How Often to Replace Breast Pump Parts
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How Often to Replace Breast Pump Parts

Are you using a breast pump and wondering how often to replace breast pump parts? 

Using a breast pump seems like an easy job, especially for first-time moms. Not to scare you, it is usually not difficult.

However, other factors around using it can be overwhelming.

Think of issues like learning the kinks around using the breast pump, caring for it, and whether it needs replacing. 

Today, we are talking about replacing parts of a breast pump. Here’s everything you need to know. 

How Often To Replace Breast Pump Parts 

There is no specific answer for the lifespan of breast pump parts. How often you replace yours will depend on several factors, including:

  • The manufacturer’s guidelines
  • How often do you use the breast pump
  • Your close observation of its state

That said, the general rule is to replace parts within 3 and 6 months. Why? Because some features depreciate in time.

That means that they will not function properly, reducing how much milk they will pump. 

Second, replacing these parts ensures that you are on top of your hygiene.

This way, you can always rest easy knowing you are not wasting milk from contaminations, like mold and bacteria. 

Without further ado, here’s when you need to replace your breast pump parts:

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1. Replace the tube when it’s damaged

Tubing is the part that connects your pump motor to the other parts. Damage to the tube can occur when moisture or milk gets into it.

When this happens, it causes damage to the motor. 

Immediately you notice moisture in the tube, plug it off the power, clean it and allow it to dry completely. 

Can you tell if the tube is faulty? Yes, you can. Most of the time, when it’s defective, it slides on and off the motor. 

2. Replace silicon valves every month or after three months

The silicon valves are elastic and released when the pump motor pulls at the valves creating the vacuum necessary to let down breast milk.

Usually, it doesn’t show any physical damage, but if you notice the membrane doesn’t lie flat on the valves, it’s time to get a new one.

Replacing silicon valves depends on how often you use them.

It is best to replace them after 90 days if you use them once a day or in 30 days if you use them more than once a day. 

If you don’t replace the valves, you will cause damage to the suction power.

3. Replace backflow protectors in 90 to 180 days

Backflow protectors separate the power motor from your milk.

They ensure that milk doesn’t get contaminated from the outside and prevent it from entering the motor. 

But what if you notice milk inside them? In this case, clean the protectors and air dry. 

It would be best to keep a close eye because when they lose their ability to recoil. It makes them ineffective in keeping moisture off the motor.

You have to keep watch for any tears, warping, and discoloration, and in case of any of this, it’s time to replace them.

But most of the time, replacing them depends on usage. 

If you use them once or twice daily, you can replace them after 180 days, but if more than twice a day, you can replace them after 90 days.

4. Replace breast shield after six months

The breast shield is the part that covers your areola and the nipple. It creates a function for milk to flow.

It’s a piece you frequently wash to prevent residue from accumulating, but some areas can be left uncleaned. 

So it’s crucial if you keep close monitoring to check when residue accumulates.

Although it doesn’t affect the functioning of the breast pump much, you need to check regularly for wear and tear.

Replace the breast shield when it is damaged. If you notice discoloration, it’s because of continuous sterilization, but it doesn’t affect performance.

It would help if you replaced it every six months due to wear and tear.


Knowing how often to replace breast pump parts is very important to any mommy using one.

We recommend considering how often you use the pump and reading what the manufacturer suggests.

If you use yours more often and sterilize, it might last you longer. However, if you do not sterilize yours often, you might need to replace the parts in 3 months. 

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