150 Nicknames for Samuel [Cute & Adorable]

Whether in the neighborhood, school, or grocery store, Samuel is a name that’s pretty easy to come by.

Understandably, you’ll need to set your boy apart from the numerous “Samuels” around. 

Fortunately, there’s a wide range of nicknames for Samuel from which you can choose.

This way, many people will not answer at once when you call your boy’s name.

Giving your kid or loved ones a modern nickname will make them feel more confident among their peers.

That’s why we made a list of cute, cool, and unique nicknames to broaden your choice.

But before we proceed, check out the meaning and origin of Samuel!

Origin and Meaning

Derived from the Hebrew word “Shemu’el”, the name Samuel means “God has hearkened”.

In the Book of Samuel in the Holy Bible, a story is told about a woman named Hannah. 

Even though her husband, Elkanah, loved her, Hannah was barren.

She prayed to God to give her a child, with a promise to dedicate the child to the Lord. 

God heard Hannah’s prayers, and she gave birth to a boy, who was named Samuel. In return, she dedicated Samuel to the Lord, who later became a key personality in Israel.

In the 16th century, the Puritans made the name Samuel popular. And to date, the name has always been a favorite across the world.

Now, let’s move on to the best nicknames for your favorite Samuel.

Cute Nicknames

One of the simple ways to appreciate your loved one’s beauty is to give them a cute nickname.

Check out these sweet amazing choices that will make them happy:

  1. Sammy – One of the most popular nicknames for Samuel
  2. Sam – A common nickname for Samuel
  3. Sambaby – A cute nickname for a baby boy
  4. Lil Sam – An excellent choice for little Samuel
  5. Ammy 
  6. Samath –Choose this amazing nickname for a girl named Samantha
  7. Boss-Sam – Pick this nickname for the guy who acts like a boss
  8. Simon 
  9. Sam-may
  10. Samary
  11. MC-Sammy – Perhaps the guy loves music, this nickname will make him happy
  12. Sammy Jammy – If Sam loves attending parties, this is a great nickname for him
  13. Samshine – Choose this nickname for someone who has brought sunshine into your life
  14. Samwell
  15. SM – An abbreviation for Samuel
  16. Sam Wise – A befitting nickname for a wise guy
  17. Salsam
  18. Samz 
  19. Sam Keyz – If the guy plays the piano keyboard, this nickname will be a good choice
  20. Big Sam – Pick this nickname for a big guy
  21. Muel
  22. Muley
  23. Samay
  24. Samzy
  25. Shazam
  26. Sampson 
  27. Mr. Sam – Choose this nickname for both the young and old Samuel
  28. Samstrings – Use this nickname if the guy plays the guitar or other stringed instruments.
  29. Sammy Cent – An excellent choice for the guy who is always willing to spend money.
  30. Samos

Funny Nicknames 

Choosing a funny nickname for someone who makes you laugh is not a bad idea. Check out these funny nicknames for Samuel:

  1. Sammy Gaga – Choose this nickname for someone who always acts excited
  2. Simpson – Named after the popular TV series “The Simpsons”
  3. Sambo – If the guy is tough, give him this nickname
  4. Samsung – Pick this nickname for the tech guy
  5. Sammy-boo –  Perfect for the man who makes you laugh
  6. Samich – Use this nickname for the guy who loves sandwiches
  7. Sam-Rose – A nickname for Samantha 
  8. Sis Sam – For the guy who prefers to dress and act like a lady
  9. Sammy Berry –The perfect nickname for someone who loves all types of berries
  10. Sambam – The guy who doesn’t like giving tips
  11. Shaggy Sammy
  12. Chatty Sam – A  guy who never stops chatting
  13. Sam the Ram – A befitting nickname for the stubborn guy
  14. Samad
  15. Sambankey
  16. Rambo –  Pick this nickname for the rough and tough guy
  17. Popsam
  18. Sammie-poo –  A funny nickname for the baby who uses several diapers daily
  19. Popsy Sammy – The young guy who acts like an old man
  20. Samonkey – Pick this nickname for the guy who makes some funny gestures like monkeys

Short Nicknames

Choosing a short nickname for your loved one can be fun too. Here are some excellent choices for you:

  1. Amy – A cool nickname or the lady named Samantha
  2. Sams
  3. Mels
  4. Eli 
  5. Sal
  6. Uel
  7. Muel – Derived from the last 4 letters of Samuel
  8. Sully
  9. Melly
  10. Samzi
  11. Sel
  12. Simi 
  13. Shem
  14. Samus
  15. Amu
  16. Mue – Just to keep it simple
  17. El
  18. Mas
  19. Leu
  20. Siri – Seems to have a basic knowledge of everything

Cool Nicknames

Perhaps the Samuel you know is super cool, you’ll want to give him a cool nickname. Take a look at these awesome options:

  1. Samski
  2. Sassee
  3. Sprinkles
  4. Samir
  5. Sammy Q – Choose this nickname for the highly intelligent guy
  6. Sam-gram – An excellent choice for the guy who loves to spend all day on Instagram
  7. Sammo
  8. Sapphire – Use this nickname for the person who adds value to you
  9. Sunshine – Pick this for the one who makes you happy 
  10. Sammich
  11. Moose
  12. Samay
  13. Samazing – The perfect nickname for someone who is simply amazing
  14. Sparky – A good choice for the one who always looks neat and confident at all times
  15. Ice Sam – If he’s always as cold as ice, this nickname is the right choice
  16. Samness
  17. Salsam
  18. Sam Smith – Named after the popular English songwriter
  19. Smarty  
  20. Muely 

