My Teenager Is Ruining My Life
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My Teenager Is Ruining My Life

Are you looking for answers about why my teenager is ruining my life? 

While parenting can be a fun and fulfilling journey, sometimes, it can be challenging and downright devastating. 

Most parents are experiencing the turmoil of raising adolescents.

You want to be there for your child, do all it takes to see them walk the path with clarity.

But on the contrary, they follow what they want and ignore everything you as a parent educate them. 

The good news is, you are not the first parent to experience this. Some deal with grown daughters disrespecting them, and others deal with ungrateful kids.

That means there is still some hope in turning things around. Learning from other parents’ experiences can go a long way in helping you get your life back on track.   

My Teenager Is Ruining My Life: 4 Tips To Remedy The Situation

Teens are more emotional than logical because of hormonal changes. You can be sure it’s not a pleasant feeling if you can flashback to your teen years.

And most of the time, it’s scary. But despite all, you need to be there for them for a safe landing.

So you have to remain calm at all times. Do you want a good relationship with your teen?

Here are all that you need to do to have a close relationship with your teenager:

1. Have well-defined boundaries

Boundaries will help you establish a very effective relationship with your teen.

You must be having other pressures from your surroundings, pressure to attain your goals at work, other family commitments like paying bills and caring for other children.

I’m sure dealing with your teen is the least of the pressures you want. You demand their cooperation, but it’s not forthcoming. It’s easy, yet firm and clear boundaries and thin

 2. Establish effective communication

Empathy goes a long way when dealing with your child as they transit to adulthood.

Your teen is going through puberty, which comes with physical body changes, hormonal changes, and some identity crises.

Unfortunately, at this stage, there is a lot of peer influence which makes things worse. 

But don’t allow your teen’s behavior to deviate you from your proper guidance.

Having dialogues makes it very easy to connect with your teen, and they will eventually listen to you. When they decide to open up to you, don’t interrupt until they finish.

They know you care.

4. Step back from the situation

Did you choose as a parent to take it upon yourself to guide your child? Very significant, but with teens, it’s not easy.

There will be times they will rebel with you, and there will be times they will agree with you, and you get along so nicely.

It’s a good thing to allow yourself some space, to take care of yourself.

You can guide your teen, but it’s up to them to decide which direction they take.

Learn to make firm decisions and let them ask for your help when they need it. Here is a great platform to guide them through.

5. Allow them their private space

Time and again, you will have worries about your teen indulging in sexual activities and drugs.

Sometimes they are very disobedient; for sure most of the time.

And worse, there isn’t a reason why they are acting this way.

You can only educate them openly about contraceptives and the dangers of drug abuse and also make clear the consequences of their actions.

You will not force your teen to do right. Let them be aware of all the results of their choices and let them choose from them.


Unfortunately, many parents struggle when raising teenagers and end up asking questions like, my teenage is ruining my life.

If not handled early, the situation can get out of hand for both of you. You must maintain firm decisions, clear boundaries, and listen to them more without interrupting them.

When you remain calm most of the time, they will feel free to open up to you about their struggles.

Enlighten them on the consequences of every choice they make, and then allow them to make their decisions.  

Iesha Mulla

Iesha is a loving mother of 2 beautiful children. She's an active parent who enjoys indoor and outdoor adventures with her family. Her mission is to share practical and realistic parenting advice to help the parenting community becoming stronger.

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