How To Get A Toddler To Sleep Fast
Sleep Training Toddler

How To Get A Toddler To Sleep Fast – 3 Fast Action Remedies

After learning When To Put Child In Toddler Bed, Many parents struggle with learning how to get a toddler to sleep fast.

It’s one thing figuring out when to put the child in a toddler bed but quite another to learn how to get a toddler to sleep fast.

Rest assure these habits can be taught and children can learn new sleeping habits quite fast.

As long as they have the right structure in place and you follow the guidelines below you’ll be able to get your toddler to sleep fast!

How To Get A Toddler To Sleep Fast! 4 Effective Tips

1. Wind down a few hours before bed

Done wait until 30 minutes or 15 minutes before bedtime to start thinking about soothing relaxing activities as it will probably be too late by then.

Instead, think ahead and plan relaxing activities that will stimulate the mind, but also help it to relax.

A perfect example of this is a jigsaw puzzle.

2. Keep the routine the same each night

This one sounds simple, but with very busy schedules many parents fall into the trap of slipping up which can cause problems down the road.

The goal is to create a sense of assurance in a safe calm environment.

A good tip is to create a picture chart of the routine and place it by the bed.

In that way, they can see, in plain and simple illustrations, what step of the bedtime routine they are in.

Once they understand the process, they can feel safe in the knowledge that everything is being done as promised.

This clarity and routine will help to put them to bed on time every time with less fuss. 

3. Don’t set later bedtimes, set early ones!

Most parents think that by setting later bedtimes their child will fall asleep easier. This is actually not true.

Most children that go to sleep earlier actually sleep for longer and wake up less time in the night.

Putting your child to sleep after 9pm, for example, leads to them being over-tired and allows for the stress hormones of adrenalin and cortisol to kick in.

All this just keeps them going for longer and ensures they have a more problem-filled night.

Try to avoid late bedtimes and get their mind in the right mood by dimming the lights from 7 pm onwards

4. Try putting white noise on in the background

Most toddlers can sleep with lots of noise in the background, but that is when they get into a deep sleep.

If you want to learn how to get a toddler to sleep fast then you’ll want to keep the noise to a minimum.

You can try a white noise machine or play some water sounds in the background.

This will soothe his mind and can even improve his brain activities while he is sleeping.

Remember, If you want to learn how to get a toddler to sleep fast they need to be tired.

The more active they are in the day time the more rest and recuperation they will need. 

Try to have a more active day with your toddler to get them more tired at the end of the day.

Being outside in the day time will also stimulate the hormones to reduce stress and facilitate better sleep at night.

What about sleep oils?

There are child-friendly oils for sleep that support toddlers natural sleep patterns by helping release melatonin.

You can try cedarwood and lavender oils.

If you use oils for sleep aid, make sure you find ones that are in the purest form so they don’t cause any skin issues.

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