How Much Is A Scoop Of Formula

How much is a scoop formula?

When parents are running on little or no sleep, it’s quite easy to lose the scoop from an infant formula can!

If you’ve lost yours and need to figure out how much a scoop of formula costs, this article has compiled a list of statistics that will tell you just what you need to know!

How Much Is A Scoop of Formula?

There is no standard measurement for formula brands, though most scoops are around 3.5 teaspoons, which you can also measure as a rounded tablespoon or roughly 3 grams of weight.

It’s easiest to weigh out the appropriate quantity for your serving size if you have a kitchen scale and the formula container.

One scoop (8.7g) contains 44 calories and 0.2 fl oz of water, and one gram contains 5.1 calories and 0.77 mL of liquids.

One unpacked leveled home measuring cup weighs approximately 111 grams, one unpacked dropped tablespoon weighs about 6.9 grams, and once unpacked leveled teaspoon weighs approximately 2.3 grams.

In this article, you’ll discover a one-time replacement using a tablespoon if you’re without a scoop – as well as a compelling incentive to buy that scale you’ve been eyeing.

Most brands, on average, use around 3.5 teaspoons or roughly 3 grams of formula for each serving, which is enough to fill a 2-ounce bottle.

You can measure your formula most accurately by using a weighing scale if you don’t have a scoop.

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1. Measuring Out the Formula with A Measuring Spoon

The next closest object in your kitchen is likely to be a measuring spoon if you don’t have the right scoop from the manufacturer.

Although that 12 teaspoon in your drawer looks a lot like your missing scoop, it’s just a tad too small to match even the tiniest portion size, and the variances in scoop sizes mean that utilizing such an inaccurate tool will result in vastly disparate quantities. 

For example, there are usually between 3.5 and 3 grams of formula per 2 ounces of the bottle (for most brands).

This typically equals a rounded tablespoon if you don’t have a scoop; however, weighing the formula is the safest and most dependable alternative.

2. Do All Formula Scoops Have the Same Size?

Since they are not all the same size, they cannot be interchanged, even within the same brand.

The size of two scoops might appear to be the same, but they can differ by as little as one-tenth of a gram.

Indeed, this may not seem like much, and you may be thinking to yourself, “Surely such a small amount won’t cause any harm?” 

But think of how many scoops you give your child in 24 hours. You may guess that a two-month-old will drink roughly 30 ounces of formula per day if they drink 5-6 bottles each day and take 4-5 ounces per feeding.

Although many scoops look the same, they may vary by just a few tenths of a gram.

However, consider how many scoops your little one uses per day, and the difference becomes significant.

3. How Many Ounces Does an Average Scoop of Formula Contain?

You should note that there is nothing like an average scoop of formula and measuring in ounces is incredibly difficult due to the small size of the scoops.

The scoop sizes for all of the scoops we looked at ranged from 8.7 grams to 9.8 grams, which works out to one-third of an ounce. 

Your kitchen scale may not display the weight of the formula in ounces due to the slight differences in scoop sizes.

This is because each kind of baby formula has a different amount of powder in a scoop, and the number of grams each scoop varies depending on the stage.


By far, you must have answered the question, how much is a scoop of formula?

A tablespoon is exceptionally close to a scoop of baby formula.

Therefore, the solution is to keep a few tablespoons on hand to measure out your formula, even if you lose the scoop.

The truth is that you all lose the scoop from our infant formula at some point, and some alternatives can be utilized as a temporary fix.

However, none of these solutions will ever be as precise as using the scoop.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

A scoop of formula, how much water should I add?

The majority of manufacturers follow the same formula: For every two fluid ounces of water, use 1 level scoop of powder.

Immediately after adding the powder to water, shake vigorously. It is best to make one bottle at a time or make a full day’s worth and store it in the refrigerator.

How many formula cans does WIC provide each month?

In months 4 and 5, WIC gives about 30 ounces of reconstituted formula or 10 cans of powder every day.

WIC offers seven cans of powder or about 20 ounces of reconstituted formula per day at six months when most infants eat solid foods.

Is there any sign to tell whether my baby is full?

The Symptoms of a Full Baby When your baby is complete, she will appear to be packed! She’ll appear to be at ease, calm, and possibly asleep.

She will usually have open palms and floppy arms, as well as a loose/soft body, hiccups, or be attentive and content.

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