My Son Has Never Had A Girlfriend
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My Son Has Never Had A Girlfriend

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First of all, it’s okay for your son not to be involved romantically with another person. 

Children’s relationships are a concern for parents, especially if they are in their pre-teen or teen years. 

There is nothing wrong with parents wondering about a son who has never had a girlfriend.

Parents should feel comfortable addressing concerns regarding their son’s lack of relationships, whether it’s due to age, ambitions, or something else.

My Son Has Never Had A Girlfriend

Typically boys of 12 or younger are inclined to play with toys, play sports, and form friendships with boys.

Although boys are entering puberty earlier today than they used to (just like girls), by the age of 10, some boys hit the transition physically, and their interests may have shifted to a sexual nature.

Most boys resemble their fathers when reared together, much to the displeasure of teenage lads everywhere.

As a result, dad should be the best role model for his son for good relationships.

1. The Following Reasons Might Explain Why Teen Boys Did Not Have A Girlfriend:

  • They are still children at heart and want to play children’s games.


  • Boys who have an intellectual mindset and find it challenging to reconcile romance and academics are considered studious.’


  • Though they are interested in romantic relationships, some teenage boys are too insecure to approach girls.


  • Those who think romantic relationships are drama-filled don’t like them and aren’t interested in them. This is particularly troubling for teen boys who have witnessed firsthand the drama often part of teen romance.


  • Teen dating violence is one problem associated with teen romance. It is estimated to be 9-57% prevalent among teens. This is a clear wide margin due to methodological differences, definitions, demographics, and more, but no matter what, it’s an essential factor that parents shouldn’t ignore.

2. No Girlfriend For 20-Year-Old Son

Dating is likely to become more prominent in sons’ lives as they enter their teenage years.

Is there anything a parent can do if their twenty-something kids don’t have, or have never had, a girlfriend?

Absolutely! As parents, here are some suggestions for you:

  • Relationships are best discussed openly. You can simply ask your son what he hopes to accomplish in a relationship.
  • Some boys may be too focused on career goals, so parents should respect his wish to put romance on hold.
  • When your son is stressed at work, he may struggle to meet people even if he wants a relationship. As well as lending a helping ear, parents can provide their sons with wise advice.
  • If your son asks for help directly or explicitly agrees to be set up, agree and set up a match.  

3. How Irrespective Of A Guy’s Dating History Is It?

There’s nothing wrong with sons with disabilities not dating! There are several unique considerations to consider in the case of sons who do not have a girlfriend.

Let’s look at three of those: 

Autism Spectrum Disorder affects one in every 34 males and 144 females.

Furthermore, 34% of the population has an intellectual disability.

As a result, it’s appropriate for parents to consider how a son’s limitations may affect his relationship possibilities. 

Relationship issues are not within reach of your son’s cognitive or emotional abilities.

Besides damaging his health and wellbeing, it would also be detrimental to anyone who had romantic expectations for him. 

Safety is paramount! If a man is intellectually or emotionally disabled, his parents should be cautious about romantic relationships.

You should guard your son extra on ideological assertions if he has diminished mental capacity, impulse control issues, or certain chromosomal disorders. 

4. Helping Sexually Challenged Sons

If a son has never had a girlfriend, it could be a matter of sexuality.

The tendency towards homophobia can be related to sexual abuse, hormonal imbalances, or other incidents since the percentage of U.S. adults identifying as gay or lesbian is less than 5%. 

It is possible that boys following a religious path may not prefer having a girlfriend.

Last but not least, sons who have heeded a call to religious life, such as that of a priest or monk, have abandoned ideas about having a girlfriend or romance.

Fathers who become priests give up the possibility of having children and a family.

Additionally, their parents give up a future with grandchildren, though usually not willingly.

It may not be a simple decision for sons to make, but it demonstrates their commitment and loyalty at the same time.

It’s an important step! Although parents can give advice (and love their children) in any situation, they cannot dictate the lives of their sons.

The need to accept that everyone except themselves is in control of their lives.

I believe the religious family has no greater calling than to live according to what God has called them to.

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Finally, there can be perfectly valid reasons why my son never had a girlfriend, including physical or mental/emotional disabilities or personal aims.

When parents are concerned about their sons, they need to remember to maintain a good relationship with their children (regardless of how old they get); to be good role models, and to remain open-minded regarding their son’s decisions (especially as adults). 

Young male adults are generally more concerned with attaining independence, getting their first job, and finding their first place to live on their own.

There is a possibility that a girlfriend can add in more effort than the couple is willing to contribute.

Frequently Asked Questions

When Does A Boy Get A Girlfriend On Average?

The American Academy of Pediatrics notes that the average age at which girls begin dating is 12 and a half years old, while the average age at which boys start dating is one year older.

In High School, How Long Does A Relationship Last?

High-school relationships are usually short, lasting only a few months to a year. Very few of these relationships result in marriage.

Marriage statistics for high school sweethearts are rare since most people don’t consider marriage until they graduate.

Is It Common For High School Sweethearts To Get Married?

Nope! Not at all. Fewer than two percent of marriages today begin with a high school romance, and only 25 percent of women say they married their first love.

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