150+ Muslim and Arabic Boy Names and Their Meanings

Welcome to a journey through the rich tapestry of Muslim and Arabic boy names! Choosing a name for your little one is a momentous occasion, filled with hopes, dreams, and a touch of tradition. Each name carries its unique story, a blend of cultural heritage and beautiful meanings that resonate through generations. Whether you’re seeking a name that embodies strength, wisdom, or a cherished family value, our curated list promises to inspire and delight.

Dive in as we explore names that are not just labels but profound gifts of identity and legacy. From timeless classics to contemporary favorites, discover the perfect name that will accompany your child on his life’s journey, bringing a sense of pride and connection to his roots. Let’s find that special name together, one that echoes the essence of love and tradition in every syllable.

Muslim and Arabic Boy Names and Their Meanings

Embark on a captivating journey through the beautiful and meaningful world of Muslim and Arabic boy names. Each name in this collection is a gem, rich with cultural heritage and profound significance. Whether you’re looking for a name that radiates strength, conveys a sense of peace, or embodies a unique charm, you’ll find inspiration in every entry.

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Muslim and Arabic Boy Names Starting With A

Muslim and Arabic Boy Names

AadamFirst man, Prophet
AadilJust, Fair
AamirProsperous, Full of life
AbbasLion, Stern
AbdullahServant of God
Abdul RahmanServant of the Merciful
AdnanSettler, Proper name
AhmedHighly praised, One who constantly thanks God
AkramMost generous, Noble
AliHigh, Lofty, Sublime
AmeenTrustworthy, Honest
AmirPrince, Ruler
AnasFriendly, Affectionate
ArifKnowledgeable, Learned
AsimProtector, Defender

Muslim and Arabic Boy Names Starting With B

BadrFull moon
BahaSplendor, Glory
BahauddinSplendor of the faith
BakrYoung camel
BashirBringer of good news
BilalMoistening, Name of the Prophet’s muezzin
BurhanProof, Evidence
BuraqLightning, Horse-like creature that carried the Prophet during Mi’raj
BushraGood news, Glad tidings
BayazidHigh in status, Honor
BahauddinLight of the faith
BarakahBlessing, Prosperity

Muslim and Arabic Boy Names Starting With C

Muslim and Arabic Boy Names

CaliphSuccessor, Leader
CasimController of anger, Generous
CemalBeauty, Elegance
ChafikCompassionate, Kind
ChahidWitness, Observer
ChananCloud, Compassion
CharefNoble, Distinguished
ChawkiDesire, Longing
CihanUniverse, World
CibrilGabriel, Archangel

Muslim and Arabic Boy Names Starting With D

DaoudBeloved, A Prophet’s name
DanishKnowledge, Wisdom
DanyalIntelligent, Name of a Prophet
DawoodBeloved, A Prophet’s name
DeenReligion, Faith
DhulfiqarName of Prophet Muhammad’s sword
DilshadHappy, Joyful
DiyariA gift, Present
DuraidIntelligent, Wise
DuraanPersistent, Enduring
DhiyaLight, Radiance
Dhul-NunPossessor of the fish, Name of a Prophet
DarwishDevout, Ascetic
DihyaHandsome, Charming

Muslim and Arabic Boy Names Starting With E

Muslim and Arabic Boy Names

EhsanExcellence, Perfection
EbrahimFather of multitudes, A Prophet’s name
EhsaanFavor, Goodness
EhsanullahGoodness of God
EmadSupport, Pillar
EmaanFaith, Belief
EhsunBeneficence, Benevolence
EsamSafeguard, Security
EzzatHonor, Respect
EshanIn God’s grace, Worthy
EhabGift, Donation
EmranProgress, Prosperity
EesaJesus, A Prophet’s name
ErshadGuidance, Instruction
EyadPossessor of power

Muslim and Arabic Boy Names Starting With F

FaheemIntelligent, Understanding
FaisalDecisive, Arbitrator
FaridUnique, Matchless
FadilGenerous, Honorable
FarisKnight, Horseman
FawwazSuccessful, Triumphant
FahadPanther, Leopard
FaroukOne who distinguishes right from wrong
FirasPerspicacity, Insightfulness
FuadHeart, Soul
FakhirProud, Excellent
FahimIntelligent, Perceptive
FawazSuccessful, Victorious
FarhanHappy, Joyful
FathVictory, Conquest

