How To Burp A Newborn That Wont Burp
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How To Burp A Newborn That Wont Burp

Are you looking on answers on how to burp a newborn that wont burp?

It’s important to remember burping a baby in between the process of feeding is necessary.

It helps the baby get rid of the extra air he swallows during feeding.

When the baby has extra air inside of him, he may become cranky and irritable. So, it is important to make him burp. 

How To Burp A Newborn That Wont Burp

As important as it is to feed your baby with the right kind of food, it is really important to burp them right after a meal.

There are a few methods to ensure your baby burps with ease. The best technique is to pat gently and repeatedly on your baby’s back. 

Don’t do it with a flat palm; when you cup your hand while patting, it may be gentler on the baby.

Always make sure to keep a bib or a towel under your baby’s shoulder or chin to avoid the mess of a ‘wet burp’ sometimes. 

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The burp your baby gives out won’t always be light and inaudible.

If he has been fed with something heavy for a change, be prepared for a spit-up, and it’s nothing to be scared about.

You might just place a bib or towel to avoid cleaning up the heavy mess. 

Harshly trying to rub against the baby’s mouth to clean the wet burp isn’t recommended at all; that’s why it’s essential to keep a bib or towel that will absorb the spit-up.

Then, you can gently rub to clean his mouth later and throw the soiled bib or towel for a wash to be used next time. 

1. Sitting Upright

It is one of the most critical three methods all parents use to burp their baby.

Holding a baby against your chest is considered the most effective technique to push a burp.

The correct posture should be the baby’s chin resting on your shoulder as you support its body with one hand. 

Gently patting your baby’s back while resting in a rocking chair and even rocking the baby gently helps the baby release the burp.

Of course, one would only properly understand when they practice the technique on their own. 

2. Holding The Babysitting Up 

In this technique, you can try to make your baby sit up either in your lap or across your knee. It might make your baby active and alert.

This method is simple; you just have to support your baby’s head and chest with one hand and cradle your baby’s chin in the palm of your hand. 

You will have to rest the heel of your hand on the baby’s chest.

You will have to be really careful while gripping your baby’s chin, don’t end up gripping his throat. Then, you can gently use the other hand to pat your baby’s back. 

3. Lay Your Baby on His Stomach 

The third most crucial technique is laying your baby on your lap. Lay him flat on his belly, support his head, and see that it is only higher than the baby’s chest. 

You can repeat the same step as in all other methods, pat your baby’s back gently, and your baby might release the burp with all the ease. 


How to burp a newborn that won’t burp? First, one must understand that the baby won’t burp with ease all the time, so you will have to be a little watchful.

If your baby doesn’t burp for a few minutes, you should change the baby’s position and try to burp him before feeding again. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

How Do You Burp a Baby That Won’t Burp? 

If you notice your baby isn’t burping even after trying for a couple of minutes.

Don’t worry; change his position and then try burping before feeding him again. It is essential to burp your baby every time their feeding time is over.

There are a few methods that ensure your baby has an easy burp, look up, and you will understand for yourself.  

What Happens If the Baby Doesn’t Burp? 

While your baby is fast asleep, try burping them for at least a minute before you lay them back.

Then, do that for some time, and even then, if he doesn’t burp, it’s nothing to worry about because they only tend to burp less during nighttime as they eat slowly, and there isn’t much scope of air passing. 

How Can I Get My Newborn to Burp Better? 

When you lay a baby on his stomach with his head turned on a side across your legs, there are chances he may burp immediately.

You can use one hand to support him and the other hand to gently pat the baby’s back. This technique might ensure your baby is burping with much ease. 




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