Newborn Hates Diaper Changes

Newborn Hates Diaper Changes

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Are you worried that your newborn hates diaper changes? First off, you are not bad at parenting. Yes, you read that right!

That your newborn cries during every diaper change and even every other time does not make you one.

The truth is that a newborn hates diaper changes, and your baby just happens to be in that boat. 

The question remains, why do newborns cry during a diaper change?

It is believed that different factors contribute to why some newborns hate diaper changes.

For some, it is the strange feeling that comes with it, while for others, it can be because they are uncomfortable or even have a diaper rash.

There are a few other possible causes, and the good news is you can fix this. Let us dive right into it.

Explaining Why Newborn Hates Diaper Changes

There are many possible reasons why your newborn hates diaper changes. It is a new experience, and it is strange to your baby.

It also takes time to get used to things like wearing diapers 24/7. Let them cry if they want to and understand that the baby is still trying to adjust to the whole system.

Aside from making adjustments, your baby may find the position uncomfortable.

This is especially true when you place your newborn on a table during a diaper change.

The surface is not soft for their backs. It can be painful for their gentle and pliable bodies.

Babies can also be impatient, so the cries may come from their eager desire to get it done and have them picked up. 

Your baby’s discomfort may also come from the sudden temperature change.

They might be feeling cold after removing their clothes and their nappies.

The diaper helps in keeping them warm, or their bodies may already be accustomed to having them on.

So they feel that something is missing or they have lost their warmth the moment you remove the soiled diaper.

It can also be because of a diaper rash, which happens due to a baby’s prolonged exposure to wet nappies.

Diaper rash can be painful, especially when your baby has a lot. While diapers are essential, you have to find the brand and materials suited for your baby. 

On a lighter note, the discomfort may not be due to the diaper or diaper change.

You may have missed it, but your baby’s stomach may already be growling.

A hungry baby is a crying baby. So if your newborn is hungry, you can expect a little tantrum-throwing during the diaper change.

What Can You Do? 

Conquer the problem with changing baby diapers by doing the following:

1. Ready, set, go! 

Be ready every time you want to change diapers.

Everything you need should be prepared and within reach before pressing the green light to remove the old nappy.

You don’t want your baby exposed to too much cold because you have to get something you need.

So, the wipes, new diapers, powder, or rash cream should be within reach. If you plan to change to new clothes, have them ready.

The faster the process, the better. 

2. Become an entertainer 

You will be shocked by how much your newborn enjoys entertainment, especially from you.

Do some talking or singing through the process. This works like magic for many parents, and it will not be a bad idea if you try it out. 

3. Get some toys 

Some distractions could also do the trick with getting your baby to stop crying.

Since your newborn wouldn’t be able to play as much with the toys, you will have to get toys that move on their own.

Place them on a table close by and have your newborn enjoy the show while you get that diaper changed.

4. Become a detective 

Now it’s time to search for rashes. The culprit might be a diaper rash that hasn’t been detected yet.

So have a close look to ensure there isn’t any rash. If you find any redness in the area, deal with it promptly before it gets worse.

Thankfully, with a rash cream/ointment, you will be able to treat it effectively.

Changing your baby’s diapers regularly is also essential to avoid the development or worsening of the rashes.

5. Make your newborn comfortable 

As much as possible, ensure that your newborn is comfortable.

It entails choosing a wider surface so that your baby can still move around while having a diaper change.

Also, have a blanket well placed on the surface you choose for comfort. It’s also vital to check that your baby is well-covered.

Don’t remove all clothes at once, and use a blanket to cover the lower limbs while changing diapers.

This way, your newborn still feels warm through the process.

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It’s true that having to see your newborn cry every single time you change diapers can be heart-breaking.

Thankfully, there’s a way out. You now have an idea of the possible reasons why your newborn hates diaper changes.

And not just that, but also how to deal with them. With these tips, you are on your way to having a cry-free diaper changing session henceforth. 

Bear in mind that your newborn is very sensitive at this stage, and they can sense when you are tense.

Hence, you have to keep calm while fixing things and making your newborn as comfortable as possible.

It will also help the baby stay calm while you’re trying out all these new tricks to make the process more enjoyable and relaxing.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to stop a newborn from crying when changing the nappy?

You can start by singing or just talking. Hearing your voice would help calm the newborn.

If that doesn’t work, try other distractions like moving toys or small toys they can hold on to while you change diapers.

And most importantly, get it done as quickly as possible. The faster the process, the faster your baby would stop crying. 

Why does my newborn cry during diaper changes?

It can be because your newborn is uncomfortable with the whole process.

Another reason can be the cold from exposure during a diaper change. The cause can also be diaper rash. 

How to keep the baby warm when changing?

The best way is to use a blanket when changing. Ensure there’s a blanket on the surface you’re placing your baby on, and use another blanket to cover the limbs when changing.

It’s also vital that you don’t put off all your baby’s clothes all at once.

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