My 12 Year Old Daughter Smokes
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My 12 Year Old Daughter Smokes

I can’t imagine finding out that my 12 year old daughter smokes. It is a very tender age to begin smoking.

Every parent is against their daughter indulging in smoking at such an age. But she’s not stepped into a teenager yet! 

Well, let’s see how you can deal with this situation without ruining the parent-daughter relationship. 

My 12 Year Old Daughter Smokes

Children are often allured to new things.

However, when they get involved with the wrong type of people, either in their school or the society, they develop bad habits. Smoking is one of them.

If your daughter has started smoking, she’s definitely not involved with good people.

I really got worried when I came to know that my 12 year old daughter smokes. But then, as parents, we must rescue them from such activities. 

It might just be the beginning phase of smoking. So, if you stop her from smoking from the very beginning, you might have a good chance of preventing her from all this.

Try and convince her to stop smoking before she gets addicted to it. Then, talk them out of it very patiently.

If you start restricting her life, she might be instigated to smoke more often.

Don’t make her feel that it is a punishment. You may even use a few anecdotes of health issues with children smoking at a young age. 

It may be possible that your kid was going through a rough phase when she’d resorted to smoking. Sit down and talk to her about her issues.

Maybe you could help solve her issues, and she wouldn’t have to smoke again. 

1. What Should Parents Do?

You should do the first thing when you find out that your daughter is smoking to confront her—after that, preventing your kid from smoking should become your topmost priority.

First of all, you shouldn’t punish or ground her. This way she’ll be tempted to smoke more and hide this from you. 

Encourage her to participate in activities that strictly don’t allow smoking. For example, enroll her in sports like basketball or baseball.

They have a strict policy against smoking which will stop your daughter from smoking so frequently.

Ask your daughter to leave the company of smoking friends if she has any. 

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2. How To Convince My Daughter To Stop Smoking?

Well, if you’ve caught her in the act, in the beginning, you have a good chance of stopping her from becoming an addict.

But, here, you have the upper hand, so handle this situation with great caution.

She might not know about the worst effects of smoking yet. You must explain to her what might happen if she becomes addicted to it.

How many cigarettes will it cost her? Not only the financial loss but also there is the loss of health associated with it.

You can even allure her to quit smoking. Bait her into stopping smoking by incentivizing her.

For example, you can trade your daughter’s smoking by offering her a new laptop or a mobile phone.

3. Pose Good Examples

Your immature daughter might already be aware of the harmful effects of smoking. It would all seem French to her!

She would probably ignore the warning signs on a cigarette packet.

If you mention good stories about people victimized by smoking, she may be tempted to quit smoking. 

Next, you should also pose a good example in front of your daughter. For example, maybe she learned how to smoke from either of the parents. 

Convince your child that you both are in this together. Make a pact to quit smoking together if you are also a chain smoker.


Well, if I were in your place, I would do the same when I’d find out that my 12 year old smokes. So, why shouldn’t you?

Make sure that you’re clean yourself before you explain to your daughter the harmful effects of smoking.

After all, children tend to follow in the footsteps of their parents.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How To Convince My Daughter To Quit Smoking?

If your daughter has just started smoking, relax, it isn’t an addiction yet. Just don’t shout at her or fight.

Instead, you two must talk to her patiently about her smoking habits. Enroll her in yoga classes or some kind of sport. This will encourage her to quit smoking.

Is It Illegal For Kids To Smoke?

Children below the age of 18 are not allowed to buy tobacco products. So, yes, it is illegal for kids to smoke.

So, if your 12-year-old kid is indulging in smoking, make sure to make her aware of the fact that smoking is illegal at her age.

What To Do When You Catch Your Daughter Smoking Cigarettes?

Instead of being rude, first of all, ask her to put out the cigarette immediately.

Then, both the parents should sit with their daughter and have a straightforward discussion. Your calm behavior will instigate your daughter to quit smoking.

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