Is It Ok To Switch Baby Formula Back And Forth
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Is It Ok To Switch Baby Formula Back And Forth

Is it ok to switch baby formula back and forth? 

Being a new mother, you must be stunned to see the variety of baby formulas in the market, but these questions will always arise in your mind while buying them, is it ok to switch baby formula back and forth?

Will it affect my baby in any way? Will this brand be safe for my kid?

All the baby formulas available in the market are safe for your baby, but before buying one for your baby, you will need to consult your pediatrician if your baby is lactose intolerant; they might need to go on a different formula.

The baby formulas available in the market contain proteins that are safe and beneficial for your baby.

Let us now find out if it is ok to switch baby formula back and forth.

Is It Ok to Switch Baby Formula Back and Forth?

The answer to your question is yes, it is okay to switch baby formula back and forth, it is safe for your baby because the base ingredient used to prepare these products are the same, but the taste may vary.

There can be some reasons why you would like to change the baby formula, as we have noticed a few of the most common reasons are:

  • If your baby becomes fussy or gassy
  • If your baby is not able to sleep at night
  • If the formula takes a lot of preparation time
  • If the price of the formula suddenly increases and doesn’t fit your budget or if the product is not available in the market.

Whatever your reasons might be, but there are few points which you should consider while buying baby formula are, whether it is an iron-fortified formula (this is mostly recommended to all infants) and whether it contains proteins and carbohydrates.

You must give your infant an adequate amount of protein throughout its growing years, so while choosing a baby formula, you will have to be extra careful; you may consult your pediatrician on the type of protein; there are mainly three kinds that are found in baby formula:

  • Cow milk protein: This is the most common one for all baby formulas.
  • Soy protein: If your baby is lactose intolerant or has some allergic reaction to cow milk protein, your pediatrician might suggest you use this formula instead.
  • Hypoallergenic: To be very specific on this one, if your baby cannot digest its food, hypoallergenic is provided. Always consult your pediatrician for this one.

Suppose you are positive about the kind of protein. In that case, you may switch your baby formula from one brand to another, but if you want to switch your baby formula with different proteins, always consult with your pediatrician first.

Considering your baby is healthy and not showing any signs of formula intolerance, switching between the formulas is considered safe.

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When Is It Not Safe to Switch Baby Formula?

As we discussed earlier that switching baby formula is fine in most cases, but there are a few in which you should turn to your pediatrician first before changing the formula.

If your baby is diagnosed with lactose intolerance or heredity disorders like lactase deficiency, then switching baby formula back and forth is not an option for you.

You should avoid buying all those formulas which contain cow milk protein. 

As cow milk protein contains lactose, you should always consider lactose-free formula as your primary choice.

As we saw, soy protein is the substitute for these infants.

There is a condition where your baby cannot digest what it eats; either it’s allergic to milk or some proteins in the formula, these infants will react the same way for both milk protein and soy. 

Don’t worry! Consult your pediatrician; they will suggest you use hypoallergenic instead of cow milk protein and soy.

These Hypoallergenic has hydrolyzed protein in them which can be digested by your child easily.

These may cost you a fortune, but for your child, you will anything whatever it takes.


We hope this question, “Is it okay to switch baby formula back and forth,” is clear to you now.

However, even though changing the formula back and forth is not a problem, always keep in mind that your baby might take good two weeks to get used to it. 

Changing formulas in between the brands can be advised, but if your child is facing some disorders or allergies, always consider your pediatrician first.

If your child is allergic or has some disorders when you find a formula that is best suited for your child, stick to it.

You must switch the formula wisely.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Long After Changing the Baby Formula Are Side Effects Visible?

In many cases, the side effects are visible within a week, but it might take up to 10 days in few cases.

After changing the formula, keep an eye on your child’s bowel movements, gastric discharge, etc. 

Can We Mix Baby Formulas in The Same Brand?

Yes, you can. As long as you know the base ingredients and mixing procedure, you can use mixed formulas of different brands.

But do not try to mix cow milk protein with soy protein. This may be harmful to your kid.

Can Changing Baby Formula Cause the Problem?

No, you can switch your baby formula back and forth whenever you like keeping in mind that the base structure is the same.

The problem will be caused to those infants who have some problems like allergic reactions, intolerance, etc. Changing the formula is not an option.

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