How To Tell Grandma Not To Kiss Baby

How To Tell Grandma Not To Kiss Baby?

Newborn babies are adored by all. Their grandparents were first in line for hugs and kisses when our firstborn entered the world.

Does grandma kiss baby a lot? Are you wondering how to tell grandma not to kiss baby?

It is no lie, babies are cute, and everyone you introduce your baby will mostly want to cuddle them up.

The situation is usually worse with your loved ones, like relatives or close friends.

Unfortunately, it is not safe for the baby, especially when it involves kissing the baby.

Your baby’s grandmother will, of course, want to hold and play with the baby.

But you can set boundaries when it comes to kissing.

If you are worried about anything when grandma kisses the baby, here’s how to tell grandma not to kiss baby.

How To Tell Grandma Not To Kiss Baby

Kissing is a natural show of affection, and babies usually end up on the receiving end of it.

While it may seem hard to contain yourself, it is actually not a good idea to kiss babies.

The act itself can transfer bacteria and germs to your baby, leading to all sorts of illnesses.

In addition, this can be quite taxing for your baby’s immune system that’s not yet used to fighting diseases.

It makes your baby very vulnerable, and getting sick at this stage can be potentially fatal.

One of the most serious conditions arising from people kissing your baby is RSV (Respiratory Syncytial Virus).

It is transmitted from infected droplets from someone with a cold or cold, even a recent one, and can cause your baby breathing complications while affecting their brain and heart.

Kissing can also expose your baby too cold sores around the mouth and allergic reactions to lipstick, perfume, or even soap.

How to tell grandma not to kiss baby

Grandmas spend a lot of time with their grandbabies, just touching and kissing them.

It may seem a bit strange to them when you forbid them to do that, but here is how you can do it without hurting their feelings:

  1. Stick to the medical facts and explain to them how kissing can cause your baby to get sick. You can even involve your baby’s doctor, who will be able to explain better all the risks involved.
  2. Be sure to let them know that this is just temporary until your baby is a bit older and their immune system is stronger. They just have to wait for a few months before they can safely start kissing your baby.
  3. Do not get defensive, even if you’re accused of being overprotective and overreacting. Assure grandma that the ban on kissing is not personal and applies to everyone who’s around your baby. Since most of the risks involved are not easily visible, it is better to be safe than sorry when it comes to your baby.
  4. Whenever possible, you should have this conversation with the grandparents before your baby is born. It will give you all the time to go over any other rules in your home, like behaving around the baby if they are sick or recovering. It will also give them enough time to go over everything, ask questions and be on the same page with you when your baby comes home.

With the risks involved in kissing a baby, it is quite understandable if you want to keep people away from your baby as long as possible.

However, grandparents are different, and grandma especially will definitely want to hold and kiss them all the time.

When you are thinking of telling grandma not to kiss baby, it is important to go with facts while also showing her how her actions will keep your baby healthy in the long run.

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