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Nuna Tavo Vs. Mixx- Which One to Buy?

In this article, we’ll review the Nuna Tavo Vs. Mixx and see which one comes out on top!

We have witnessed parents, both new and experienced, go through extensive research and struggle to find the right stroller for their kids.

We understand it’s essential to give your kids absolute comfort and also have some relaxed time to yourself.

And that is why every parent swears by a good stroller.

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We should mention that most brands come up with breakthrough technology and keep adding an extra layer of safety and comfort to their products.

We are going to compare the two models Nuna Tavo and Nuna Mix, in the article.

If you are already aware of the brand Nuna, you must wonder which model out of the two fits right for your kid. Let’s find out.

What is Nuna Tavo?

Starting with the more budget-friendly option, Nuna Tavois a lightweight but sturdy stroller.

It weighs 24.3 pounds and can withstand 50 pounds, as per recommendation. 

  It has both a three and five-point harness with an adjustable height option and a one-button release feature.

The armbar is removable and can fit kids of all sizes.

It does not require an adapter to turn it into a travel-friendly system.

All you have to do is place the car seat in the middle of the seat and bumper, and it will stay fixed in that position.

They come in 2 colors – caviar and granite, and both the models come with a brown leatherette luxe handlebar, which is height-adjustable.

When to use Nuna Tavo?

When you take your baby on long walks, due to the long hanging off the legs, they can start to feel pain and discomfort.

Therefore, there is additional calf support and footrest integrated to maximize comfort.

The suspension technology in Nuna Tavo is progressive and has a one-touch, simple, rear-wheel braking system.

That makes the ride smooth and bump-free.

The canopy is large-sized with UPF 50+ and multiple windows that keep the kid well protected from the sun and keep the seat ventilated during hot summer afternoons.

The seat can recline to three positions as well as a fully flat position.

You can also attach a stroller organizer to keep your essentials handy.

  • It has a height-adjustable handlebar
  • Comparatively lightweight with regards to its features
  • No separate car seat adapter required for traveling
  • Impressive suspension and braking system for a smooth ride.
  • Spacious seat with a big storage basket
  • Only face forwarding of the seat is possible
  • No cup holder and raincoat in the package.


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What is Nuna Mixx?

Although high priced, Nuna Mixx is a more popular model of stroller.

It has a more luxurious look and feels to it.

It weighs around 26.8 pounds, which is 2 pounds higher than Tavo and can hold up to 50 pounds.

It has both front and rear seating options, which are better than Tavo. 

It can be easily convertible to a car seat with just a one-click on/off ring adapter.

It is more of a bassinet than a car seat because it has better ventilation and full flat reclination mode, with extra support to the neck and spine.

The canopy is UPF 50+ along with a flip-out eyeshade that protects direct sunlight to fall on your kid’s face.

Comes in 4 different color options- oxford, granite, caviar, and birch.

When to use Nuna Mixx?

Well, in addition to all these, the Nuna Mixx comes with a seat apron and rain cover, which can protect your baby in all-season.

In Comparison to Tavo, Nuna Mixx is sturdier and has more rugged wheels.

Therefore, you can take it along even on uneven or rough tracks.

  This, too, has a comfortable footrest and convertible calf support to give your child extra comfort during long rides. Nuna Mixx has an all leatherette bumper bar and handlebar.

One trigger button can fold the stroller in half, and the seat is also foldable with a button at the back.

This makes traveling so comfortable with the stroller.

  • Featured both front and rear-facing positions
  • A bassinet or car seat can replace a stroller seat.
  • Two large compartments of storage available.
  • Comes with rain cover and integrated cup holder
  • No suspension at the front
  • Needs an adapter for the car seat
  • Weights around 2 pounds more than Tavo stroller
  • A little high-priced

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Main Differences between Nuna Tavo and Nuna Mixx

  • Nuna Mixx weighs a little more than the Tavo stroller, which can be a little drawback during flights.
  • The wheels and suspension of Nuna Tavo are better than Mixx.
  • The seat is both front and rear-facing in Mixx but only front-facing in Tavo
  • The seat is well ventilated and can be converted into a bassinet in Mixx, but it is impossible in Tavo.
  • The harness can be converted in Mixx according to growing kids’ requirements, but not in Tavo.
  • Mixx stroller comes with a lot more accessories than Tavo.

Conclusion & Recommendation

Both the strollers stand out from each other with their own sets of pros and cons.

After discussing intensively and considering all the features, we have our vote for Nuna Tavo.

Considering the market price, Tavo is $250 cheaper than Mixx, with almost similar features.

It is also 2 pounds lighter than Mixx. But if you want luxury, Nuna Mixx should be your choice.

We hope these details help you make the right choice.  Nuna-Tavo-Stroller  

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