How To Tell If Baby Is Too Cold When Sleeping

Are you concerned about how to tell if baby is too cold when sleeping? 

Babies can’t talk, so it’s impractical for them to communicate with us when they feel hot or cold.

It’s natural to worry about your baby’s warmth at night. Maintaining their comfort isn’t as difficult as you would imagine.

As such, parents and caregivers need to be on the lookout and help babies regulate their temperatures, especially at night.

Unfortunately, since babies can’t fend for themselves, learning your baby’s cue, especially for first-time parents, can be pretty overwhelming.

Therefore, parental questions has prepared this guide with insightful information about how to tell if baby is too cold when sleeping. 

How To Tell If Baby Is Too Cold When Sleeping

As already outlined, babies cannot self-regulate their temperatures, unlike adults.

However, they learn this feat as they get older, in most cases between three and four years old. Until then, it’s our mandate as parents and caregivers to help keep them comfortable and safe. 

If babies are in a too-cold room or don’t have enough layers on, they will be too cold, and worse, experience hypothermia.

Therefore, parents have to be watchful, especially at night, to ensure their little angel is comfortably warm ( not hot or cold ).

Although a thermostat might help regulate the optimal room temperature, it can be challenging to know how to perfectly set the thermostat when it is chilly or super toasty outside. 

An exposed body surface is the primary way to lose heat.

This is especially critical to toddlers who have a high risk of rapidly losing heat due to their high body-surface ratio and the lack of mental awareness to self-regulate.

However, contrary to a popular misconception, hands and feet are not an ideal way to tell if your little one is too cold.

This is because hands and feet, in most cases, are left exposed and therefore will have low temperatures.

So, how can you accurately determine if your baby is too cold? 

The good news is there are several cues to help you determine if your little one is too cold when they sleep. The most practical and obvious signs are: 

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1. Feel Baby’s Chest, Back or Tummy

A perfect way how to tell if baby is too cold when sleeping is to feel their chest, back or tummy.

Considering these part’s aren’t exposed, you can accurately determine if your little one is chilly. Conversely, if the chest and back feel warm, then there is a high possibility your baby is comfortable. 

2. Pale Skin

A paler skin could indicate your baby is chilly. Worse, if they appear to be inactive and lethargic, your baby might be experiencing hypothermia.

As such, it’s vital to gradually warm them up by wrapping a blanket around them or holding them close to your skin with a warm blanket covering you.

Alternatively, it would help if you considered putting a hat on your little one’s head through the night since they lose a lot of heat through their heads.

Finally, and importantly, you should consult your pediatrician immediately if your baby appears to be pale.

Other symptoms of hypothermia include dilated pupils, breathing slowly and a slow heart rate.  

3. Your Baby is Fussy For no Reason

Toddlers tend to be fussy when alerting you that they are uncomfortable. This is especially true when you have fed them well and ensured everything else is perfect.

Therefore, if your baby cries while asleep, or moves uncontrollably in bed while making other sounds, pick them up, soothe him and layer them up. 

4. They Are Sneezing

Your baby sneezing while asleep should be a clear indicator that they are cold.

Sneezing is usually a response connected to the hypothalamus, which controls our body temperature.

As such, if your baby is chilly, significantly when you are changing their clothes, you will notice they will start sneezing. 


Babies are at a greater risk of being chilly and developing hypothermia because of their tiny bodies and less muscle.

Therefore, it’s paramount to frequently check on your baby and ensure your little one is warm and comfortable.

These obvious signs on how to tell if baby is too cold when sleeping are a perfect starting point. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Will My Baby Wake up If She’s Too Cold?

Yes. If your baby is chilly, they will feel uncomfortable and wake up unnecessarily. This is especially true if your baby wakes up unnecessarily between 3-4 am. 

What Is The Best Room Temperature For Babies?

Your baby’s room should neither be too cold nor hot. The ideal temperature for babies is between 20 to 22 degrees Celsius ( 68 to 72 Fahrenheit ). 

What is The Ideal Baby Temperature?

The typical temperature in babies is about 36.4 degrees Celsius ( 98 degrees Fahrenheit ).

However, this can vary depending on whether it’s an underarm, rectal or oral reading.

If your baby’s temperature is far off the standard range, it might be a sign of illness, and you should consult a pediatrician. 

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