My Husband Hates My Daughter

My Husband Hates My Daughter! 4 Ways To Fix A Broken Relationship

My husband hates my daughter! What can i do…

Are you currently in that group of people who wonder why is my husband is mean to my daughter?

Wouldn’t it be great if everyone instantly loved your daughter the way you do?

You may wish that this was the case for your husband, but the truth is that paternal feelings won’t just magically appear.

In fact, your daughter’s stepfather may seem completely indifferent and want nothing to do with her.

So what can you do when you start thinking that my husband hates my daughter?

There are various ways that you can try to change that relationship over time. 

My husband hates my daughter; why? 

You first need to know what’s broken before you can go about fixing anything.

It is up to you to figure out why your husband seems to hate your daughter.

A common reason for this is that your husband may not like that your daughter is evidence of a previous relationship you had before they came along. 

In this case, your husband will see your daughter as unnecessary baggage and will not be inclined to think positively of them.

Your husband may also resent that they have to compete for your attention with your daughter. 

Finally, your daughter’s behavior towards your husband, like being disrespectful, talking back, and being aggressive, may make her impossible to love.

Fixing the relationship between my daughter and my husband

Your daughter will be able to sense that your husband hates her even if he never says it.

Some of the ways you can use to fix the relationship between your daughter and your husband are:

1. Finding common ground

Is there something that both your daughter and husband like?

No matter how small it is, you can use this similarity to create a positive bond between them.

2. Spending time together

It would be best if you spent as much time as you can as a family together.

It will help you all get used to your new dynamic and learn things about each other.

You can also let your daughter and your husband hang out more together when you’re not too involved to develop a close relationship.

3. Being honest

As the adults in this relationship, both you and your partner need to be honest about your feelings.

For them, it could be exploring why they think they do about your daughter.

For you, it could be about how the strained relationship makes you feel.

Only then can you both find solutions and move forward.

Seeing a counselor as a family can also get this conversation started if it’s a little too much to handle alone.

4. Parental lessons

For some men who have never been around children, their apparent apathy towards your daughter may come from not knowing what to do.

Through parental lessons, your husband can learn how to relate to your daughter and start building a better relationship.

Love, or even like and mutual respect, doesn’t always happen immediately, and that’s okay.

Like any other relationship, your daughter and your husband’s bond needs to be nurtured and takes time to grow.

For the next time, you find yourself worried about why my husband hates my daughter, and you can take some simple steps to mend that relationship.

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