How To Introduce a Lovey

How To Introduce a Lovey – 6 Hassle-Free Tips

Learning How To Introduce a Lovey isn’t always straightforward.

Bedtime can be quite a hassle for babies, and it is not strange to find yourself staying up all night trying to get them to sleep.

As they grow older, it gets easier though you may need lots of help from a lovey.

If you’ve been wondering how to introduce a lovey to your child, here are all the considerations you should keep in mind.

What is a lovey

Have you ever looked at your baby pictures and noticed that you were always holding the same thing in all of them?

That is a lovey described as a familiar object that babies use to help them fall asleep. 

They can snuggle up to it, and it is a constant comfort for them.

A lovey can also have a calming effect on your child, especially in the first year, as they go through many changes.

It can be anything, such as a blanket or a teddy bear, and will rarely be out of your baby’s reach once they bond with it. 

You can introduce a lovey to your baby at 12 months old, or even earlier to give them time to get attached to it.

Once this happens, your little one will be very excited about bedtime and will be less likely to suffer from separation anxiety when you’re not around. 

How to introduce a lovey

It will likely take some time for your baby to bond with a lovey you choose for them.

Here are a few ways on how to introduce a lovey to a toddler;

  1. Give it your scent

Your scent is familiar and comforting; something your baby loves.

Before you introduce a lovey to them, make sure that it smells like you first to make it easier for your baby to like it.

You can do that by walking around and sleeping with the lovey for a few days before your baby can get close to it.

  1. Consider what they like

Your child is more likely to relate to a lovey that looks like something they like.

Just figure out what that is and get that.

  1. Keep it safe

A lovey should be small, durable, and mobile so that your baby can carry it anywhere.

However, you need to make sure that it is not too small or does not have any detachable parts that can be a choking hazard for your baby.

  1. Create boundaries

Your baby should know that a lovey should only be used in bed.

It will make it seem even more special ad make your child look forward to bedtime even more.

You can make the lovey a big part of your regular bedtime routine to get them used to it.

  1. Get extra

It may be hard for your baby to sleep should anything happen to a lovey once used to it.

To avoid this, you can get several to have on standby just in case of anything.

You can also be swapping them after some time so that they all have the same level of wear and tear.

  1. Be patient

Your child won’t bond with a lovey immediately, or not at all, and that’s okay.

Just keep it near them for a few weeks, and you’ll see a change.

Sleepytime is essential for both mommy and baby, and a lovey is a big part of that.

Once you know how to introduce a lovey to your baby, you’ll both be sleeping much better from now on.

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