How To Dry Up Breast Milk Naturally

How To Dry Up Breast Milk Naturally

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Mothers who breastfeed rarely end up researching how to dry up breast milk naturally.

Pumping breast milk can cause pain, leaking breasts, engorgement, etc. 

If you do not plan on breastfeeding anymore, don’t worry; we got you covered.

Here are a few home remedies to reduce the supply of breast milk.

How To Dry Up Breast Milk Naturally

It is said that once you stop nursing or breastfeeding, you will stop lactating naturally.

However, when you stop lactating differs from person to person: the more time it takes to stop lactating, the more painful the engorgement. 

So, how to dry up breast milk naturally? The best way to do that is to stop feeding, pumping, and nursing.

Your body is designed so that when you pump less, it will produce less milk.

Don’t do any activity that will stimulate your breasts. Ultimately, your milk ducts will stop producing any more milk.

Researchers have also approved cabbage leaves as a home remedy for the problem of engorgement.

Though the cabbage leaves help cure your engorgement pain, they will not dry up your breast milk.

Ayurveda also plays a crucial role here. Herbal leaves are effective enough to stop your lactation.

Adding herbal supplements to your tea is a superb option. 

When you apply peppermint oil to your breasts, it will reduce the supply of milk. It will reduce your pain and can even stop your lactation. 

Gently give a massage to your breasts (excluding the nipples). This will reduce the pain of engorgement. 

1. Implementing Cold Turkey

See, your breasts will stop producing milk if you don’t pump them. If you ask me, it will take time to stop lactating if you’ve been feeding for too long. 

Let’s see how to implement this method. First of all, to hold your breasts tight, prefer wearing a supportive bra. 

The next step is to cool your breasts using ice packs and pain medication. 

Keep massaging your breasts, and not the nipples, with those ice packs. Their combination will reduce your pain to a great extent.

Don’t do this so frequently, or you’ll end up stimulating the nipples. As a result, the production of milk may increase.

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2. Herbs Are Amazing!

Herbs are one of the best ways to get rid of lactation. You can sip them along with your tea!

Whether you eat the herbs or mix them in your tea, they act as a strong supplement.

Though sage claims to eliminate the production of milk, it is not scientifically approved to be used.

Jasmine reduces the level of milk-producing hormone. This is a better substitute for sage and can be mixed with tea.

Applying peppermint oil to your breasts will give you two gifts. One, it will reduce your engorgement pain. Two, it will reduce the supply of milk.

3. Using Cabbage

Cabbage has been a relief for lactating mothers wanting to dry up milk. So, how to dry up breast milk naturally?

Take cabbage and pull its leaves apart. Wash them and put them in a container. Now, keep the container in a refrigerator to cool. 

When the leaves are chilled enough, put them over your breasts (one leaf on one side). Wear your bra after keeping them intact. 

Their cooling effect somehow helps reduce your production of milk. Keep changing the leaves once they’re back to the normal temperature.

If not, change them after every two hours.


In the end, if a mother decides to dry her milk up, there might be some serious reason behind it. 

You can reduce your lactation using the methods mentioned above on how to dry up breast milk.

If you still want to feed the baby after drying up your milk, you may refer to milk banks. 

Just be very sure before you start attempting to stop your lactation!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is There Medication To Dry Up Breast Milk?

It is better to let your milk dry up itself or try home remedies. There is a medication such as Dostinex to dry up breast milk.

But make sure that you haven’t breastfed for quite some time. 

When Does Our Breast Milk Dry Up Naturally?

Well. Once you stop feeding milk to the baby, your milk should dry up in a week or two.

But, mind it, it differs from person to person. Even if your milk ducts have stopped lactating, you may see a drop or two a few months later.

Can I Just Dry Up Milk?

Of course! You will stop lactating either naturally, or you can employ certain home remedies.

Adding herbs to your tea is an excellent option to reduce your production of milk. 

If you want to dry up milk naturally, wait for at least a week or two after you stop breastfeeding.

You should try home remedies at least a month after you stop breastfeeding and are still lactating.




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