My Daughter Says She Is Pansexual
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My Daughter Says She Is Pansexual

When a kid steps into teenage, sexuality becomes a sensitive issue. My daughter says she is pansexual, and I have no problem with it. 

It is always good when your daughter is straightforward with you. If she’s trusted you with this thing, you must handle it wisely.

It could be challenging to observe as your daughter develops an identity that might complicate her path through life or that you think is a little early for her stage of social and sexual development. However, I would urge you to keep being there for her and accepting of who she is as she discovers her true self.

Let’s see what pansexuality actually means.

My Daughter Says She Is Pansexual

I still remember the day when my daughter let the cat out of the bag. I was still not very clear what pansexuality actually meant.

I had visited an expert and told her that my daughter says she is pansexual.

Pansexuality is quite a confusing term. The word means that your daughter is attracted to both boys and girls.

Naturally, this scares you at first, doesn’t it? However, it is better to digest this fact with time as you have many tough decisions waiting ahead of you.

Well, if your daughter has just stepped into teenage, first of all, ask her how she’d figured this out.

You might feel that she’s a little premature to understand sexuality. 

But, if she’s figured out that she’s pansexual, then you should trust her with this decision.

There’s no point reprimanding her. After all, everyone is at liberty to choose their sexual affiliations. 

In an expert’s language, you should accept and respect your daughter’s decisions. If you contradict her, you may end up destroying your relationship with her. 

If she’s opening up with you, let her. However, if you contradict her decision, she may not feel comfortable sharing her personal matters with you anymore. 

This is what I’d do if my daughter says she is pansexual.

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1. Understanding Pansexuality

Pansexuality, as the name suggests, is related to the sexuality of an individual.

The Greek word ‘Pan’ means ‘all’. This means that she prefers to be with both boys and girls. However, she is attracted to all regardless of their gender. 

Don’t confuse the word with your daughter having multiple partners. That is a totally different subject.

This only means that she will date either a boy or a girl at one time. 

Allowing your daughter to self-identify her sexuality is a really crucial decision. 

However, if you pressure your decisions on her, she may end up hurting you.

You should be able to support your daughter’s decision to be a pansexual.

2. How Should Parents React?

Well, there’s a really confusing answer for this. When a daughter decides to inform her parents of her pansexuality, she is afraid of whether they’ll accept her choice of sexuality or not.

As tempted as you are to be angry with her, this is a matter that you’d like to take on very peacefully.

Handle your daughter with extreme care, or you’ll end up losing her confidence in you.

Maybe your daughter is still confused about her sexuality or is too afraid to confess. But you should teach your daughter to always be open with you in such matters. 

3. What Should I Tell My Daughter?

First of all, you should listen to her peacefully how she figured out that she is pansexual.

If you feel that she’s too young to understand the concept of pansexuality, explain the concept. 

Conservative parents are history now! If your daughter is open with you, you should tell her that it’s not a crime to be pansexual. 

If she feels attractive towards both boys and girls, it is okay. However, to make her feel comfortable, ask something about her experience.

A teenager may be confused about her sexuality. It is your duty, as parents, to help her figure that out.


If my daughter says she is pansexual, she’ll have my full support on this. I suggest you do the same.

The world is a better place now. Every child has a right to choose her sexual partner, be it male or female.

So, as the experts say, handle this situation as calmly as you can.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Do I Explain To My Daughter About Pansexuality?

Well, first of all, ask her how she’d realized that she is pansexual. Then, gather what you know about pansexuality and explain it to your daughter patiently.

Tell her that if she’s attracted to both boys and girls, it means that she might be pansexual.

What Are Examples Of Pansexuality?

Well, if your daughter is pansexual, she might be sexually attracted to everyone, regardless of their gender. She will be comfortable with all types of sexual behavior.

If she’s pansexual, she might’ve had varied sexual experiences. Explain to your daughter that being pansexual is absolutely okay.

How Do I Change My Daughter’s Mind About Being Pansexual?

This is quite a difficult task. If your daughter has already told you that she’s pansexual, this means she’s already concluded.

But, maybe, she’s still a teenager and does not know precisely what pansexuality means.

You may remind her of your family values and tell her she’s wrong to think that she’s pansexual.

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