Muslim and Arabic Boy Names Starting With G

GhaithRain, Relief
GhassanYouthful, In good health
GhalibVictorious, Conqueror
GhaniRich, Wealthy
GibrilGabriel, Archangel
GhaffarMost forgiving
GhaziConqueror, Warrior
GhulamServant, Youth
GhiyathSuccor, Helper
GulzarRose garden
GhaithRain, Mercy
GharibStranger, Foreigner
GulshanGarden, Paradise

Muslim and Arabic Boy Names Starting With H

HadiGuide, Leader
HamzaLion, Strong, Steadfast
HarisGuardian, Watchman
HasanGood, Handsome
HashimCrusher, Generous
HatimJudge, Decisive
HabibBeloved, Dear
HakeemWise, Sage
HalimGentle, Patient
HammadPraiser of Allah
HamidPraised, Commendable
HaroonExalted, A Prophet’s name
HaythamYoung eagle
HishamGenerous, Noble

Muslim and Arabic Boy Names Starting With I

Muslim and Arabic Boy Names

IbrahimFather of multitudes, A Prophet’s name
IdrisInterpreter, A Prophet’s name
IhsanExcellence, Perfection
ImranProsperity, A Prophet’s name
IsaJesus, A Prophet’s name
IshaqIsaac, A Prophet’s name
IlyasElijah, A Prophet’s name
IrfanKnowledge, Wisdom
IsmailGod will hear, A Prophet’s name
IqbalFortunate, Prosperous
ImadSupport, Pillar
IjazMiracle, Astonishment
IzharExpression, Revelation
IskandarDefender of mankind
IhabGift, Donation

Muslim and Arabic Boy Names Starting With J

JabirComforter, Consoler
JafarRivulet, Stream
JameelBeautiful, Handsome
JamalBeauty, Grace
JamilHandsome, Attractive
JawadGenerous, Noble
JubairBrave, Courageous
JunaidWarrior, Fighter
JasimStrong, Stout
JalalMajesty, Glory
JibrilGabriel, Archangel
JavedEternal, Immortal
JuhaymSound of water
JamshidShining, Radiant

Muslim and Arabic Boy Names Starting With K

KabirGreat, Powerful
KadirCapable, Powerful
KaleemSpeaker, Talker
KamalPerfection, Excellence
KarimGenerous, Noble
KashifDiscoverer, Revealer
KhaleelFriend, Companion
KhalidEternal, Immortal
KamilPerfect, Complete
KarimullahGenerosity of Allah
KhalilullahFriend of Allah
KinanCover, Protection
KaysanWise, Intelligent
KhidrGreen, Verdant (Name of a Prophet)
KamranSuccessful, Prosperous

Muslim and Arabic Boy Names Starting With L

LatifKind, Gentle
LuqmanWise, A Prophet’s name
LutfiKind, Friendly
LabibSensible, Intelligent
LabeebSensible, Intelligent
LuayShield, Protection
LabeebSensible, Intelligent
LatifullahKindness of Allah
LutA Prophet’s name
LutfurKindness, Favor
LutfurrahmanKindness of the Merciful
LutfiKind, Gentle
LamiShining, Lustrous

Muslim and Arabic Boy Names Starting With M

MahmoudPraised, Commendable
MalikKing, Sovereign
MustafaChosen, Selected
MuneerRadiant, Illuminating
MuhammadPraiseworthy, Name of the Prophet
MusaMoses, A Prophet’s name
MurtazaChosen, Selected
MajidGlorious, Noble
MarwanSolid stone, Strong
MuazProtected, Safe
MaazBrave, Bold
MuammarLong-lived, Prosperous
MobeenClear, Evident
MudassirThe clothed one, Name of the Prophet Muhammad
MuhtadiRightly guided

Muslim and Arabic Boy Names Starting With N

NabilNoble, Generous
NadimCompanion, Friend
NadeemCompanion, Friend
NadirRare, Precious
NasirHelper, Protector
NaufalGenerous, Kind
NabeelNoble, Intelligent
NawafHigh, Lofty
NajeebNoble, Excellent
NumanBlood, Red
NaeemComfort, Ease
NasrVictory, Help
NoorLight, Radiance
NaseemBreeze, Fresh air

Muslim and Arabic Boy Names Starting With O

OmarLong-lived, Flourishing
OthmanWise, Powerful, Name of a Caliph
OsmanGod’s protection
OmarLife, First son
ObaidWorshipper, Servant
ObaidullahServant of God
OwaisLittle wolf
OmairIntelligent, Clever
OmranSolid structure
OwaisGifted, Bestowed
ObeidSmall slave
OmariFlourishing, Thriving
OrhanGreat leader, Ruler

