How To Improve Handwriting for Teenagers
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How To Improve Handwriting for Teenagers

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The education system places a high value on having good handwriting. A student’s grades may suffer if the examiner finds it challenging to understand the content due to poor handwriting.

Are you also troubled with your kid’s bad handwriting? Looking for tips on how to improve handwriting for teenagers? 

Leave that to me. Years of experience have taught me tricks and tips to improve your kid’s handwriting.

There could be several reasons behind the bad handwriting, either postural or behavioral. Let’s see how we can curb the situation.

How To Improve Handwriting for Teenagers?

It is more of a myth when people say that teenagers might be working on tablets or laptops in school.

The written word affects your examination part more than you know. So, how to improve handwriting for teenagers?

To improve your child’s handwriting, make sure that you make her practice writing on lined paper.

Writing on a paper without lines will seriously affect her writing style.

Encourage your teenager to sit in the right posture while writing.

Her back should be straight, and the non-writing hand should be relaxed beside the writing paper.

Don’t let her fiddle with her non-writing hand! It is considered to be a severe distraction for good handwriting.

Have you ever tried using a rectangular-shaped pencil or a pen? Well. If not, buy a few of them for your teenager.

They provide reasonable control and grip, and hence, make writing easier for your child.

If their writing speed is too fast, ask them to write at an average pace. Sometimes when you write too fast, your handwriting goes really bad.

It’s okay to write fast while your kid’s giving a test with a limited period.

But make sure that while tutoring her on her handwriting, she writes at an average pace.

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1. Why Is My Teenager’s Handwriting Bad?

The pencil and pen used by your teenager matter a lot when it comes to handwriting.

A bad-shaped pen may affect the fluency of her hand, and thus her handwriting will be bad. 

A lousy grip over the pencil or a pen may also be the cause of bad handwriting.

To correct the posture of her hand, place her thumb, index finger, and middle finger in a tripod-like grip.

When children are not adequately guided, either by their teachers or parents, they cannot write in good handwriting.

After all, how would a beginner know about which handwriting is good or bad?

2. Don’ts While Practicing Writing

Teenagers often tend to make mistakes that end up affecting their handwriting. So, let’s see how to improve handwriting for teenagers.

Some beginners start by writing in a cursive style. It is good to practice cursive writing but not at the beginning itself.

Your kid must start with joined-up writing if you’re eager to improve her handwriting.

When your teenager stays up late and wakes up feeling tired, her handwriting may go bad.

In addition, her handwriting legibility may be affected because of tiredness.

Some teachers do not push students to write better. Instead, they give up on the students easily, thinking that it’s impossible to improve their handwriting after 9.

3. Other Tips To Improve Teenager’s Handwriting

First of all, it is the duty of every mother to figure out the reasons behind her teenager’s bad handwriting.

Whether her back is curved or her grip over the pen is not okay.

Make sure that your teenager’s hold over the pen or a pencil is tripod-like.

If you’re really obsessed over getting your id to improve her handwriting, her grip over the pen must not be too tight or too loose. 

When it comes to practicing for good handwriting, do her practice on lined papers. 

Also, your teenager must perform some hand exercises to improve her handwriting.


So, how to improve handwriting for teenagers? Well, take care of their posture, writing tools, and proper exercising of hand muscles.

If you make your kid improve her handwriting from the very beginning, she surely will make a good impression in the future.

Good handwriting is a reflection of your hard work!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Do I Teach My Child To Write Neatly?

Well, you need to make him practice writing at home. Try a new pencil or a pen with a firmer grip.

Make your kid practice on lined papers for better formation of words, sentences, and paragraphs.

Ask him to perform a few hand stretching exercises once in a while when writing.

Can Handwriting Be Improved At Any Age?

Universally, handwriting can be improved at any age.

So, whether you try this with a 6-year-old kid or a 50-year-old man, there’s no age limit to improving your handwriting.

However, there are more chances of improving your handwriting when you begin to write.

How Can I Improve My Kid’s Handwriting Fast?

Well, it’s a tricky question. Mostly, handwriting can be improved with practice. But if you want to improve it faster, switch to a normal pace of writing.

Drop cursive writing if you’d adopted that earlier.

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