Is Robitussin Safe During Pregnancy

Is Robitussin Safe During Pregnancy? Quick Answers!

Are you developing a cold and are wondering is Robitussin safe during pregnancy?

There are a lot of things to watch out for when you’re pregnant.

What you eat, where you go, and even how you feel is a big part of keeping you and your baby healthy.

You also have to keep an eye on the medicine you take, especially over the counter stuff that could be harmful to the baby.

So is Robitussin safe during pregnancy? Keep reading to find out.

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What is Robitussin

Robitussin is a cough and cold medication with dextromethorphan and guaifenesin as active ingredients.

It works by thinning the secretions from your lungs and controlling the number of times you cough.

Also, Robitussin works to loosen the mucus produced when you have a cold, so you feel much better sooner.

Robitussin is usually available in cough syrup form, though it can also come as cough drops and pills.

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Is Robitussin Safe During Pregnancy

As with many over the counter medications, Robitussin has not been officially tested for safe use during pregnancy.

For the most part, it is not easy to use Robitussin without experiencing some adverse side effects during pregnancy.

Pregnant women should only take up to 120mg of Robitussin every 24hrs.

However, it would be best to keep in mind that one other active ingredient in Robitussin cough syrup can be alcohol.

Alcohol is strictly prohibited during pregnancy as it can have grave consequences for the baby.

When you’re not sure, it is best to ask your doctor for alcohol-free cough and cold medication recommendations.

Apart from this, Robitussin’s other components have been known to cause some side effects, although this is rare.

These include headaches, dizziness, rash, drowsiness, and even constipation.

It is essential to take a cold during pregnancy seriously, even when you don’t feel so bad.

If left untreated, colds can turn into something serious, like pneumonia, which could cause all sorts of complications for you and your baby.

It is also advisable to first consult your doctor before taking Robitussin or other over the counter drugs as they may react poorly with other medications you may be taking.

When you’re pregnant, your immune system is usually slightly weaker, which makes you likely to catch a cold quickly.

It also takes a bit longer for you to get better.

If you don’t want to take Robitussin and are not sure about other medications, some of the natural ways you can use to take care of a cold include:

  1. Taking lots of fluids and staying hydrated at all times.
  2. Ensure that you get lots of rest, so your body’s immune system has the energy to fight off all the cold germs.
  3. If your nose is congested, spraying a salt and water solution inside it several times a day will take care of that problem.
  4. Try to eliminate anything around you that could cause you to get a cold. It may include staying warm at all times, drinking warm beverages, and staying away from dusty areas. Polluted areas can also cause your cough to get worse, so stay away from that as much as possible. If it’s flu season, try to keep away from other people that can contaminate you.

Robitussin and breastfeeding

Like the pregnancy scenario, Robitussin has not been officially tested for safe breastfeeding use.

However, healthcare providers recommend avoiding using the drug when breastfeeding, especially if your child is less than two months old.

In addition, if the Robitussin product contains alcohol, avoid it altogether because alcohol can be passed through breastmilk, harming your child.

Robitussin, made of dextromethorphan and guaifenesin, might be safe when breastfeeding, but consider the possible side effects and how they might affect your baby.

All in all, always consult your doctor for the best options.


Getting a cold while you’re pregnant can be all sorts of uncomfortable.

While you may want to feel better as soon as possible, you need to be sure that whatever medicine you take is good for the baby.

For cough medication as popular as Robitussin, you may be wondering is Robitussin safe during pregnancy.

Having the right information will help keep you and your baby safe with the right medication as you recover from a cold.

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