How To Gain Weight While Breastfeeding
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How To Gain Weight While Breastfeeding – 7 Smart Hacks

Are you looking for information on how to gain weight while breastfeeding?

While breastfeeding is a good thing and highly recommended, it also comes with some mother complications.

One of them is losing weight, which is not ideal when your baby gets the necessary nutrients from you.

What if you don’t know how to gain weight while breastfeeding?

Keep reading to find out what you can start doing today.

How To Gain Weight While Breastfeeding

It’s estimated that you’ll burn about 500 extra calories daily when you’re breastfeeding.

How this happens is that your body burns up all the fat cells stored in your body during pregnancy and the calories you eat to make breast milk.

It can seem like not much of a big deal, but you need to maintain a healthy weight while breastfeeding.

It’s not only essential for you but also for your baby’s development.

Breastfeeding takes a lot from the mother, and not maintaining a healthy weight can make you tired and even cause your breast milk to dry up.

Also, losing too much weight while breastfeeding means that your baby is not getting the nutrients that they need for development.

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While it’s not always the case, most mothers lose a lot of weight while breastfeeding.

So if you want to gain weight while breastfeeding, here’s what you should do:

  1. Add calorie-rich foods to your diet. This includes essential vitamins and minerals, as well as lean proteins and starches. They come with lots of extra nutrients that you need as you’re breastfeeding. Some of the food items you should start eating more include whole-grain bread, pasta, potatoes, yogurt, peanut butter, nuts, green leafy vegetables, and dried fruits.
  2. You can also find ways of adding extra nutrients to your food when preparing your meals. This can be something as simple as using milk, yogurt, or cheese instead of water in many recipes.
  3. When you’re trying to gain weight, make sure that you eat every two hours or so. This is what snacking is all about, and you can snack on healthy snacks like nuts, dried fruits, and peanut butter.
  4. As you eat all this extra food, make sure that you also stay hydrated by drinking lots of fluids. It would be best to try not to drink water immediately after eating a meal and waiting for a few minutes.
  5. When trying to gain weight, it is advisable to keep a food diary. This way, you can keep track of the number of calories you’re consuming, weight gain, and see what’s working for you or not. It can be an actual diary or a simple app on your phone.
  6. If you’re doing all this and still having trouble gaining weight, it may be time to see your doctor or a nutritionist about it. They will be able to help you come up with a weight gain program that takes into consideration many things, including your body’s metabolism.
  7. Just because you’re trying to gain weight doesn’t mean that you need to eat all the time. It is essential to know your limits and not overeat, which could make you feel horrible.
  8. One thing you need to consider is what you’re eating. It can pass down to the baby through breast milk. Some foods can cause some problems for your baby’s delicate digestive system and should be avoided. That is why it’s crucial to involve your doctor when coming up with a plan to gain weight while breastfeeding.

Breastfeeding is a natural part of raising a baby.

However, mothers usually go through a lot to make sure that their breastfeeding babies grow up well.

So when you find yourself losing weight because of breastfeeding, don’t worry too much.

Here’s how to gain weight while breastfeeding and stay healthy.

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