How Long Does A Can of Formula Last
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How Long Does A Can of Formula Last?

Are you concerned about how long does a can of formula last?

Many responsibilities come with the birth of a baby.

For example, having just become a mother, you must have been unsure of how to feed your baby or what to feed him.

Similarly, if you are worried about purchasing many bottles and cans of baby formula all at once or how long it will last, we can help you out.

If you do not know how your baby will feed or do not have a suitable estimate, it can be difficult to budget for the right number of formula cans to buy.

To learn how long does a can of formula lasts, read this article to the end.

How Long Does A Can of Formula Last?

If you open a powdered baby formula seal, it’s better to finish it within a month.

Then, the can should be kept inside the refrigerator at under 4 degrees Celsius. The formula will spoil if it’s kept at room temperature for a long time.

But if you have an opened ready-to-feed or liquid formula, you must use it within 48 hours.

Ensure to keep the unopened formulas inside the refrigerator to prevent any bacteria from growing and making it harmful for the baby.

Always throw away the remaining formula because after you fed your baby, the formula has your baby’s saliva in it, which may result in bacteria formation when mixed with the formula. 

1. Till What Age Baby Formula Must Be Provided

Some renowned universities have recommended that baby formula be strictly given to infants until they are 12 or 24 months old.

Their digestive system is not strong enough to digest the cow milk having the bulk of proteins.

But once they reach the concerned age, you can switch to beverages, solid foods, or cow milk.

Whereas there are conditions when the baby isn’t ready for the cow milk because their digestive systems are not properly developed due to deficiencies, you must consult your pediatrician before switching.

Don’t switch the baby formula to cow’s milk immediately after turning one because it might take some time for the baby to develop a habit of high protein milk.

So, switch the baby formula slowly and gradually, giving them parts of it a day to help your baby digest it easily and get habituated to it.

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2. Right Way to Prepare Baby Formula

Preparing a baby formula is the curtail step in a parent’s life. If you are a new parent, you should always keep few things in mind while preparing a baby formula.

It’s essential to prepare a baby formula according to the instruction.

  • Always wash your hands before preparing formula for your baby.
  • Always use a clean and sanitized bottle to put your formula in.
  • Never microwave your kid’s formula; if you want your baby to have warm milk, then put the bottle under warm water and keep checking the bottle. The water should not go inside the bottle from its nipple.
  • Before giving your baby warm milk, always check the temperature of the formula by putting a small amount at the back of your hand.
  • If you prefer using water for preparing the formula, you should always use the water from a safe source.
  • Always measure the water and use it as mentioned in the instruction; first, take the water in the container, then add the powder to it. If too much water is used to prepare the formula, then the amount of nutrition in the formula may decrease, and if a small quantity of water is added, it will be difficult for your baby to digest the food.
  • Never use the formula after its “use by” date.

If your baby is less than 3 months old and has a weak immune system or was born prematurely, you must take extra care while preparing your baby’s formula to protect your baby from Cronobacter.


It is best recommended that you should finish a can of Formula within a month.

But till now, you must have been familiar with the fact that your hungry baby won’t let you keep the formula for a week!

An estimated time for how long does a can of formula lasts is 2-3 weeks. But it varies from time to time.

It is also important that you notice your baby’s activities and report them to his pediatrician.

For example, if you notice that a can is being finished within a week, then your baby might be getting addicted to it.

Do his regular checkup and only use prescribed medicated products for him. His safety ought to be your priority.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does A 24 Oz 681g Can of Formula Last?

If your baby is consuming 24oz of the product a day, it can easily be exhausted within 5-6 days. So, if you are buying this pack, order in bulk to avoid visiting the supermarket again and again.

Does Formula Only Last an Hour?

Yes, if exposed to room temperature, the baby formula can get spoiled easily within an hour. However, if you store it in a fridge, it can easily last for 24 hours.

How Many Bottles Does A Can of Formula Make?

On average, one can of baby formula powder be used to make 15 bottles. But it depends on what size of can you have bought.

Bigger cans can make up to 20-25 bottles, while smaller ones can only make up to 10 bottles.

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