How to Organize Baby Clothes

How to Organize Baby Clothes

Having a baby was a day you were always looking forward to, but who knew what came with that.

New parents often struggle a lot with managing the mess of baby clothes when a baby comes into life.

This mess could include almost all kinds of clothes such as stained clothes, differently sized clothes, clothes from a different season, and others. 

How To Organize Baby Clothes? 

As time-consuming or challenging as organizing clothes might look, it is actually a smooth process if you know how to work your way around it.

You don’t need to strain yourself unnecessarily when you can manage the mess almost simultaneously with the baby’s other needs. 

You can design organized drawers that’ll give way to all the closet space your baby clothes need, and it will be easier for you even to pick different outfits quickly.

But, of course, you can go with any system that works best for you. 

Having some kind of system goes a long way; it saves you all the stress and long hours of work trying to figure what is fitting your baby and what’s not. 

However, spending one long day once in a while trying to organize the mess must be considered, for it saves your routine effort.

This article has brought together a couple of methods to keep your baby clothes organized through all growth spurts. 

In order to make sure even the outgrown baby clothes are organized, get printable labels for use.

Exercising a few tips and methods here and there helps a lot with managing the overall mess of baby clothes. 

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Organizing Timely

Organizing baby clothes for those who haven’t even come into the world can be so much fun, even if unaccompanied by anyone.

It’s best to buy a couple of clothes in newborn sizes beforehand. 

Starting from arranging the gifts you get from family to the hand-me-downs from friends, it can be an interesting activity while on your pregnancy.

Since you have to just sit in one place and figure out what to dump and what to keep, it won’t take a lot of your energy in the condition of pregnancy. 

If your friend or a family member offers to help, let them help. You never know what an experienced mom might bring to the table. 

1. Pile Clothes Of Different Sizes Separately

The best way to start organizing is by making piles of clothes. Make piles for every size you have.

If a piece of clothing looks either oversized or undersized, you can keep it separately.

It can be sometimes tricky for a brand new mom to understand what looked true to the size, and that’s when mom friends come into the picture. 

You are fortunate if you have one because, finally, there is someone who can guide you through the apparently tedious task.

You will know what to give for donation and what to keep by the exact size of the clothing. 

2. Pack Away Clothes Your Baby Won’t Fit In Immediately

In a plethora of clothes that you have taken on you to manage and organize, it is important to identify which clothes your baby won’t immediately wear as he comes into the world. 

You can do it with the help of vacuum seal bags or plastic bins for different sizes.

Then, when you label those bags or bins with the different sizes and store them for later, you won’t have to worry about keeping or using them in the future. 


How to organize baby clothes? It’s not so hard to organize baby clothes, as this article concludes.

One just needs to be alert and present-minded, which will ensure the organization of baby clothes is smooth.

This article means to make you feel confident about easy dealing with the mess and timely management. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to organize baby clothes? 

There are a few ways you can keep your baby clothes organized.

The ways include using size organizers, keeping clothes item-wise, and based on the size. Also, keep the hamper close by the changing table. 

How do you organize baby clothes in the closet?

Using closet dividers can be a lot of help in organizing clothes in different sizes. For example, baby shoes can be wonderfully organized.

You can simply hang the shoes with a shower curtain clip. Using velvet hangers may also increase the scope of space for your baby clothes. 

How to pack the clothes of the newborn? 

You should first sort clothes that you want to take with you. Then, get a clear plastic and a big bag to pack your baby nicely.

The correct technique to pack away is to roll up an item and put it in a bag. Then, keep them in a place where there is a whole space to spread out. 


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