my child is out of control where can i send her
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My Child Is Out Of Control Where Can I Send Her?

Having children that are constantly disruptive and don’t listen to your instructions can be a very draining process.

If you are constantly thinking “my child is out of control where can I send her?” then it can be a difficult prospect.

Over long periods your situation can take its toll and it’s important to eradicate this behaviour sooner rather than later.

Developmentally children experience enormous changes as they get older as well as physical, emotional and mental shifts.

This can be overwhelming for any child especially those aged under 5 who are still figuring out their place in the family and in the world.

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External Pressure

It’s sometimes easy to forget that children have strong external pressure and as they get older these tend to get much worse.

School and peer groups can make it increasingly difficult to keep your child out of trouble and even more disturbing are the influence negative peer groups can have on your child.

Even at young ages, children are capable of falling into the wrong crowds and doing things that they would not normally do.

It can be advisable to seek professional institutions to help manage your responsibilities especially if you feel that enough is enough.

However, before you think ‘my child is out of control where can I send her‘ let’s focus on what you can do now to get your child back on track.

Remember sending your child away is always a last resort.

Developmental Ages

Has your child been mentally developing in the correct way?

You should first check that the issues you are facing aren’t within the normal behaviour associated with children of the same age.

Does your child suffer from a learning issue?

ADHD is more common than doctors may have previously believed, according to new statistics from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Many children suffer from this disorder and have not yet been diagnosed or have been misdiagnosed.

ADHD stands for “attention deficit hyperactivity disorder”. This is a very common medical condition in children and adults.

A person with ADHD has differences in brain development and brain activity that affect attention, the ability to sit still, and self-control.

If your child suffers from this disorder it is critical that you get them to see a Medical Expert sooner rather then later.

How often is your child disruptive, rude and uncontrollable?

Does this happen once in a while or is it almost impossible to have a conversation with your child at any point in the day?

Many children form a pattern of thinking and a course of behaviour after major life events. This can arise from both positive and negative events.

Unfortunately for those who are thinking about sending their child away, this can be easily overlooked.

Has there been a death in the family recently? Has there been a divorce between parents? Have you just moved home?

Generally the more stressors on a child, the more likely it will cause a substantial and long-lasting change in their behaviour.

Behaviour Assessment

This is a flexible way to highlight key problem areas in your child.

A behavioural assessment can be used at any age for children and involved giving your child a tailored made question and answer script to asses their responses.

Based on the child’s answer to those questions a behavioural profile is built up. This is then linked to a pattern of behaviour and then attributed to a particular character.

A behavioural assessment can be a useful way to pinpoint particular problem areas. It is also a useful starting point to see where there is room for improvement.

Disruptive Behaviour disorders?

This is a mental disorder that a small portion of children suffers from.

If your child is always angry, constantly showing signs of being disruptive and doesn’t listen to you this could be a sign they suffer from a more serious disorder.

Symptoms include

  • Frequent temper tantrums.
  • Excessive arguments with adults.
  • Refusing to comply with adult requests.
  • Always questioning rules.
  • Refusing to follow rules.
  • Behaviour intended to annoy or upset others.
  •  Blaming others for misbehaviour or mistakes.
  • Becoming easily annoyed with others.
  • General lack of trust for authority

Seek professional help to determine what can be done to help your child if this applies.

If you still thinking my child is out of control where can I send her? then remember that your first action plan should be rehabilitation.

Sending a child away should only be for extending disruptive behaviour over months and months.

You should only seek to remove your child completely as a final resort.

Try to seek a professional opinion before you decide on the best option for you.

My child is out of control where can I send her?

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Here’s a quick video for more information on your child being out of control 

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