How to punish a child who doesn’t care
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How To Punish A Child Who Doesn’t Care

Learning How To Punish A Child Who Doesn’t Care is tricky. It’s so difficult for a parent when their child doesn’t care about consequences to their actions.

For instance, they might send them for a time out but then find they continue their poor behaviour when they return. Or they might not show emotion when you do tell them off for their bad behaviour.

It’s frustrating to parents who want to ensure their child doesn’t make the same error in judgement next time. After all, you might feel like they are not taking you seriously when you punish them.

Therefore, here is how to punish a child who doesn’t care so that in future they do learn from their error.

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How To Punish A Child Who Doesn’t Care

1. Be consistent with punishments

If the punishment doesn’t work the first time, try it again. A lot of the time the child needs to realise that they will consistently get in trouble if they act a certain way.

They might think the first time you tell them off about a particular thing, it will be a one-off that you won’t follow through with. So they act up again and make the same error as they don’t take you seriously.

Therefore, to make sure it’s an effective punishment, do continue with the same punishment. They will soon get fed up of not being able to play with their friends or unable to watch the television. And as it says on Young Parents, don’t make empty threats.

Your child needs to know a certain punishment will definitely happen to ensure they don’t act out again. Therefore, make sure the punishment happens straight away and stay firm that this will happen, whether your child likes it or not.

2. Work with others

It’s so important that parents work together when it comes to punishments.

A lot of kids act like they don’t care about consequences as they know one parent will give in. Therefore, they ignore the parent knowing they will be able to work around the other parent.

To ensure your kid does take the punishment seriously and changes their behaviour, you need to both be on the same page. That way, your child knows they can’t get away with the action and is told off by both parents. The same works with grandparents and other family members.

Make sure they all act the same way and the child will change their behaviour.

3. Try positive reinforcement instead

If you find your child doesn’t listen during punishments and doesn’t care about their actions, it’s worth thinking about using positive reinforcement instead to teach their kid and stop their poor behaviour.

A lot of parents are turning to this as a way to teach their kids about how to act. They find it changes their behaviour a lot more than using punishments. After all, they are learning they get a positive reception if they act a certain way. So they are less likely to act out with poor behaviour as they know they won’t get punished if they are good. It’s easy to carry out positive reinforcement during the day.

For instance, if your child is playing well with others, praise her for treating other children with kindness and respect. And if they are polite and well-behaved when out, make sure they know how pleased you are. 

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