How Many Pacifier Clips Do I Need?

How Many Pacifier Clips Do I Need?

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How many pacifier clips do I need is a top sought query when shopping for your little one’s registry. 

A newborn’s ability to swallow, breathe, and suck is among the most crucial skills they develop during their initial days.

In most infants, suckling reflex and skill development are present naturally, but sometimes these skills can be compromised in several babies due to multiple extrinsic and intrinsic factors. 

Hence, pacifier clips are a therapeutic rescue for those infants.

Parents who are tired of soothing their crying and fussy children or are tired of breastfeeding can turn to pacifiers for comfort. 

The question arises, “How many pacifier clips do I need?”.

Keep reading below to find out.

How Many Pacifier Clips Do I Need?

It turns out that you shouldn’t have more than three pacifier clips for your child.

If your pacifier clip falls and becomes dirty, carry a replacement.

Your baby’s diaper bag or car is always a good place to keep an extra pacifier clip.

When you lose the pacifier, you can’t just buy another one.

It’s not a great idea to look up other pacifier clips either because babies become used to a particular pacifier clip model and reject it if they feel any slight variations. 

Pacifier clips can help you keep track of all your baby’s pacifiers! Otherwise, you could spend a lot of money replacing lost pacifiers.

Pacifier clips are usually attached to pacifiers either by snapping or looping.

Once the pacifier is attached, you can clip the other end of the strap to your baby’s clothing.

Baby pacifier clips allow you to keep the pacifier securely attached to their clothes.

The pacifier clip protects the pacifier from losing or dropping on the floor, and your baby can easily reach the pacifier for self-soothing.

Thanks to the clip, your baby will always have access to the pacifier.

1. Pacifier Clips Have Many Benefits

A pacifier clip is perfect for holding when babies want to suck on pacifiers.

A pacifier clip attached to the pacifier is attached to clothing or car seat straps making it virtually impossible to lose it.

You can soothe a  fussy baby that way quickly. If a baby wakes during the night, you can use a pacifier to put them back to sleep.

Using pacifier clips has been shown to reduce the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome in infants.  They are soothing and pleasing for infants.

While they are still unsure why the pacifier works, they believe the tongue propels forward so that the airways remain open.

The American Dental Association recommends that parents give their babies pacifiers attached to pacifier clips instead of juice or milk bottles to prevent and reduce early childhood tooth decay.

When a baby uses sucking motions, the teeth and mouth are naturally washed instead of letting the liquids’ sugars sit in the mouth and around the teeth.

2. Clipping A Pacifier

Pacifiers or teethers clips are easy to use. Clips categorize into two basic types: snap clips and loop clips.

Furthermore, pacifier clips or teethers keep the baby’s pacifier and teether clean and well, not getting lost.

You won’t need to worry about dropping pacifiers and teethers on the ground when you are out anymore!

3. How To Attach A Pacifier Clip Or Teether To A Pacifier:

Three easy steps to using a snap-shut pacifier clip: 

  • The snap opens, and the handle of the pacifier or teether loops around it.
  • The snap should be tightly closed, then clipped to the baby’s shirt or another location of choice.

If you are using a loop-style pacifier or teether clip, follow these steps: 

Through one of the holes or handles of the pacifier or teether, feed one end of the loop. 

Incorporate the pacifier/teether clip through the loop.

Clip to baby’s shirt, or anywhere else you like.

Retractable pacifier/teether clips, like the ones explained in the following paragraphs, are loop clips, but they function differently from standard clips.

It is best to understand their illustration well the working of pacifier clips. 

4. What Should I Choose Between Pacifier Clips And Holders?

Both of them are recommended if you have the budget! People drop things all the time.

Babies drop things; kids drop things; it happens every day. Babies drop things during sleep and while awake as well.

If they’re using the clip under your supervision and the ribbon or rope is less than seven inches in length, then pacifier clips are a safe alternative. 

You should not use pacifier clips longer than the baby’s neck; it could strangle them and, at worst, cause choking hazards.

The pacifier holder with plushies is better than pacifier clips while the baby sleeps.

See more about pacifiers: How to Label Pacifiers for Daycare


How many pacifier clips do I need? Using a pacifier clip to teach your baby to sleep and self-soothe can be beneficial. Always keep a few on hand to have one at hand.

Most parents agree that you can never have too many pacifiers in response to “how many do I need?”.

With pacifier clips, you can ensure that your baby thrives and stays safe by knowing how many your baby needs and how to select the right one.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Ideal Length Of Pacifier Clips?

It is between 7-8 inches tall.

In addition, the CPSC recommends that, for products of this type, the clip not exceed 7-8 inches in length unless it is necessary for the item to operate appropriately.

Is There A Better Place To Place Pacifier Clips?

Attach the pacifier clips to the opposite end of the strap from where you attach the pacifier.

You open them by squeezing their handles. You can pinch a hidden spot on your child’s clothing. 

When Can We Use Pacifiers? 

You shouldn’t use those cute pacifier cord clips or cords in the crib-they might be helpful when your baby is awake, but they cause a tripping hazard at night.




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