Is It Possible To Remember Being A Baby

As you focus on creating memorable and fun moments with your kids, you might wonder: is it possible to remember being a baby? 

The memories from the first years of our lives are our most treasured since we have carried them for a long time.

But, unfortunately, there is a possibility these memories didn’t happen.

This post will glean insights on a mystery that’s somehow frustrating to parents and puzzling psychologists and neuroscientists for a long time. 

Is It Possible To Remember Being A Baby

It’s almost impractical for adults to remember early childhood events before three years.

Infantile amnesia is the inability of adults to recollect much of their early years. It’s typical for individuals to forget events between birth and early childhood.

An infant’s brain isn’t fully developed at birth.

The brain continues to grow and change as a baby unfolds essential milestones. As the brain develops, so do the memories. 

Infant amnesia is a natural and completely normal process of forgetting things during our early years.

It’s somehow similar to how certain information for adults can disappear if there is no attempt to retain it, only that we tend to forget far more the events between birth and childhood.

Therefore, infant amnesia is a typical forgetting that occurs over time. 

So for the puzzle, is it possible to remember being a baby?

Unfortunately, chances are minimal for individuals to recollect the events between their birth and three years old.

Still, some people can remember events from two years of age, and others may not remember anything until they reach seven or eight years old.

As far-fetched as it might sound, there are accounts of some individuals claiming to remember their birth and other memories in infancy.

The most straightforward response to this is that such memories are impossible remembrances.

The human brain consists of parts that play a crucial role in long-term memory.

These parts, including a section of the frontal lobe and hippocampus, develop within nine months.

As such, adults can’t remember infancy or birth. So, we can conclude that such individuals are either misguided or liars. 

Still, babies can make memories.

It’s why some of us have few memories, even though they might be hazy images of our childhood, especially on the events that had a significant impact.

Also, infant amnesia doesn’t imply that toddlers can’t remember things that have happened. Babies have memories only that they disappear fast. 

1. What Do Babies Remember

Fortunately, infantile amnesia doesn’t affect non-declarative or procedural memory—this type of memory stores information on how to do things.

For instance, riding a bike and, in sum, the amount of learning that happens during those early years.

That’s the reason why babies don’t need to relearn the languages they learned during infancy.

Also, they remember how to count and remember who to depend on and trust. 

In addition, babies can remember explicit memories, some events during their early years.

For instance, some adults can recollect their scars from falling over the couch or other hits without remembering further details. 

Also, parents can play a vital part in helping their kids remember some of their early childhood memories.

For example, we can aid them in accessing their early years by constantly talking to them about what happened during toddlerhood and showing them photographs.

Even better, parents can create an album or memory book of their little one’s early life. 

2. Why Parents Should Make Memories With Their Babies

Infantile amnesia isn’t a reason for parents to avoid creating memorable experiences for babies in their early years, for instance, celebrating your little angel’s first birthday.

It’s still essential to do exciting things with your toddler even though there is a possibility they will hardly recall them when they come of age. 

Creating memorable moments with your baby in those early years is vital in helping them learn more about the world around them and bonding moments.

Also, they play a part in a child’s development and enhance their memory. 

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Is it possible to remember being a baby is a mystery that puzzles scientists and psychologists.

Nonetheless, important information has helped us clarify that it’s normal for adults not to recall their early childhood and events before three years.

Also, some individuals can’t remember anything from before age 8. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Is It Hard to Remember Being a Baby?

The reason why it’s hard to remember being a baby is that infants lack a fully developed memory.

The hippocampus is the brain region where episodic memories are formed and stored.

Unfortunately, the hippocampus isn’t fully developed at birth, and it takes 18-24 months to become mature and robust. 

Can Babies Remember Trauma?

Trauma can have adverse effects on babies and toddlers. There is a high possibility that babies won’t forget traumatic events in infancy.

The details might be hazy, but babies don’t forget the general event. 

Learn more on why we can’t remember being babies from the following video:


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