My Nine-Year Daughter Smokes! 3 Proactive Tips

My nine-year daughter smokes; some of us might have faced this issue at home; if you are one of them, let us first tell you some facts about youngster smoking, then we will tell you some of the techniques you can use to prevent your child from smoking.

Smoking is injurious to health. 

Moreover, these youngsters start smoking for various reasons like peer pressure, and the most common one being fashion.

These guiltless reasons can become a serious problem for them in the future. Moreover, this bad habit makes people addicted as it is rich in nicotine. 

If you have it for continuous days, your mind will quickly get used to it and want it again because it contains nicotine and other harmful substances or ingredients that can be a health hazard. 

As we know, smoking causes long-term lung diseases; starting from a young age, like 9-years, it might be challenging for your child to get over this harmful addiction.

These bad habits should not be ignored; instead should be cured.

Let us now discuss a few of the main reasons why your daughter might turn out to be a smoker.

My Nine-Year Daughter Smokes

After finding out that my nine-year-old daughter smokes, there will be 100’s of questions arising in mind.

The first question that would come up in your mind will be from when is she smoking? Where she got the cigarettes from? What is the root cause behind this?

You must make sure that your child is not getting it from you. Some of the main reasons why your daughter might start smoking are:

  • Smoking parents: One of the key factors that cannot be ignored is smoking parents. When you smoke in front of your kids, this might leave an impact on them. However, children learn from their parents, and if you are one of them, you might take care of it as soon as possible.
  • Influenced from movies or TV shows: Nowadays, movies and TV shows play a significant role in a child’s day-to-day life. Your daughter might admire some celebrities and might try to look like them. Your nine-year daughter might try to imitate her favorite actor. Unfortunately, few of the researches have shown that the life of their favorite character inspires children of such ages. 
  • Peer pressure: this is one of the frequent reasons your child starts smoking at such a tender age. You must check how many people your child is acquainted with, their behavior towards your child, and the time they spend together. 

How to Stop Your 9-Year-Old Daughter from Smoking?

After you find out the root cause behind your 9-year-old daughter smoking, now you will have to prevent them from doing this.

Remember stopping your 9-year-old daughter from smoking is entirely different from preventing your adult from doing it.

At this age, your child has a sensitive heart and can take things differently.

However, you definitely would need to teach them a life lesson by setting an example about how these can be harmful to them and eventually lead to death.

  • You can advise your daughter on alternative ways to take their mind off smoking. For example, you can engage her in outdoor activities, play karaoke with her, attend her tea parties, etc. These few engagements will take their minds off smoking. 
  • Try to spend time with your daughter: By spending time with your 9-year-old, you will be able to explore her likes, dislikes, and more about her life and inner-circle friends. Then, if you find something suspicious, you can correct that right away and stop her from bad influences.
  • You can share stories of other people whose life ended severely due to smoking; you should let her know about the addiction they will face if they continue smoking. 


Even after finding out My Nine-year daughter smokes, disheartening how it may be scolding is not a solution.

Instead, teach your child the right way to deal with their problems, and if the situation gets worse, you must try to consult a doctor.

This might take time, but your daughter will be able to overcome her addiction.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Does My Daughter Want to Start Smoking?

There can be many reasons why your daughter wants to start smoking.

The common ones are to look cool, lose weight, act older than her age and feel independent. Keep track of their activities and stop them from walking that road.

Why Some Mothers Encourage Her Daughter to Smoke?

Some mothers feel that this kind of behavior is sweet as they think their daughter must cope with the environment.

Therefore, they encourage them to smoke and drink. Some parents reward their daughter with cigarettes for good behavior in public.

They think this will encourage them to behave nicely, but they push them to become an addict unknowingly.

Is It Illegal to Smoke in A House with A Child in the UK?

There are no such rules to stop people from smoking on their premises, but professional workers always advise avoiding smoking near a child and a pregnant lady.

However, since 2015 smoking in those vehicles which has a child in them is banned.

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