How To Teach A Child To Count Money
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How To Teach A Child To Count Money

Looking for how to teach a child to count money? Well, teaching your kid to count money can be a tricky job.

American coins come in different sizes, irrespective of the coin value. I remember teaching my first grader kid counting from 10s to 5s.

Let’s learn a few tricks to teach your kid to count money. 

How To Teach A Child To Count Money?

Before teaching your child to count money, teach them to skip counting by 5s, 10s, and 25s.

Learning skip counting is essential before you learn the actual counting. So, let’s see how to teach a child to count money.

The first step is to teach them to identify each coin clearly and the value of each coin.

This step says that your kid should be able to identify both the front and back sides of the coin. They must know the worth of the coin.

Next, ask your kid to sort the coins into different groups. A similar type of coin in a group makes it easier for them to count money.

Once they master counting coins, you may shuffle the coins and ask them to identify from the shuffled lot.

Start by asking them to find the biggest value coins (from which they’d grouped).

The next step is telling them that the coins in that group have the same value.

Using actual coins to teach them is beneficial as you can ask them to pile up the same-value coins while counting them. 

Once the largest coin pile is complete, move to the next largest value. This way, it would be easier for your kid to learn counting coins.

 1. Recognition Of Coins

Before teaching your kid to count coins, teaching them the different types of coins is essential.

They should identify almost all types of denominations – pennies, dimes, nickels, and quarters. 

Use actual coins to teach them this step because they must be able to identify real-world coins.

Randomly ask your kid to give you a nickel from your purse. If he fails, don’t reprimand him. 

Show him the correct coin and appreciate him for trying. Ask your kid to sort different denominations in different piles.

This will help him memorize the different types of coins.

2. Make Dollars Out Of Coins

Building a dollar with coins is another exciting method that will help your kid to learn coin-counting easily. 

Building dollars with coins is almost similar to building bridges and towers. Kids love it! 

Once the kid is familiar with the different types of coins, ask them to build a coin tower that equals a dollar.

For example, ask them to build a coin tower that equals $1 or $5. 

Provide them with all types of coins and ask them to build a tower or a bridge with the coins.

At last, count the coins and check whether he has added them up correctly or not. 

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3. Tips To Make Coin Counting Easier

Let’s learn some tips on how to teach a child to count money in a much easier way—draw number lines for your kid from one to a hundred.

Ask him to count a certain denomination of coins after sorting them out. 

For example, when you ask him to count nickels, he should highlight the fives on the number line.

Another method is to hand him a certain denomination and ask him to say it out loud. 

Kids learn best when they see and recite something. Practice this method with other denominations as well. 


Stop worrying about how to teach a child to count money. Just make sure that whatever method you choose, your kid should enjoy counting money.

Skip counting is equally essential, or your child may face difficulty in counting actual coins.

Pour a little creativity into your teaching, and your kid will show great results in his learning.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

At What Age Should A Child Know How To Count Money?

It is good if you teach your kid to count coins at 3-4 years of age. Start by teaching them to skip counting first.

Then move to teach them the different types of coins – nickels, dimes, etc. Also, ask them to sort the coins into different groups for enhanced learning.

What Strategies To Be Used To Teach Money Counting Easily?

Well, it is always recommended that you do not present all the coins to your kid at once.

It may confuse him, and he may take even more time to learn coin counting.

Once he can distinguish the coins, randomly ask him to fetch you a dime from your purse. See whether he succeeds in that or not.

How Do You Explain Money Change To A Child?

Tell your kid that money is nothing more than dollars. But, first, they should be able to recognize coins of nickel, dime, etc.

Teach them to add coins that make up a dollar.

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