Other Names For Auntie

Other Names For Auntie

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Are there any other names for auntie? For everyone, the advent of a new baby in the family is exciting.

Especially if you are a sister, sister-in-law, etc., you must be very excited to raise that little creature with all your grace. 

 Another matter of excitement is what the kid is going to call you while growing up? Isn’t it fascinating to decide a name for yourself?

These days’ aunts are choosing creative and unique names for themselves.

Since an aunt-nephew relationship can be more like friendship, she is as close as your mom but without discipline!

 If you will be an aunt soon and have not yet decided what your nephew or niece should call you, this thread is for you.

In this article, we shall be discussing the other names for auntie.

Other Names for Auntie

If you think of other names for Auntie, you must have ended up with aunt or nanny.

But you would be fascinated to know that there are almost 100+ names around the world for auntie. You just need to choose the right one.

 Traditionally there are names like Auntie followed by your nickname, sissy, Annie, Aunnie, Ann, Nay-nay, etc.

 In English and other languages, too have another name for auntie like in Italian, it is called Zia; in French, it is called Tante; in Greek Theia, and Swedish auntie is known as Moster. 

Or you can assign names according to your first syllable, which makes the work a lot easier.

For example, consider your name to be Amy, so the names that could be assigned to you are aiming, A, Ai-Ai, etc. 

 But before keeping any nickname, you must consider the following:

  • Age – Do make sure that the age and the name suit your personality perfectly; some people like to have a traditional aunt name, but if there is not much of an age difference between the nephew/niece and you, you must go for a fancy one.
  • Keep it uncomplicated- don’t forget that your nephew/niece has to say the word you have kept. The more complex the name you give, the difficult it gets for the child to pronounce and remember it. So, make sure to keep a cute, short nickname, and on the other hand, easy to pronounce.
  • Consult family– before assigning any fancy or creative name, you must discuss it with the family. They are possibilities that they might dislike that name, so you must have their opinion too.

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How to Be the Best Aunt?

 It’s a pleasure to embrace yourself as an aunt; it doesn’t matter whether you are their biological aunt or they are just your friend’s kids when you become an aunty to get involved in their life.

If you decide you do not want your kids, you can continue to be a fun aunt and enjoy your life.

 We can understand that this role is sometimes tricky when you cannot have your kids; you go through a tough face when you cannot conceive.

Here are some ideas you can apply in your life, let go of the pain, and become a cool aunt.

  • Do not become jealous: always love your niece/nephew whatever the time or situation is
  • Spend some time together: spending time with your niece/nephew will help you let go of your pain.
  • Remember all the special occasions: never forget those special events and get their beautiful gifts, like on their birthdays, special holidays, when they started walking or when they said their first words.

 These few points will help you become a great aunt and have an enjoyable relationship with your niece/nephew.


No matter what name you decide for yourself to be called by your niece or nephew, the bottom line is, a new life is coming to the world.

So, make sure to love it with all of your heart. 

And if you are still confused about the other names for auntie, just wait for the baby, let him/or speak their first-ever words, and guess what, choose something for those words, and you are the coolest aunt! 

 Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Aunts and Uncles Called Collectively?

Sometimes aunts and uncles are sarcastically called siblings as in ‘p’ for parents and ‘ibling’ for siblings.

But this is not an official term to be used in any official document. This is just a funny word invented by the millennial. 

What Does Auntie Mean in Slang?

It basically means that you are the kid’s parent generation. Even though it does mean a blood relation, many kids use it more casually these days.

Why Do the Chinese Say Auntie to Older People?

There is a tradition in Asia to call elders by not their name and my aunt or uncle. So, most Asian people, including Chinese and Indians, address elders as auntie or uncle. 

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