How To Get Toddler to Brush Teeth
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How To Get Toddler to Brush Teeth

Is your kid troubling you? Wondering how to get a toddler to brush teeth?

Getting your kid to brush his teeth is a task in itself.

There are some kids who try to swallow toothpaste! Even though the toddler doesn’t like to brush his teeth, it’s a part of his hygiene. 

Let’s see how you can make this chore less hectic for you.

How To Get Toddler to Brush Teeth?

You should start getting your kid to practice brushing his teeth from the very beginning. He might resist. He might make you run around the whole house!

Gosh! It feels like yesterday when I was desperate to make my toddler practice brushing his teeth.

But, with time, I have learned interesting ways on how to get a toddler to brush his teeth. 

If your toddler is resisting, make him brush his teeth regularly. Sit down with him and explain to him the pros of brushing his teeth.

You may even scare him a little bit by highlighting the threat to his hygiene if he does not brush regularly.

Make brushing teeth a regular part of your kid’s routine. Once they get consistent with their routine, they probably won’t resist brushing again. 

Another option is to play a fun song for your baby while he’s brushing his teeth.

Let him feel that it is just like a fun game. Make teeth brushing fun for your kid so that they get excited about brushing their teeth every day.

Sometimes the reason your kid doesn’t like brushing his teeth may be that he feels that it is a complicated process.

In this scenario, you must make it simpler for your toddler. 

1. When To Begin Brushing?

Well, if you desire good hygiene for your kid, start brushing his teeth as soon as the first tooth comes through.

You may see your kid’s first tooth at around 6 to 8 months of age. But be very careful about brushing his tooth!

An infant’s system is extremely sensitive; therefore, you cannot brush his tooth/teeth with a hard brush (used by adults). 

Start by cleaning the baby’s tooth/teeth with a soft wet wipe/cloth.

If you don’t want to use a cloth, purchase a small soft toothbrush for infants. Use the toothbrush and some water to clean your toddler’s teeth.

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2. Make Toothbrushing a Fun Activity!

All kids are fun-loving! At that age, they try to find fun in all the activities they do throughout the day.

Take your toddler along to purchase one or two colorful brushes. Then, let her take the lead in choosing her favorite design.

If you have two kids, you can start a competition between them. Whoever brushes first gets chocolate!

Adding rewards may instigate your little one to brush her teeth regularly.

Once he has learned to brush his teeth well, let him do it on his own. Most kids have leadership instincts.

So they like to take the lead in whatever task their mom is teaching them to do.

3. Explain The Importance of Toothbrushing

When the toddler starts understanding everything, it is essential to explain why brushing his teeth is so important. 

The one most important reason why toothbrushing is so important for kids is to prevent cavities.

I have gone through several research studies that say that children are more prone to cavities than adults.

Obviously, when your kid eats a meal, there’s a residue left behind that gets stuck to his teeth.

It is likely that the bacteria may feed on the leftover residue and damage the kid’s tooth.

Don’t worry about explaining the concept in detail to your toddler. Now you know enough on how to get a toddler to brush teeth.


Now you have enough points on how to get toddler to brush teeth.

Include toothbrushing in their daily routine. In fact, help them in brushing their teeth as much as possible.

For a 2-year-old toddler, make sure that you make toothbrushing a fun activity for him.

Once he finds it interesting, he’ll be tempted to brush his teeth regularly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What To Do If Your Toddler Won’t Let You Brush Their Teeth?

Whenever you visit your dentist, ask him to explain the importance of brushing teeth regularly.

Kids may be notorious with their parents, but they will listen to their doctor patiently. So include toothbrushing in your kid’s daily routine and try your best to make it fun-loving.

What Happens If a Toddler Doesn’t Brush Teeth?

Poor hygiene is one of the consequences of not brushing your teeth regularly.

If a toddler is not brushing his teeth regularly, he has a higher risk of dental caries.

Bacteria will continuously feed on the leftover residue and result in cavities in your teeth.

At What Age Should a Child Brush Their Teeth?

It varies from child to child. Some kids are excellent learners that they take the lead of brushing their teeth much before. 

On average, an 8-year-old kid should be confident enough to brush his teeth.





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