150 Nicknames for Scarlett [Cute & Adorable]

While nicknames have been around for a long time, they have become more popular in recent times.

Apart from being a simple way to stand out, nicknames can help to fit in among peers.

That’s why we compiled a list of cute, funny, and cool nicknames for Scarlett in this article.

If you’re also looking for creative, unique, and short names, we’ve got you covered!

But before we proceed, take a look at the meaning and origin of Scarlett.

Origin and Meaning

Scarlett is one of the variants of the word “Scarlet”, and it is mainly a name for girls.

Scarlet is derived from the French word “escarlate”, which describes rich cloth.

There’s also a belief that scarlet was derived from the Arabic word “siqillat”, meaning fine cloth.

It wasn’t until the 14th century that scarlet became associated with a shade of red, taking the place of “rich cloth”.

Margaret Mitchell, a popular author, is believed to have contributed to Scarlett’s popularity.

In 1936, the author released a book named “Gone with the Wind”, with the main character being Katie Scarlett O’Hara. 

Considering the role of the main character, Scarlett became a well-known name in the United Kingdom, Canada, and other countries.

Now that you know the meaning and origin of Scarlett, let’s proceed to the different nicknames from which you can choose. 

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Nicknames for Scarlett

Cute Nicknames

How else can you make your loved one feel special if not by giving them a cute nickname? Here are some amazing choices to consider:

  1. Letty – One of the most common nicknames for Scarlett.
  2. Carley – A simple and popular nickname 
  3. Miss Scarlett – Use this nickname for your cute teenage friend.
  4. Lovett – A mix of “love” and “Scarlett” for your favorite person.
  5. Etty – A simple yet classy nickname for your loved-one.
  6. Ska – Another popular nickname for Scarlett.
  7. Lottie – Pick this for a sister or cousin to show how much you love them 
  8. Red – If she has red hair, use this nickname for her.
  9. Sharlene 
  10. Arla – If Scarlett is brave, choose this nickname for her.
  11. Scarlicious – Pick this for a super cute baby.
  12. Squats – Use this for your Scarlett who likes to keep fit at all times.
  13. Scorelett – Is she good at playing different sport games? If so, give her this nickname. 
  14. Scarly Barley – Use this nickname for Scarlett who loves barley.
  15. Scarose – A nickname for the pretty Scarlett who constantly reminds you of the beauty of roses.
  16. Scarah – If her middle name is Sarah, this will be a perfect nickname
  17. Scarly money – Pick this nickname for a Scarlett who is generous with money.
  18. Pearlett – A perfect nickname for the friend who has added value to your life.
  19. Sunshine – If Scarlett brings sunshine into your life, give her this nickname.
  20. Lettuce -Choose this nickname for Scarlett who likes eating lettuce.
  21. Starlight -An amazing nickname for a special friend.
  22. Scarlight – Scarlett deserves this nickname if she is the light of your life.
  23. Whitney 
  24. Essie – A cute nickname for the friend who has always been there for you.
  25. Chocolate – Pick this nickname for Scarlett who likes chocolate.
  26. Starlette
  27. Sky – Does Scarlett have blue eyes? If yes, this nickname will fit her perfectly well.
  28. Scaley 
  29. Summer – A cute nickname for a dear friend.
  30. Sharlee

Funny Nicknames 

Perhaps you have a loved one or friend who makes you laugh, choose a funny nickname for them.

Here’s a list from which you can make the best choice:

  1. Showerlett – Choose this nickname for Scarlett who showers a lot.
  2. Sclowny – A special nickname for someone who makes you laugh.
  3. Sourlet – Use this nickname for a friend who enjoys sour diets.
  4. Scarecrow – Pick this nickname for Scarlett who likes scaring people.
  5. Scavenger
  6. Scarpet – Use this nickname for someone who likes playing with pets.
  7. Mamalette – A good nickname for the young Scarlett who behaves like an elderly lady.
  8. Darlette 
  9. Scar
  10. Scar-jet 
  11. Scar-debt – For the friend who likes borrowing money to lead a fake lifestyle.
  12. Scarrfy
  13. Scarbully – If she bullies her peers, give Scarlett this nickname.
  14. Scary
  15. Purr-Lett – A nickname for someone who loves cats.
  16. Screepy – Pick this nickname for the creepy Scarlett.
  17. Smallie – Use this pet name for the Sacrlett who looks younger than her actual age.
  18. Scar-mmar – The appropriate nickname for the girl who is good at scamming people.
  19. Scarly-poo – If baby Scarlett uses several diapers a day, give her this funny nickname.
  20. Nutty

