Husband Has No Patience With Baby

Husband Has No Patience With Baby

It’s tough for parents to hear their baby cry and even tougher if they feel they can do nothing.

Some babies are more irritable than others, and as adults, we still need to find ways to deal with the irritations of life.

But how your husband deals with his baby so young will affect her development in numerous ways.

If your husband has no patience with baby and is acting out, you should confront him about it and try to get to the root of his anger.

Perhaps he is experiencing stress in other aspects of his life, making him irritable, or maybe he’s not getting enough sleep?

Many men have no idea how difficult it is to take care of a baby. They think they just have to hold them and feed them.

It takes considerable patience to engage a baby who is fussy or crying.

And as your baby gets older, you will find that his needs become even more complex and challenging for you both.

Let’s take a deeper look at why your husband could lose patience with the baby and what you can do to salvage the situation.

New parent struggles that husband find challenging

As parents-to-be have no idea what to expect from their children, they often feel unprepared for this big change in their lives.

That leads to many arguments and frustrations between couples, but some of the most common problems that arise are the ones that are directly related to the newborn.

Below are some of the brand new parent struggles that lead you to think husband has no patience with baby:

  • Baby won’t stop crying
  • The baby doesn’t sleep well
  • Momma won’t stop breastfeeding
  • Momma feels like the baby hates her
  • Momma doesn’t feel like she can do anything right
  • Momma feels like everyone else is doing better than her
  • Sleeplessness causes marital stress

Could your baby grumpiness be pushing husband away

If you’ve ever been a parent to a young baby, you’ll know that there are times when your baby’s irritability seems to be contagious and spreads around the entire household.

It’s not unusual for new parents to feel so overwhelmed by the constant cries of their newborn that they spend much more time than usual fighting with their other half, with feelings of frustration and resentment creeping into every conversation.

Babies are also crazy-making, irrational, almost impossible-to-please creatures.

And it’s not just the mothers who need to deal with that grumpiness: It’s the fathers, too, and everyone else in the baby’s life.

So if you’re a new mom who finds yourself snapping at your poor husband for no reason, there could be a good reason for it:

Your little bundle of joy is turning out to be a bundle of stress for you, and it could be pushing your husband away.

Why is the husband losing patience with the baby?

It is normal for a father to find it difficult to bond with a new baby. It is also normal for the mother to feel like her partner has abandoned her.

The first few months after the birth of a child is often highly stressful for couples, with women feeling isolated and unsupported by their partners, who themselves may be feeling left out.

It could be that he isn’t getting enough sleep or has unrealistic expectations about what a newborn is like.

It could also be that he still feels left out because you and the baby have such a strong bond.

If he doesn’t get to spend as much time with the baby, it will make it harder to develop his relationship.

In many households, the mother is responsible for most child-rearing tasks.

As a result, fathers may feel left out and second fiddle to their children’s needs.

So keep an eye on your husband and reassure him about his role in the family.

Explain that he is needed and wanted and that you appreciate how hard it is for him right now.

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What to do when the husband has no patience with baby

If husband has no patience with baby and goes into a screaming fit whenever the child cries out loud, then you need to make him realize that he needs to be more patient.

He needs to understand that crying is normal because children cry when hungry, scared, or just want attention.

Have him do some of the diaper changes.

This is one place all parents start on equal footing. Get him to spend time alone with the baby when you’re not around.

Get him to read books to the baby even if he can’t yet understand what’s being said. The rhythm of the words, if nothing else, will help put the baby to sleep when it is fussy.

If your husband is providing for the family, it is not fair of you to expect him to take over child care when he gets home from work each day.

Be supportive and understanding, don’t criticize his efforts.

Make sure he gets enough sleep or as much sleep as is possible right then.

New babies can be exhausting, especially if they are going through a growth spurt or having trouble sleeping.

Encourage him to talk about how he’s feeling – some men find it hard to talk about their feelings or even admit that they are struggling with their new role as a parent, but talking it out can really help make things better.


As much as you want your baby to be perfect, they never will be. Don’t get frustrated and let it ruin your relationship with your husband.

When have you ever been perfect? Your husband is only human, even if he is an adult man. He needs patience too.

Even couples who have learned to forgive each other over time can forget its importance when they have a newborn baby.

If you notice that your husband has no patience with baby and shows little to no interest in holding or playing with the baby, don’t be quick to judge without understanding.

Even though he knows that he is the father of this child, on a conscious level and subconsciously, he fears losing his wife to their newborn, and this can often translate into hostility or general neglect.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it normal to resent your husband after a baby? 

If you’re struggling to accept your new role as a mom, this might make you feel worse: it’s not unusual for women to resent their husbands after the birth of a child.

Why do relationships fail after having a baby? 

When you have a baby, there are significant changes to your life. You may be sleep-deprived for months and sleep deprivation has been shown to decrease relationship satisfaction for both women and men.

Does having a baby change a husband? 

The truth is, having a baby can change how you see each other, how you feel about each other, and how you communicate with each other. It can change your relationship in good ways and bad ways.


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