My Daughter Wants To Start Smoking
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My Daughter Wants To Start Smoking

Are you concerned that my daughter wants to start smoking?

Cigarette smoking or nicotine administration can have detrimental effects on a person’s health.

Smoking causes a myriad of deadly diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, stroke, throat, mouth, esophageal and pancreatic cancer.

Unfortunately, even with all the adverse effects of smoking, teens and kids continue to smoke and consume tobacco products.

It’s the responsibility of all parents and guardians to prevent and discourage kids from picking this behavior. 

So, what’s the appropriate course of action if you suspect your kid might be lighting up?

Even better, what should you do for the concern; my daughter wants to start smoking?

Parental questions has all the practical tips and steps to deal with such a situation. 

My Daughter Wants To Start Smoking: Possible Reasons Why

There could be a myriad of reasons why your daughter might want to start smoking.

In most cases, and as research suggests, most kids pick up smoking when they see adults, especially their parents or other family members smoking.

When daughters learn that smoking helps their parents or adults alleviate stress, relax or stay awake, there is a likelihood they might pick up the habit. 

Other prevalent reasons why your child might want to start smoking include: 

  • Peer pressure is another reason why kids, especially girls, pick up smoking. If your little girl happens to hang out with friends who smoke, chances are she will try to fit in. Most kids who smoke due to peer influence want to prove to their friends that they are also fantastic and have a sense of belonging. 
  • Following the media culture- In most cases, most forms of tobacco advertising have been banned. However, there is a high chance your daughter will come across tobacco adverts and branding through the internet and social platforms. Also, if they notice their favorite actor smoking in a movie, they might want to emulate the habit. 
  • Your daughter might start smoking to feel independent. 
  • She might want to start smoking to cope with stress. Nicotine creates an immediate sense of relaxation. Kids may turn to smoke to feel good when under pressure or stress. 
  • As far-fetched as it sounds, teenage girls smoke to help manage their weight. 
  • Cigarettes and some tobacco products tend to be cheap, so it’s easy for your girl to afford to light up.
  • Your little girl is just curious about trying new things, and she’s not aware of the long-term effects. 

I understand it might not be easy to take in that my daughter wants to start smoking.

However, it’s your sole responsibility to guide her from getting hooked on this habit. 

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Ways To Keep Your Daughter From Smoking

Most adult smokers started smoking as teens. What may begin as an experiment for your daughter might turn out to be a lifelong problem that’s not easy to quit.

Fortunately, parents can have a significant role in helping their children quit smoking or not picking up the habit in the first place.

Setting a good example is an ideal strategy to ensure your daughter doesn’t start smoking.

It’s improbable for kids to start smoking if their parents don’t.

For parents who smoke, it would be best if you didn’t smoke in front of your kid, send them to buy you cigarettes, didn’t allow kids to light you a cigarette, and don’t leave smoking materials at the reach of your baby.

Also, let your daughter know how unhappy you are with your smoking and how you are trying to quit. 

Start a dialogue about tobacco usage and its effect when your daughter is young. Don’t wait until kids turn to teenagers to talk about smoking.

Instead, make them understand the impact of tobacco on their well-being and mental health from a young age. 

Also, it would be best if you didn’t entirely focus on lecturing your daughter on the effects of smoking.

Instead, please keep the conversation focused on them. For example, you might inquire about their opinion on smoking.

Ask children what they find appealing or non-appealing about smoking. While at it, also discuss appropriate ways to respond to peer pressure about smoking. 

Most importantly, consider trying the following suggestions to reinforce your stand against smoking: 

  • Motivate your daughter to get into activities that don’t allow smoking, such as sports. 
  • Set firm rules that don’t condone smoking and drug abuse. 
  • Establish a smoke-free home. 
  • Help your daughter calculate how much money she might spend on smoking every day. Compare the total amount with something she likes, such as trendy fashion. 

My daughter wants to start smoking can be a disturbing turn of events for parents. However, it would be best to approach the situation reasonably.

First, try to understand why she wants to pick up this behavior and express your disapproval about smoking calmly.

As already outlined, smoking has many adverse effects, and parents should monitor their kid’s lifestyles to ensure they don’t pick up the habit.

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