessary? 

Why are Steri-Strips necessary? 

?Steri-Strips are small paper pieces of tape used to hold the outermost parts of surgical procedure incisions together. They are also known as butterfly closures or butterfly stitches. These are better at clinging to the skin than ordinary tape. 

In the case of a c-section, Steri-Strips are ideal for holding and closing the skin’s superficial layers, helping the incision heal faster. It also helps in reducing the scarring that comes from traditional sutures. 

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How Long Do Steri Strips Stay On After C Section?

How Long Do Steri Strips Stay On After C Section?

Steri-Strips keep your c-section wound closed and clean to avoid your c section burning and stinging, while also protecting the major stitching done underneath your skin. They will usually fall off on their own in a week when left undisturbed due to showering and your body’s natural oils. 

So, when to remove the tape after c section? Your doctor will also give you instructions on when to pull the Steri-Strips, but you should arrange an appointment to get it done right. However, if the Steri-Strips start getting itchy, this is how you can safely remove them:

Make sure your hands are clean by washing them with soap and water and cleaning under the nails.

Steri-Strips adhere to the skin, so peel them off slowly horizontally one at a time. Using force can cause your skin to tear and reopen the incision, which can lead to infection. Place your forefinger and thumb of one of your hands on each side of the incision to help keep the skin stable. 

If you realize there’s scabbing on the strip, or it sticks to the skin, don’t pull at them. You can swab this area with a damp cotton ball to loosen it up and try removing the Steri-Strips again after a while. You can also trim away any loose ends with a pair of clean nail scissors so that they don’t snag on anything.

Once you have removed them, wash the area gently using water and soap, then let them dry. Let any patches of dead skin or dried blood fall off by themselves and see a doctor immediately if the exposed area has any visible discharge or oozing. Also, avoid lotions and irritant clothes until the area heals fully. 

After removing the Steri-Strips, you should watch out for any infection signs around the incision area, such as fever, pain, and swelling. If this happens, contact your doctor so you can get started on treatment immediately. 

A c-section surgery is a big deal, and Steri-Strips make healing so much quicker and easier. So it helps to know how long do Steri-Strips stay on after c-section so you can take better care of yourself.

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