Living Room Ideas for kids

5 Kid-Friendly Living Room Ideas to Reign in the Chaos

Need to liven up your living room? Your living room should accommodate everyone in the house, including the kids. But without a good plan, kids can mess up your home quickly. From misplacing items, spilling food and drinks on your furniture, and breaking valuable items to sometimes—even causing accidents.

Looking for a kid-friendly space that will also function as a relaxing oasis? Let’s look at five living room ideas to make the space fun for all in the family.

1. Get A Kids Table

A multi-purpose kids’ coffee table isolates the mess your kids make in one place. They can use it for coloring, meals, homework, and games. Best part, it promotes good sitting posture since the chair and table size are ideal for them. Being comfortable will encourage creativity like drawing or writing.

Your kid won’t need your help to get on and off the chair. Plus, you can teach them table manners by having them set the table before and after the meals.

2. Use Hidden Storage for Sensitive Items

Kids are good at misplacing items. It doesn’t take long before you realize the remote is missing—particularly when your favorite TV show is about to start. After searching a few minutes and finding it, you then notice the batteries are missing, or a button has been chewed off. It happens all the time.

Why not store valuable items in a lockable drawer? That way, the kids won’t have access. Alternatively, you can get more creative and find hidden spots; like having a small basket under the couch. For the majority, a tall shelf on the wall will do just fine.

3. Make A Drawing Wall for Your Kid

Does your kid like drawing on the wall? You know how hard it can be to clean a wall full of drawings. In some cases, you may have to repaint it. The best thing is to get an erasable writing board. It could be a chalkboard, a whiteboard, or something similar.

Place the board where your kid can reach easily. Let them get creative and draw all they want. Unlike your house walls, you can erase the board and save yourself from the headache of cleaning the walls.

4. Use Kid-Friendly Furniture

At some point, your kids will want to play indoors. After all, playing inside might be safer for some than outside. A sharp-edge table can cause more pain if a kid hits it while running. The same goes for other types of furniture in the living room.

The living room furniture should be kid-friendly. If your table isn’t stain-resistant, you might want to use a table cover. You can also cover your sofas to keep them clean.

5. Create Floor Space for Your Kids to Play

Kid-friendly homes should have ample space for the kids to play. Plus, a less cluttered living room minimizes the likelihood of accidents. So you may have to remove unnecessary furniture from the floor and utilize the vertical space.

For instance, you can hang baskets on the wall and use them to store your kids’ toys, spare blankets, and games. Alternatively, you can use storage boxes that also serve as seats.


Raising a young kid comes with many challenges. Among them is maintaining a kid-friendly home. Even though living room spaces differ for different people, the five ideas shared here can work in all homes. With a little creativity, you can make your home kid-friendly without necessarily making it less fun for them.

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