How To Pump into Storage Bags
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How To Pump into Storage Bags

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Have you started pumping and are wondering how to pump into storage bags? 

Believe it or not, you can put your breast pump aside and pump directly into the storage bag.

Or, if you do not have one yet, you can pump directly into the storage bags as you save for a pump.

Complicated as the process may sound, it is actually pretty easy, even for a beginner. The below guide is here to help you through it all. 

How To Pump into Storage Bags

Your pump has parts such as the pump itself, flanges, backflow protectors, tubing, valves, connectors, and membranes.

The manufacturer’s composition and shape vary, and you might have seen this as you bought your pump. 

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Step 1: Open the bag

Depending on your manufacturer, different bags have been sealed differently to maintain them as sterile to ensure that your milk is uncontaminated.

Open the bag as per the manufacturer’s instructions and ensure that the bag has no leaks.

Step 2: Tilt and insert your pump into the storage bag

Carefully insert the lower part of the pump into the storage bag.

Ensure that the pump does not go past the white line mark that is guided on the upper limit of your storage bag.

The step will ensure that the lower parts of your pump do not come to constant with the milk and contaminate it. You are extra cautious, for you do not want your baby sick.

Step 3: Pull up and pullover

As you move the pump up and down slightly in the storage bag, you ensure a proper fit so that your milk does not spill once the process starts.

That would be messy. Once you are satisfied that your pump will not spill the milk, you can move to the next step. 

Step 4: Pump

Place the pump comfortably on your nipple and start the pumping process using a manual or an electric pump.

Keep an eye on the white line on your storage bag and stop pumping once the level of milk is about it.

Depending on the manufacturer, a storage bag only carries 5-6 ounces of milk. The following steps will guide you on how to remove the bag and storage.

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Step 6: Tilt and remove the pump from the storage bag

Like how you tilted and inserted in step two, you will now tilt to remove the pump.

You should be careful not to spill the milk, which can occur if you use too much force.

After removing the pump system, you will be left with your milk in the storage bag, and now you will take more steps to prepare it for storage.

Step 7:Get rid of the air, then seal the bag

Depending on the manufacture of the storage bag, you will find that there is plenty of space between the sealing area ad the milk.

Get rid of the air in this space by squeezing the air out while ensuring no-spill off.

Afterward, seal the top of the bag by pressing over the zipping line, and now the process is over.

You can now go ahead and refrigerate your milk to keep it fresh till your baby needs it.

Still Have Questions?

We know that pumping sounds overwhelming for a start. Due to this, you might have numerous questions, including. 

How to heat thawed breast milk in storage bags

You can heat thawed milk by immersing it in hot water for a few minutes. Ensure that the bag is BPA-free before considering using the bag directly.

How do you prepare frozen milk for feeding

You can do this in two different ways. First, run hot water on the milk and proceed to feed.

Secondly, thaw your milk using your refrigerator, then warm it in hot water and feed your baby.

You can stop worrying about how to pump into storage bags, thanks to the above guideline. Just open your bag, tilt, and insert your pump into the storage bag.

Then, pull the pump up and pull it over for perfect fit. Finally, pump the milk into the bag. 

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