How To Dissolve Baby Wipes In Toilet

How To Dissolve Baby Wipes In Toilet

Are you looking for ways on how to dissolve baby wipes in  toilet? 

Baby wipes are a baby necessity that comes in handy during diaper changes, wiping your kid’s face, cleaning pacifiers, removing makeup, and overall, in many instances in your everyday life.

As such, you might find yourself going through more than 20 baby wipes in a day.

Getting rid of used baby wipes can be pretty overwhelming, and you might find yourself wanting to dispose of them in your flushable toilet.

So, how do you go about it? Is it even possible for baby wipes to dissolve in the bathroom? 

Here is all you need to know. 

How To Dissolve Baby Wipes In Toilet

Contrary to popular misconception, it’s not appropriate to dissolve baby wipes in the toilet.

I know most manufacturers claim their brand of baby wipes is flushable. This is because, technically, it’s possible to flush them down the toilet.

Flushing one or two baby wipes might be feasible. The problem arises when they leave the toilet system and enter the pipes, septic tank, or community water system.

In the long run, flushing baby wipes in your toilet will ultimately cause plumbing issues that adversely impact your home’s safety and comfort.

Therefore, it would be best if you didn’t dissolve used baby wipes in your toilet.

Toilet paper and body fluids are the only things you should ever consider flushing in the lavatories. 

Moreover, baby wipes are designed to be long-lasting, consequently taking a long time to break down in the water.

In most cases, baby wipes consist of non-woven fabrics such as cotton and even plastic resins. As such, these materials are bonded together using a chemical or heat.

As a result, baby wipes tend to be robust while being soft and disposable.

On the other hand, it’s almost impractical for such fabric to break up like toilet paper or allow water to pass through. 

1. What Happens if You Accidentally Flush Baby Wipes?

As already outlined, it’s unlikely one or two baby wipes will negatively affect your toilet and sewer system.

Nonetheless, if you accidentally flush baby wipes in the lavatories, check if there is a clog.

In most cases, if you accidentally flush many wipes instantly, the clog might be trapped in the drain.

As such, put on a pair of gloves or a trash bag and pull the wad out.

It seems gross, right? Still, it’s more practical than calling a plumber who will overcharge you for such an easy task.  

Also, if you have a toilet snake, it will work perfectly since it can effortlessly wiggle through the toilet drain and pipes without damaging the porcelain of your toilet bowl. 

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2. Does Bleach Dissolve Baby Wipes?

Some people recommend that bleach helps dissolve toilet clogs. Still, bleach won’t be effective in dissolving baby wipes.

Just like water, the non-woven fabrics don’t allow the bleach to get in the wipes and start breaking them down.

So again, it would be best to physically remove the baby wipes’ clog or call a plumber instead of trying chemicals or products to dissolve baby wipes in your toilet. 

3. Will Sulphuric Acid Dissolve Baby Wipes?

Yes. Sulphuric acid can dissolve baby wipes. However, sulphuric acid is hazardous and corrosive.

As such, it’s vital to ensure you are wearing protective gloves, goggles, and gear covering your body.

Also, ensure your bathroom is well ventilated since sulphuric acid reacts vigorously with water and can produce toxic fumes.

Finally, it would be best if you didn’t mix sulphuric acid with bleach-based cleaners.

Again, it’s much safer to physically remove the baby wipes with the toilet snake or call a plumber. 


It’s not unheard of for individuals to search for how to dissolve baby wipes in the toilet.

However, contrary to popular opinion, baby wipes are not ideal for flushing down the bathroom, and dissolving them in the toilet may cause serious plumbing issues in the long run.

If you suspect your toilet might have been blocked with baby wipes, it would be best to wear gloves and pull them out or use a toilet snake to try fishing out baby wipes from the toilet.

Alternatively, call a plumber. 

Frequently Asked Question

How Long Does It Take For Baby Wipes To Clog a Toilet?

Typically, it depends on how many wipes you flush at a time, the amount of water you use to flush the products, and the nature of your toilet’s pipes.

It may take weeks or months for flushing wipes to create a clog.

It may take even a shorter duration for antiquated houses, or some homeowners might never have issues with baby wipes clogging their toilet. 

How Do You Dispose Of Baby Wipes? 

Throwing them in the trash is the best way to dispose of baby wipes. This way, they won’t clog your toilet and damage sewer systems.

Therefore, avoid disposing of baby wipes in the toilet for a safe and comfortable home. 


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