Nerdy Pregnancy Announcement

Nerdy Pregnancy Announcement

In search of nerdy pregnancy announcement ideas? 

If a baby is on the way, mom and dad will want to make the best pregnancy announcement possible.

For other parents, this means focusing on a theme, such as autumn, nature, or the Zodiac.

But we sometimes overlook the nerdy parents who may not want to make the traditional baby announcement.

Rather, many parents want something that demonstrates their passion for television, movies, and books. 

It’s always exciting to announce a pregnancy, but we’ve got all the ideas you’ll need if you’re seeking a unique and humorous method to do it.

Nerdy Pregnancy Announcement

Fortunately for nerdy parents worldwide, the next generation of baby announcements is based on pop culture references.

There are numerous ways to include mom and dad’s passion for Harry Potter, Star Wars, Game of Thrones, or even Batman in a baby announcement.

Take a look at these 20 delightfully dorky birth announcements and tell us they aren’t the loveliest way to inform the world that a new player has entered the game of life!

Pregnancy used to be something that only the parents and their closest family members knew about.

Traditionally, royal birth announcements were solemn and conservatively happy.

Since then, we’ve discovered the power of social media, and none of our life’s events, including pregnancy, have gone ignored.

This trend is thought to have started with Beyonce’s spectacular pregnancy reveal photoshoot, after which adorable baby announcements flooded our newsfeeds.

Most of us have had to cope with our parents’ questions about when they will become grandparents.

In a lot of cases, it’s a pretty unpleasant situation.

Those who desire to have children, on the other hand, can choose from a variety of inventive, delightfully surprising, or just unexpected pregnancy reveal ideas that will undoubtedly put an end to the incompetent queries.

If you’re going to inform the world, make a big deal!

1. Harry Potter Pregnancy Notifications

  • He Who Shall Not Be Named – Soon to Be Named

Other amazing Harry Potter subtitles I’ve come to see on the internet include:

  • We firmly vow that we were up to no good (perfect for a Marauder’s Map!)
  • Mischief is being controlled.
  • The Requirement Womb
  • Baby will be waiting for their letter from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry with bated breath.
  • Is it going to be a witch or a wizard this time?

2. Star Trek Pregnancy Notifications

Our sensors have detected a new life type, Captain!

Ideas for captions:

Our sensors have detected a new life form, Captain. It appears to be a human male, and if current development rates continue, we expect to make contact in [month, year].

The Generation to Come: [month, year] to come

Pregnancy Announcements in the Star Wars Universe

Every Star Wars fan has a plethora of alternatives!

You’ll adore this sweet and straightforward concept. There is no need to put forth any effort; simply download and transmit the image!

We’re having a BB! BB8 – We’re having a BB!

What about this option for people who prefer Jedi to robots? Parents can even disclose the gender with a different colored lightsaber!

The force seems to be trembling!

Announcements of pregnancies in video games

Simple writing, hearts to signify how many months your baby has left, and a symbol from a favorite video game are all simple to add to an ultrasound image.

Are you ready for Ready Player 3?

Consider an X-Box achievement for an even easier choice. A custom Achievement Generator is available in the Microsoft Store, and the Achievement Maker website allows you to create your personalized X-Box achievements!

3. Pregnancy Announcements From Game of Thrones

Even if Game of Thrones is no longer on the air, there are still some inventive pregnancy announcements to be found!

The baby is on the way.

Here are a couple of exciting announcements that are also puzzles.

Are you looking for more Game of Thrones captions with your ultrasound photo?

There is no name for a girl.

Introducing the newest member of House Lastname, Mother of Dragons!

You either win, or you cry when you play Game of Thrones.

4. Pregnancy Announcements For Dungeons & Dragons And Tabletop Gaming

You’ve filled out a lot of character sheets if you’re a tabletop gamer. Fill out a personalized character sheet for your child in a few minutes!

Most pages contain spaces for whatever information you wish to provide, such as possible names, gender, or even hilarious statistics about how much damage your baby’s unarmed strikes are causing to the mom’s abdomen.

XP bonus If you provide your ultrasound in the character’s photo box and the start date of the new campaign!

Instead of a traditional baby announcement, consider a Lego reveal as these folks did!

The Jedi Apprentice will be released soon.

We’re rather taken aback by the news of the rainbow lightsaber.

Baby, Accio

We wish pregnancy could be as simple as waving a magic wand, but we’ll have to do with this wonderful announcement!

The Inverted World

These Eleven-inspired onesies are a cute way to let everyone know life is about to turn upside down for Stranger Things fans.

The Birth of a Batman Child

This baby needs a small utility belt, and they are ready to take on the criminals!

I am his biological father.

Take a look at this adorable pint-sized Yoda and make the inevitable Star Wars joke.

Collect some coins and press the question mark box since the game has received a new life!

A Sidekick is Required for Every Superhero

This too-cute placard could be the ideal way for an older sibling to announce the arrival of a new hero to the world.

Batdad and Robin are a couple.

Bring out the batmobile and make sure there’s a back-facing car seat on hand because these superhero parents are expecting a baby!

Pregnancy Announcement for Magic: The Gathering

Users can upload a photo and create a custom MTG card on In less than 5 minutes, I built the sample above!

Customizing card color, mana requirements, and other factors give parents a lot of flexibility regarding what information they want to reveal about their child.

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The only drawback to having a spectacular geeky wedding is the expectation to keep the awesomeness going once a child arrives.

We’ve combed the internet for the best pregnancy announcements, which you’ll want to duplicate as soon as you’re ready to share the news. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How long should you keep your pregnancy a secret from your loved ones?

Many expecting parents put off telling their friends and family about their pregnancy until the end of the first trimester, around week 13.

There are various reasons why people wait until this time to tell others about their good news.

Still, the most crucial factor in choosing should be what makes you feel the most at ease. 

Which week is the most likely for you to miscarry?

The majority of miscarriages happen before the baby reaches the 12th week of pregnancy.

Vaginal spotting or bleeding are signs and symptoms of a miscarriage.

Many women wait until the end of the first trimester to announce their pregnancy (12 weeks into their pregnancy). 

When will I be able to relax about the possibility of a miscarriage?

After your doctor detects a heartbeat, your chances of miscarriage drop dramatically—to about 5%, around the 6 to the 8-week point. 



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