My Son is Obsessed With His Girlfriend! 3 Practical Tips

Are you in doubt that my son is obsessed with his girlfriend?

As a parent, you can be extremely worried about your grownup son, especially regarding their emotional well-being.

And just because your cute little boy has come of age, it doesn’t mean you should stop being their parent. 

Getting to know your kid’s partner enhances positive parent-child relationships.

Doing it in the right way, not being overprotective and judgemental, can benefit their emotional and overall well-being. 

However, it might be troublesome seeing your son experiencing a wave of emotions, Obsession being a top concern and terrifying thought for parents of all ages. 

While romantic relationships are sweet and admirable, when the passion turns into codependence and fixation, it’s another thing. And it’s your cue to step in. 

Here is everything you need to know: 

My Son Is Obsessed With His Girlfriend- Obvious Signs Parents Can’t Ignore

My Son is Obsessed With His Girlfriend

Signs of Obsession usually come disguised as love, care, and affection.

Kids, especially your teenage son or their first relationship, may not recognize the limits to such feelings.

You might notice when the relationship is too serious, but there are other red flags to keep an eye on.

Spending significant time with each other is the most apparent sign parents should notice instantly.

If your son spends or dates several nights with his girlfriend, they might be moving too quickly.

Sneaking out and spending the nights together should be a clear sign that the situation has gone too far. Similarly, frequently being on the phone is another red flag.

Other obvious signs that your son has crossed into unhealthy territory include: 

  • During family time or when you are together, their relationship is all they talk about. 
  • If he brings up subjects such as marriage or having kids.
  • If they spend all and a lot of money on the relationship.
  • They are occasionally on an emotional roller coaster. You might notice that your son’s emotional well-being sorely depends on his girlfriend’s mood.
  • When they stop doing things they enjoy, such as hobbies. Also, if your son no longer spends time with his friends, especially other boys. 

Getting too involved with his partner not only deprives your son of time to study or miss out on the world but can also interfere with his future.

Not to mention unplanned pregnancies and broken hearts. It’s your parental responsibility to help your son hit the brakes in his relationship.

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Limits To Set In Your Son’s Obsessive Relationship

My Son is Obsessed With His Girlfriend

You have to guide your son into a healthy relationship. It’s essential to spot the trouble signs early on and control the Obsession.

Have a sit down with him and help him connect the dots of his obsessive behavior.

Until they admit that they have an obsession problem, they will have a hard time overcoming it.

Then, with your help, he can work some steps to work through it. 

For starters, be present on their dates and every time they spend in the hours.

If they prefer being in your son’s room, always remind them to keep the door open all the time.

You might also consider spending more time with your son. Alternatively, schedule time they should spend with other family members and friends.

Even better, please make an effort and indulge him in community-spirited activities. 

Encourage a break between both of them. While it might be impossible to break them up, ensure your son has some alone time.

You can impose curfew hours or keep him grounded for some time. The no phone and computer rule should stick in such a situation. 

In some cases, your son might be suffering from Obsessive love disorder (OLD).

While OLD is not a mental condition, it would be best to set him up with a therapist or a health professional.

A therapist can play a huge part in aiding your son to manage obsessive feelings and developing healthier relationships.


Loneliness is a significant reason for Obsession. Also, fears of abandonment might prompt your son to develop obsession tendencies.

These, among other factors, could be the reason why my son is obsessed with his girlfriend.

It’s your responsibility to help him overcome this behavior and guide him to a healthy relationship. 

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