How Long Does It Take For Diastasis Recti To Heal
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How Long Does It Take For Diastasis Recti To Heal

Have you been diagnosed are wondering how long does it take for diastasis recti to heal? 

Diastasis recti is pretty common but mostly goes undiagnosed. Getting a proper diagnosis is the first step to working on a treatment solution.

Why? Because the longer diastasis recti is ignored, the worse the situation can get with muscles and back pains.

But now that you have a diagnosis, you are probably getting restless, wondering how long you’ll have to wait before it heals.

Parental Questions is here to keep you at ease with all the answers.  

How Long Does It Take For Diastasis Recti To Heal

How long it will take to heal diastasis recti will mainly depend on the severity of your condition.

Nevertheless, it usually takes an average of 6 months to 12 months postpartum. Some women might heal in a shorter time while others take longer. 

If you are not seeing any progress after starting, it is important to remind yourself that everyone is different.

People experience issues differently, and the uniqueness of their bodies causes these variances.

Ensure that you are working with a qualified physical therapist so they can always advise on the best treatment options for you and monitor your progress. 

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1. What Is The Fastest Way To Heal Diastasis Recti?

Are you hoping to heal diastasis recti as soon as possible? All you can do is:

  • Engage in the proper workout routines, like core training and strength training for your abdominis
  • Don’t engage in workout routines that might worsen the condition 
  • Work on improving your posture 
  • Have patience…. A lot of patience. 

With that said, some people opt for invasive surgical processes to heal diastasis recti.

However, this option is only recommended if your diastasis recti is not healing on its own or when other conservative methods like exercise don’t work. 

This type of surgery is often referred to as a tummy tuck.

It is essential to keep in mind that whatever process a friend or an individual goes through will be different from yours.

Again, every individual’s situation is different. For some, the process will involve tightening their muscles.

Others might require a more invasive procedure, a full tummy tuck, especially if they have a significant number of excess skin.  

2. How Long Does It Take To Correct Diastasis Recti With Exercise?

Fortunately, some exercise routines can help you correct diastasis recti. However, situations vary from one individual to the other.

Therefore, it is paramount that you consult with a physical therapist before engaging in any physical activities to correct diastasis recti.

This ensures that you get a proper diagnosis and the best physical activities recommendations that suit your condition. 

That said, there are 4 strength training routines to strengthen your core that you can focus on.

With these, you can expect to see results in 6 – 8 weeks. The gap between your abs might not disappear within this period, but you might see the gap getting smaller.

You might also start experiencing less pain in your abdominal muscles, hip, and back. 

The 4 main workout routines to incorporate in your exercise plan are:

  • Crunches target your rectus abdominis, which helps strengthen these muscles and repair the abs’ separation.
  • Planks – these workouts all your core muscles
  • Glute bridges help contract your rectus abdominis and strengthen your hamstrings, lower back, and glutes.
  • Dynamic lunge stretches – for strengthening your rectus femoris, taking the pressure ff your abs muscles. 

3. Can You Heal Diastasis Recti On Your Own?

Fortunately, yes. Diastasis recti can heal on its own. According to some studies, some women heal within 6 months of postpartum.

However, this does not happen to everyone. For most women, treatment options, whether conservative or invasive, helps in rectifying their separated abs. 

As mentioned earlier, you should see advice from a professional physical therapist.

That way, you can get a proper diagnosis of your diastasis recti and the best treatment option. 


The next time you are worried about how long does it take for diastasis recti to heal, take a deep breath and remember that everyone’s situation is different.

For some, it might take about 6 months or less to heal, while it could take as long as 12 months or more for others.

The key starter is to have a proper diagnosis and the best treatment solution that applies to you.

After that, give yourself time, be patient and follow your physical therapist’s recommendations. 

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