Muslim and Arabic Boy Names Starting With P

ParsaPure, Devout
ParvezVictorious, Fortunate
PashaNobleman, Lord
ParwizProsperous, Successful
PakeezahPure, Chaste
ParvezLucky, Fortunate
ParsaadGift from Allah
ParsaamPure, Clean
PirWise old man, Elder
ParsaazDivine Melody
ParsaadPious, Virtuous

Muslim and Arabic Boy Names Starting With Q

QadirPowerful, Capable
QasimOne who distributes, Divider
QasimCharitable, Generous
QudsiHoly, Sacred
QusayDistant, Far
QasimuddinDistributor of the religion
QudratPower, Ability
QaisFirm, Resolute
QadirullahPower of God
QutbLeader, Guide
QudratullahPower of God
QaysFirm, Strong

Muslim and Arabic Boy Names Starting With R

RafiNoble, Exalted
RahimCompassionate, Merciful
RaheelPath guider, One who shows the way
RashidRightly guided, Intelligent
RazaSatisfaction, Contentment
RidwanPleasure, Acceptance
RizwanGood will, Acceptance
RaufKind, Merciful
RayyanGate of Heaven, Full
RaedLeader, Pioneer
RiazGarden, Meadow
RameezSymbol, Sign
RaufMerciful, Kind
RafiqCompanion, Friend

Muslim and Arabic Boy Names Starting With S

SaadHappiness, Good fortune
SalahRighteousness, Goodness
SalmanSafe, Secure
SamirCompanion in evening talk, Entertaining companion
SaeedHappy, Fortunate
ShakirThankful, Grateful
SharifNoble, Honorable
SulaimanPeaceful, Name of a Prophet
ShafiqCompassionate, Kind
ShadHappy, Cheerful
SuhailGentle, Easy-going
SubhanGlorifying, Praise
SameerJovial, Pleasant companion

Muslim and Arabic Boy Names Starting With T

TahaName of a Surah in the Quran
TariqMorning star, Night visitor
TahirPure, Chaste
TalalAdmirable, Nice
TalibSeeker of knowledge
TamimStrong, Complete
TameemPerfect, Complete
TariqueMorning star, Night traveler
TawfiqSuccess, Reconciliation
TaymullahServant of God
ThabitFirm, Steadfast
ThamirFruitful, Productive
TariqueMorning star, Path
TaysirFacilitation, Ease
TayyibGood, Generous

Muslim and Arabic Boy Names Starting With U

UmarFlourishing, Long-lived
UsmanWise, Powerful
UbaidFaithful, Devoted
UbaidullahServant of God
UthmanWealthy, Generous
UsaydLittle lion
UwaisLittle wolf
UzairPrecious, A Prophet’s name
UmairIntelligent, Brilliant
UzayrHelper, Supporter
UbaidaServant of God
UlfatFriendship, Affection
UbadahWorship, Devotion
UwaidSmall giver, Generous

Muslim and Arabic Boy Names Starting With V

VahidOne, Unique
ValiProtector, Guardian
ValiullahFriend of Allah
VasimGenerous, Noble
VatanHomeland, Country
VedatFriendship, Love
VehbGift, Donation
VefaLoyalty, Faithfulness
VahabGenerous, Giver
VahdahUnity, Oneness
VahshiWild, Untamed
VasiBroad-minded, Spacious
VasiuddinBroadness of the faith
VedadLove, Affection

Muslim and Arabic Boy Names Starting With W

WaleedNewborn, Son
WajidOne who finds, Perceptive
WaliProtector, Guardian
WahidOne, Unique
WasiAll-encompassing, Boundless
WazirMinister, Vizier
WaheedUnique, Matchless
WarithInheritor, Successor
WahhabGiver, Bestower
WafiFaithful, Loyal
WajahatDignity, Commanding presence
WalidNewborn, Infant
WaelSeeking shelter, Protector
WaseemHandsome, Graceful

Muslim and Arabic Boy Names Starting With X

XaviNew house, Bright
XahirBright, Shining
XameerFamous, Well-known
XanProtector, Defender
XiyadHigh, Elevated

