how to get a toddler to sleep in their own bed after co sleeping
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How To Get A Toddler To Sleep In Their Own Bed After Co-sleeping – 3 Practical Tips

Figuring out how to get a toddler to sleep in their own bed after co-sleeping isn’t as easy as you might first think.

It’s a big change for a toddler who has spent all of their lives sleeping in the comfort of company.

Whether you are for or against co-sleeping one thing is for sure, when its time to get your toddler out of your bed into their own, there’s nothing that will stop you!

Let’s explore the best ways to migrate your toddler into their own bed with the least amount of resistance.

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How To Get A Toddler To Sleep In Their Own Bed After Co-sleeping

1. Communication is key

Start by expressing to your child the importance of sleeping in their own bed and how everyone will get more sleep once it happens.

This is usually the most important part.

Express that they can have their own bed and it can have their own sheets on it.

Explain the benefits of sleeping in their own bed and highlight the importance of your toddler finally being a “big kid”.

2. Be mindful of a new baby

If you are expecting a new baby then ensure you transition well before or well after the new babies arrive.

This will ensure that your toddler doesn’t get the mistaken connection that the new baby is replacing them in the bed.

3. Keep to a routine

Once you’ve agreed upon the new sleeping arrangement try to stick to a schedule that everyone can abide with.

Once you get used to the new bedtime routine you can ease yourself out of the equation.

For example, you can keep a mattress on the floor in the new room and sleep on it for half a night for a few nights until your toddler gets used to their new bed.

Or you can gradually migrate away from the bed little by little each night.

In that way, the transition process becomes a lot less scary for your toddler and easy for you to handle.  

These small tips do make all the difference when you are in the middle of a troubled night and everyone just needs to get some sleep.

The “When Is Baby Ready For Toddler Bed” debate is a difficult one, but if you keep to a routine it will become much easier!

How To Stop Co Sleeping With 4 Year Old (Or Up)

By the age of 4 and up you can make the transition much easier by talking about it.

At this age, your child will be very able to communicate their wants and needs as well as their fears and anxieties.

However, try to give them a bit of leeway.

If they have been co-sleeping with you since birth then you’ll need to remember that this new change will be a bit harder.

Sometimes just setting up a new room and new bed and giving it a few days trial will do the trick.

Some parents are anxious about doing it as it may cause friction in their parental relationship, but give it a try before you make draw a conclusion.

Some children will react well to change, while others may not.

Small rewards like treats or trips to the local park will work well as incentives for good sleeping practices and try your best to assure them that this treat is for sleeping in your new bed by yourself.

Learning How To Get A Toddler To Sleep In Their Own Bed After Co-sleeping can take a bit of time, but if you are patient and follow the tips above you should see progress in no time at all!

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