Creative Nicknames

Do you prefer creative nicknames for your favorite person? Check out this list:

  1. Goddamsam
  2. Sam Bee
  3. Sammy Slammy
  4. Sammy Whammy
  5. Samwelli
  6. Sampo
  7. Sam-a-lamb – Pick this for someone as quiet as a lamb
  8. Samara
  9. Sammyboy 
  10. Sammy Nation –  A good nickname for the guy who has a great leadership quality
  11. Samburger – Consider this for the guy who can’t go a day without eating a burger
  12. Nice Sammy – A sweet nickname for the friend who is always willing to help
  13. Samspider – An excellent choice for the boy whose favorite movie is “Spider-Man”.
  14. Sambankey
  15. Samrich – Choose this for the guy who has lots of money
  16. Sam-media – He spends most of his time posting pictures and videos on social media.
  17. Shammy – The guy who acts in a clumsy manner
  18. Samathy
  19. Samanthy sprinkler
  20. Sam the hammer – Always uses forceful means to get what he wants
  21. Sambucal
  22. Sammy the hammy
  23. Samouel 
  24. Samuelito
  25. Sam the man – For the fearless and powerful guy
  26. Simba – One of the fictional characters from the popular Disney movie “The Lion King”
  27. Sammy plop
  28. Samson 
  29. Sami macho – Perfect for the guy with big muscles
  30. Samburd
  31. Samer – He is skilled at scamming people; don’t make friends with this guy
  32. Mimo-Sami
  33. Priamsammy
  34. Sasquatch
  35. Sam-time – A person who is always conscious of the time
  36. Sammy Tee – Pick this nickname for the guy whose middle name starts with the letter T
  37. SBD – This means “silent but deadly”. Pick this nickname for the guy who is troublesome but looks quiet.
  38. Simi
  39. Samarty 
  40. Sammy money – A guy who is always willing to give out money

Unique Nicknames

There’s nothing wrong with giving the special Samuel in your life a unique nickname.

Here are some amazing options from which you can choose:

  1. Smally – He’s older but looks younger
  2. Salmon
  3. Leumas
  4. Sami-pedia – The human version of Encyclopedia 
  5. Samcool – Always cool with everyone he comes across
  6. Mister Sammie – Use this for the boy who is gradually becoming a teenager 
  7. Clever Sam – This nickname is great for a smart guy
  8. Shoogie Woogie
  9. Sammy Lee – Use this for the guy who loves the Korean culture
  10. D-Sam – A simple and special nickname for the guy you admire
  11. Samus
  12. Sammie Potter– From the famous movie “Harry Potter”
  13. Saem
  14. Bossman – A good nickname for the bossy guy
  15. Slammy
  16. Samath – Someone who is good at mathematics
  17. Sally
  18. Sugar buns – For a loving and caring partner
  19. Bunnie
  20. Melly 

Names Similar to Samuel

There’s no doubt that Samuel is an amazing name. But if you feel the name is too common, here are 20 amazing names:

  1. Isaac
  2. William
  3. Henry
  4. Timothy
  5. George
  6. Alexander
  7. Arthur
  8. Joshua
  9. John
  10. Robert
  11. Nicholas
  12. Noah
  13. Peter
  14. Jacob
  15. Anthony
  16. Stephen
  17. Luca
  18. Albert
  19. Frederick
  20. Elijah

Famous Names

Samuel is a common name, even among celebrities. Here are 10 famous people with this amazing name:

  1. Samuel L. Jackson –  A television actor and film producer from the United States.
  2. Samuel Walton— An American businessman
  3. Samuel Adams – The founding father of the U.S.
  4. Samuel Cosmi – American football player
  5. Samuel Witwer— American musician and actor.
  6. Samuel Mukooza – Ugandan retired basketball player 
  7. Samuel Johnson – An English author
  8. Samuel Fatu – A professional wrestler from the United States.
  9. Samuel Bartsch – Japanese voice actor
  10. Samuel Arrendondo – American singer 

Variations of Samuel

Like most Biblical names, Samuel has been changed into different languages. As a result, the name has different spellings.

Here are 10 variations of Samuel:

  1. Samuli
  2. Ismail
  3. Kamuela
  4. Samu
  5. Sawyl
  6. Somhairle
  7. Saamuel
  8. Shmu’el
  9. Samantha
  10. Samuele

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Final Thoughts

From the nicknames for Samuel, we are sure you’ve made the best choice. Having a cool, unique, or cute nickname is a great idea.

Apart from being a modern way to stand out, it brings out a name’s uniqueness.

Since there are many nickname options for you in this article, feel free to choose as many as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What Is The Nickname Sam Short For?

Sam can be the short form of Samuel, Samantha, and Samson. Samuel and Samson are both common Biblical names for boys. 

On the other hand, Samantha is a name for girls. Samuel means “God has hearkened” or “God heard”. Samson means “man of the sun.”

There’s a belief that Samantha is the feminine version of Samuel.

What Middle Names Go With Samuel?

There’s a wide range of middle names that go with Samuel. These names include Levi, Oliver, Leo, Owen, Philip, and Ryan.

You may also consider Timothy, Francis, Ethan, David, Christopher, and Archer.

How Popular is Samuel?

As with other Biblical names, Samuel is a very popular name. For more than a century, Samuel has been among the top 100 names in the United States. 

In the 1960s, Samuel almost left the list of top 100 names but didn’t.

Ever since then, the name has not ranked as low as it did during that period.

With the introduction of unique nicknames, Sam and Sammy being the most common, Samuel will continue to be popular.

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