Muslim and Arabic Boy Names Starting With Y

YahyaLiving, A Prophet’s name
YasinRich, Powerful, Name of a Surah in the Quran
YasserEasy, Facilitator
YounisDove, Pigeon, A Prophet’s name
YaqoobJacob, A Prophet’s name
YasirWealthy, Rich
YunusJonah, A Prophet’s name
YazeedIncreasing, Growing
YamanProper name, Blessed
YaminRight-hand, Right
YaqeenBelief, Certainty
YousufJoseph, A Prophet’s name
YasarEase, Wealth
YazeedTo increase, Grow
YahyaaAlive, Living

Muslim and Arabic Boy Names Starting With Z

ZaidGrowth, Abundance
ZakariyaZachary, A Prophet’s name
ZaynBeauty, Grace
ZubairStrong, Brave
ZahidAscetic, Devout
ZakiPure, Virtuous
ZulfiqarSword of Ali, Sharp
ZiadAbundance, Growth
ZafarVictory, Triumph
ZainHandsome, Graceful
ZahirShining, Luminous
ZamanTime, Era
ZainulBeauty of the faith
ZubaydGift, Present
ZamirHeart, Conscience

Muslim and Arabic Boy Names and Their Meanings

Choosing the perfect name for your baby boy is a beautiful journey that intertwines tradition, culture, and personal preference. Muslim and Arabic names are not only rich in history but also carry profound meanings that can inspire and shape a child’s identity. Below, we have curated a list of 20 beautiful Muslim and Arabic boy names, along with their meanings. Each name tells its own unique story and reflects virtues that many parents cherish.

1. Aadam: This name has Arabic origins and means “first man” or “Prophet.” It signifies a new beginning and is a timeless classic.

2. Omar: An Arabic name meaning “flourishing” or “long-lived.” It’s a name that embodies strength and longevity.

3. Yasin: With rich Islamic roots, Yasin means “rich” or “powerful.” It’s also the title of a Surah in the Quran.

4. Zaid: An Arabic name meaning “growth” or “abundance.” It’s perfect for parents wishing for prosperity and success for their child.

5. Saad: This name signifies “happiness” or “good fortune” and is a popular choice for its positive connotations.

6. Jamal: An elegant name that means “beauty” or “grace.” It reflects sophistication and charm.

7. Kamal: Meaning “perfection” or “excellence,” this name is ideal for parents who aspire to imbue their child with these virtues.

8. Tariq: This strong, dynamic name means “morning star” or “night visitor,” symbolizing guidance and brilliance.

9. Hamza: A name that translates to “lion” or “strong,” perfect for a brave and steadfast individual.

10. Nadir: Meaning “rare” or “precious,” this name signifies uniqueness and is perfect for a one-of-a-kind child.

11. Bilal: This name means “moistening” and was the name of the Prophet’s muezzin, known for his beautiful voice.

12. Rafi: An Arabic name meaning “noble” or “exalted.” It’s a name that conveys dignity and respect.

13. Imran: This name signifies “prosperity” and is also the name of a Prophet in Islamic tradition.

14. Faisal: Meaning “decisive” or “arbitrator,” this name is for a child who is destined to be a leader.

15. Mustafa: An Arabic name that means “chosen” or “selected,” often associated with Prophet Muhammad.

16. Qasim: This name translates to “one who distributes” or “divider,” symbolizing generosity and fairness.

17. Hadi: Meaning “guide” or “leader,” it reflects wisdom and direction.

18. Ali: A strong, lofty name meaning “high” or “sublime,” often associated with nobility and leadership.

19. Rahim: This compassionate name means “merciful” or “kind,” embodying empathy and care.

20. Zahir: An illuminating name that means “shining” or “luminous,” perfect for a bright and radiant child.


Choosing a baby name for your baby boy is one of the most significant and joyous decisions you will make as a parent. Muslim and Arabic names are steeped in history, culture, and spirituality, offering a profound connection to your heritage and values. Each name in this list carries a unique story and meaning, reflecting virtues such as strength, wisdom, compassion, and nobility.

As you consider these beautiful names, remember that a name is more than just a label; it is a gift that will accompany your child throughout his life, shaping his identity and inspiring him to embody the qualities it represents. Whether you are drawn to a name for its lyrical beauty, its powerful meaning, or its connection to a beloved figure, choosing a name from this rich tradition is a way to honor your past and embrace the future.

May you find the perfect name that resonates with your heart and brings joy to your family. Let this be the beginning of a wonderful journey filled with love, hope, and endless possibilities for your little one.

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