My Husband Says I Feel Loose

Many gynecologists encounter one of the most common complaints from women: my husband says I feel loose. 

The state of your body is a sensitive topic, especially in this case that it concerns a private part.

Hearing comments like this, especially since they come from your partner, can be bothersome, so your emotions are valid. 

For the longest time, many women had to face moral insults with the word “loose.”

Through time, some people have taken the concept literally, and now it is not uncommon to hear women being accused of having a loose vagina because they are cheating.

The fact is the idea is a myth, which may have sprouted from the assumption that the vagina of virgins is tight. 

But is there such a thing as a loose vagina?

My Husband Says I Feel Loose 

As long as your vagina functions the way it should, rest assured that there is nothing wrong with it.

If your husband has been complaining that your vagina feels loose, it is mainly their perception.

It does not mean yours is looser or bigger than other vaginas. The vagina is an essential part of the woman’s body created to carry out diverse, unique functions. 

To get more clarity on the popular question, my husband says I feel loose, first of all, you have to know that a loose vagina is not scientifically proven and, as such, should be dismissed. 

A vagina is made up of muscles and elastic tissue. As a result of its superelasticity, it can accommodate things like a baby or penis.

Like any other elastic part of the body, your vagina can stretch when needed and bounces right back. 

Using your mouth as a good example, it opens wide when you wrap it around a burger or yawn, but it goes back to its initial size and shape after. Your vagina works the same way. 

The good thing about this is that it is the same for every woman. So your case is unlikely to be different, proving that the idea of a loose vagina is more of a myth and not a fact. 

Three Reasons Why the Vagina is Said to Be Loose

1. Your vagina’s elasticity is affected by certain factors

A vagina is muscular. When a muscle relaxes and tenses, it can feel looser or tighter.

You can feel this during sex because the pelvic floor muscles relax when women get aroused to accommodate the penis. 

Once the arousal is gone, the vagina returns to its initial state. No matter how often a vagina is penetrated, the relaxation will not be permanent. 

My husband says I feel loose can result from certain things that can affect the elasticity of the vagina, including childbirth and aging. 

2. Your vagina changes as you grow older

Once a woman gets to her 40s, her estrogen levels start decreasing. This is the perimenopause stage.

Lower estrogen levels result in the vaginal tissues getting thinner, making them less stretchy and drier. 

Another factor that causes the vagina to change is during childbirth.

This is an expected change because, of course, a baby just passed through the vagina, and delivering a baby is no small feat. 

Postpartum looseness is noticeable more during the first week after delivery, but it will gradually get back to its previous state.

However, do not always expect it to go back to its exact size immediately after. Multiple births often cause the vagina to lose some of its elasticity.

3. Having a tight vagina isn’t always good

My husband says I feel loose, so you may be wondering how to get a tighter vagina.

Before doing anything drastic, bear in mind that having a tight vagina is not necessarily good.

Surprisingly, there are women whose vaginas are so tight that a penis cannot pass through, and this is a medical cause of concern. 

When a woman is not aroused or not properly lubricated, her vagina can also feel tight as its elasticity does not increase during sex.

If this happens, it could mean that she is uncomfortable, distracted, not turned on, stressed, or experiencing some hormonal changes. 

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If your husband’s perception of your vagina’s size is hurting your relationship, you may need to seek professional counseling to walk through this issue.

It is not the end of the road but a bump that you can surpass with patience.

Some things can be done to spice up your sex life but know that having a loose vagina is not your issue.

You do not have to be pressured to change your body size or, worse still, try out potentially harmful tightening creams. 

Your partner could be speaking out of ignorance, so counseling sessions may be necessary for proper enlightening.

It is better to seek a health care counselor who can explain things and assist you both.

Frequently Asked Questions  

My husband says I feel different inside while pregnant?

The phase of pregnancy comes with great adaptation and change.

If this is your first pregnancy, then your partner is probably new to this and may also experience some changes with you.

So yes, they might feel some changes inside. 

Communication is a fundamental way to go through a stressful and new situation like this.

Talk your way through this unique situation and find a rhythm that works best for you and your partner.

My husband says I make him feel inadequate? 

A lot of men share the same inadequacy struggles in their homes.

Most of the time, this comes from the place of them wanting to be ideal husbands to their wives. 

You can help them through this by letting them know that you feel happy and loved.

Give words of affirmation frequently, and try your best not to pull him down. Be his safety zone and number one supporter. 

My husband says I talk too much?

If your husband says that you talk a lot, it could be his way of letting you know that he prefers you to talk less and listen more.

It could be a cue for you to work on your communication skills. Those who talk a lot are often insensitive and care less for others.

You do not want your husband to feel this way. 


1 thought on “My Husband Says I Feel Loose”

  1. If your husband tells you that you feel loose then that means you feel loose to him. This is not something that we want to say to our wives, it’s not something that we are imagining, we know how sex feels with every woman that we’ve been with. Hopefully you’re not a woman that says crazy stuff like “just deal with it!” but instead maybe start doing exercises not just for health and aesthetics but to also tighten up the love below. It could also mean that he’s been masterbating too much as well, and may be squeezing too tightly. Either way if your husband or boyfriend communicates something like this to you, he knows what he’s talking about and stop telling him he’s wrong or feeling inadequate and learn to listen.

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