How To Make Baby Formula Taste Better

How To Make Baby Formula Taste Better

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Is it difficult for you to get your baby to drink formula?

There are several reasons why your baby may be refusing to drink formula, whether you are switching brands or you are transitioning from breastfeeding to formula.

Thinking about how to make baby formula taste better?

Then, read this article. Then, when you find yourself in this situation, you can try a few things to make your baby drink formula milk happily. 

How To Make Baby Formula Taste Better?

Your baby’s personality and how you accommodate them will change a lot as they grow.

In the early days, parents have to think of ways to ensure the baby formula tastes better for their babies. 

When you switch from breast milk to baby formula, your baby will notice the distinctive taste of breast milk.

Nevertheless, parents who switch from one formula to another also experience difficulties.

It is common for babies to refuse new brands when their parents switch brands. They crave the one they are used to.

1. Why Is My Baby Not Drinking Formula Milk? 

Your baby is crying again because they are hungry.

They may refuse a bottle of formula instead of drinking it; they may spit out what they have swallowed, or they may far lessen their intake until you finally give in and offer them breast milk. 

There are several reasons why your baby won’t drink formula when you switch from breastfeeding to bottle-feeding, and before you assume it has something to do with how the formula tastes, here are some reasons why your baby won’t drink formula:

All you need to know is that. When your baby is a newborn, they can already establish their feeding preferences.

If your baby has been breastfed from birth to now, and you try to give them formula, they may simply reject the bottle because it isn’t what they have been accustomed to.

Even though your child will receive food from both the bottle and breastfeeding, nursing is an entirely different experience for your baby, and they may reject the formula since they prefer you, not the bottle.

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2. How To Handle Your Baby’s Dislike Of Formula

  • The Bottle Could Be The Problem

You are often quick to attribute babies’ refusals to the bottle’s content when the cause could be the bottle itself.

However, some feeding bottles are extremely difficult for babies to eat from, and they can frustrate the baby quite a bit.

Therefore, don’t change the formula immediately; instead, find out more about the bottle you’re using to see if you can improve something.

  • You Must Strictly Follow Instructions

Preparation steps on the formula pack are designed to ensure that your baby gets the appropriate texture and concentration from every feed.

Don’t overdilute your baby’s formula and ensure that the formula is added to water, not vice versa.

Do not scoop over or under the formula level when preparing it using the scoop that came with it.

3. Taste Or Texture Is Wrong

There may be a slight difference in taste between breast milk and formula.

For example, you may notice a little chunkiness, especially if the brand you’re using does not mix very well.

Also, it is possible to find formulas that are too sweet or not sweet enough.

Adding sugar or syrup to make your baby’s life easier may not be a good idea.

You don’t want to add too much sweetness to the formula because it will decrease its nutritional value.

In addition, doing so can lead to health problems down the road, including diabetes and obesity.

When you are transitioning from breastmilk to formula or starting with the formula for the first time, and your baby is resistant, you have several options for adjusting the taste and texture.

Improving the nutritional value without reducing its palatability with a few simple fixes is possible.

The question of how to make your baby drink formula when they are used to breastfeeding can be frustrating.

But there is no reason why you cannot mix formula with breastmilk.

By tasting something familiar, your baby may have an easier time taking it.


Still, thinking about how to make baby formula taste better? The formula is not your baby’s favorite.

Many parents find switching from breast to formula a rather challenging transition, especially those who initially breastfed and now consider formula only. 

That’s not even to mention figuring out healthy lunches or baby-led weaning.

Listed below are some tips for improving the taste of baby formula.

Whenever you introduce something to your baby, it is important to introduce it gradually, don’t rush it, and don’t expect your baby to adjust instantly, take it one day at a time. 

It can be difficult – and even frustrating – when your baby doesn’t like the taste of formula.

Feel discouraged when you can’t get your child to eat when you want the best for them.

Do not despair! There are solutions to make formula-taking easier for your baby.

By mixing in some breast milk, you can eventually take only formula.

Change the brand you are using to see if you can find a flavor they prefer. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Should A Breastfed Baby Be Introduced To Baby Formula?

Breastfeeding can be a permanent solution when you have an ample supply of breastmilk stored up.

In other cases, breastfeeding can simply be a transitional solution.

As already discussed, the best way to accomplish this is by mixing baby formula with breast milk.

Other parents have found success when mixing formula with cereal. This introduces formulas to a child’s palate.

However, we must keep in mind that this isn’t always possible, especially for parents who use the formula from the beginning.

Is There Anything I Can Mix With Baby Formula?

Parents are advised to mix infant formula with water from a safe source.

Alternatively, if you are concerned about the safety of your water source, use bottled water or boil your water for one minute and let it cool for up to 30 minutes before using it to make the formula.

How Do You Make A Formula? What Kind Of Water Do You Use?

Families can reduce this risk by mixing infant formula with low-fluoride bottled water; these waters should be labeled as deionized, purified, demineralized, or distilled, without fluoride added after purification.

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