Short Nicknames

Sometimes, you just have to keep the name simple. Here’s a list of short nicknames for Scarlett:

  1. Lyty – Just to keep it short and simple!
  2. Sissy – A good nickname for a pretty and fashionable lady.
  3. Sassy
  4. Sin – For the girl who does whatever she likes, no matter the consequences.
  5. Sasky
  6. Lett – A common nickname for Scarlett
  7. Pear 
  8. Scone
  9. Star – Choose this nickname for your famous Scarlett
  10. Skyry
  11. Scaro
  12. Lety
  13. Essie – A simple and classy nickname for Scarlett
  14. Ruby – A friend who has added value to your life deserves this nickname.
  15. Cara – Another word for “friend” in Irish and “darling” in Italy, which makes it the perfect nickname for your darling friend. 
  16. Lottie
  17. Ska – Choose this nickname for your little girl.
  18. Arly
  19. Carle
  20. Arlet 

Cool Nicknames 

There’s no doubt that cool people deserve cool nicknames. Check out this list to make the best choice:

  1. Spalett
  2. Scarlett O’Hara – Pick this nickname if her favorite novel is “Gone with the Wind”.
  3. Scarlux – Does your Scarlett love luxury? If yes, pick this nickname for her. 
  4. Kitten
  5. Stewie
  6. Scarlet-gram – Choose this nickname for Scarlett if she loves posting pictures and videos on Instagram.
  7. Lil Scarlett – A pet name for baby Scarlett.
  8. Scarly baby – An amazing nickname for your baby.
  9. Scarlett keyz – If Scarlett plays the piano keyboard, pick this nickname for her.
  10. Scaurora
  11. Buzy Letty – For your Scarlett who is always busy.
  12. Slimlette – A cool nickname for your pretty and slim friend or loved one. 
  13. Sapphire – Pick this nickname for the person of value in your life. 
  14. Bettie Lettie
  15. The scarlet lady 
  16. Sweet Carley – For Scarlett has a sweet personality.
  17. Sugar baby 
  18. Scarlet strings – This is a nickname for Scarlett who plays the guitar, violin, and other stringed instruments. 
  19. Smarty – A special nickname for the smart Scarlett.
  20. Scarlett-Q – Choose this nickname for the intelligent Scarlett in your life.
  21. Queen Etty – A cool nickname for Scarlett who lives like a queen.
  22. Sparkey – Pick this nickname for the Scarlett who sparkles every time.
  23. Leslie
  24. Scaryl
  25. Scuzy 
  26. Scarl-Cent – Pick this nickname for your Scarlett who gives you lots of money.
  27. Scarly-love – A perfect nickname for your favorite loved one. 
  28. Leggy-let – For a tall friend or family member named Scarlett.
  29. Agent Scarlett – Use this nickname for Scarlett who acts like a detective. 
  30. Scarly sizzle

Creative Nicknames

Do you prefer creative nicknames for your loved ones? Take a look at the list below:

  1. Oscarl
  2. The Scarlett woman
  3. Miss Red –  Another way of saying “miss Scarlett”.
  4. Sharlett
  5. Scalirich – Pick this nickname for your rich and generous friend named Scarlett.
  6. Mumcy Scarly – For the young Scarlett who behaves like an elderly woman.
  7. Scalley Bee – The perfect nickname for someone always busy as a bee.
  8. Sharley-burger – Use this for someone who loves eating burgers.
  9. Shmarty
  10. Scarly sugar
  11. Scarlett fever
  12. Scarlight
  13. Screw-lett
  14. Scatterbrain – Choose this nickname for Scarlett who is a genius.
  15. Screamscarl – A nickname for baby Scarlett who screams and cries a lot.
  16. Darlett
  17. Scones
  18. Scarellina
  19. Sour-lett
  20. Scarash 
  21. Scarlettio
  22. Scallentina
  23. Lettie Lou
  24. Shar-Lee – Use this nickname for someone who likes Korean culture. 
  25. Nice Scarlett – A lovely nickname for the nicest Scarlett you’ve ever met. 

Unique Nicknames

Special people deserve unique and fantastic nicknames. Check out the list below to make the best choice:

  1. S.C – An abbreviation of Scarlett.
  2. Scarly Gaga – Someone who is always excited deserves this nickname.
  3. Scarlett Werner
  4. Chatty Scarley – If Scarlett chats a lot, give her this nickname.
  5. Scally Berry – Use this nickname for someone who likes all types of berry.
  6. Scamazing – A special nickname for someone who is simply amazing.
  7. Scamanda – Give your Scarlett this nickname if her middle name is Amanda.
  8. Scaly- Chocolate – For the Scarlett who lovelove chocolates. 
  9. Scar jar
  10. Squats
  11. Scatwoman
  12. Scamath – A unique nickname for someone good at mathsat maths.
  13. Clever Scarly – For your clever and adorable friend or loved one.
  14. Scalipedia – A human versionversion of Wikipedia deserves this nickname
  15. Scarlie-girl
  16. Scar-threat – Pick this nickname for Scarlett who gets everything she wants by using threats.
  17. Ice scarlet – If she hardly plays with friends, give her this nickname.
  18. Siri – An amazing nickname for someone who has an answer to many questions. 
  19. Scaurora
  20. Swiss roll
  21. Diamond
  22. Scarlett bear – 
  23. Lette long – This can be a great nickname for Scarlett with long legs.
  24. Hottie – Use this for your hot friend or partner
  25. Scuzy 

Other Names Similar to Scarlett

Several amazing names can take the place of Scarlett. Check out 20 of them:

  1. Sophia
  2. Violet
  3. Bridget
  4. Harriet
  5. Nanette
  6. Charlotte
  7. Margaret
  8. Lily
  9. Isabella
  10. Amber
  11. Madeline
  12. Grace
  13. Olivia
  14. Avery
  15. Ella
  16. Sienna
  17. Peyton
  18. Riley
  19. Charlie
  20. Crimson

Famous Names

Some of your favorite celebs go by the name Scarlett. Here is a list of 8 of them:

  1. Scarlett Pomers – A former American singer, songwriter, and actress.
  2. Scarlett Keegan – A model from the United States.
  3. Scarlett Bordeaux—American model, ring announcer, and professional wrestler.
  4. Scarlett Alice Johnson—English producer, drama teacher, and actress.
  5. Scarlett Werner – Former tennis player from Germany.
  6. Scarlett Moffatt—English presenter, television personality, and former ballroom dancer.
  7. Scarlett Westbrook – British journalist and environmental activist.
  8. Scarlett Johansson – American actress who was named one of Time magazine’s top 100 most influential people in 2001.

Variations of Scarlett

Scarlet, Scarlette, and Scarletta are a few variations of Scarlett.

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Final Thoughts

One of the ways to create a bond with someone special is to give them a unique nickname.

We’re sure you’ve made the most preferable choice from the list of nicknames for Scarlett. 

Nowadays, it’s uncommon to meet someone who doesn’t have at least one nickname.

So why not follow this current trend so that you won’t feel left out?

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A Good Nickname For Scarlett?

There’s an endless list of amazing nicknames for Scarlett. They include Etta, Carly, Letty, Red, Lottie, Ska, and Scout.

Check out the others from the list of nicknames in this article.

What Middle Names Go With Scarlett?

Being a fantastic name, there’s hardly a middle name that doesn’t go well with Scarlett.

Some of the middle names you can consider include June, Maeve, Elle, Pearl, Rose, and Lola.

You can also use Olivia, Wren, Adrina, Lyra, Sienna, Rue, and Amelia.

What Does Scarlett Stand For?

Scarlett stands for joy, heat, courage, force, and passion. It is a popular name that is mainly given to girls. 

Scarlett is associated with the bright red color “scarlet”. 

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