Owlet Baby Monitor VS Snuza Baby Monitor
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Owlet Baby Monitor VS Snuza Baby Monitor

In this article, we’ll review the Owlet Baby Monitor VS Snuza Baby Monitor and see which one comes out on top!

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Adequate sleep is essential for not only the mother but also the baby.

But with a newborn, there are chances of a lot of things going incorrect.

And being a parent, it is a duty to be aware of it and create a safe environment for the baby.

A human can’t keep tracking all baby movements, starting from external to the ones in the organs. 

There is, in fact, a severe threat to babies under the age of one year.

It is known as the Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). It is as dangerous as it sounds.

Thus, the parents need to keep monitoring the baby even during sleep. 

Here we have noted down the details of Owlet vs Snuza baby monitors that will help newborn parents keep track of their babies. 

What is the No products found.?

No products found.

The No products found. is a little device that keeps monitoring the baby’s heart rate and measures oxygen levels.

All this can be observed when the baby has the monitor on the sock. 

The Owlet Smart Sock Baby Monitor includes an oximeter inside the sock so that it can be used as a wearable baby monitor, tracking vital signs.

In simple terms, a beam of light is passed through the skin that identifies the amount of red light, and infrared light is absorbed under the skin, which calculates the oxygen levels in the blood and detects the number of heartbeats in a minute. owlet baby monitor

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When to use the No products found.?

As a responsible parent, you must be aware of everything that is happening to your newborn and hence want some specific features in the No products found..

Suppose you are looking for a wearable monitor and can detect minute changes in your baby’s body, like detecting the oxygen levels or calculating the heartbeat without disturbing the baby.

In that case, the Owlet Baby Monitor is your answer.

  • Detects both oxygen levels as well as the heart rate of the baby.
  • Three socks are provided in three different sizes.
  • The reports or feedbacks are readily available in a cell phone app.
  • There are zero wires present.
  • Quite portable. 
  • For using the app, extra charges are levied.
  • Not so good customer service.
  • The sync to the cell phone device might not be reliable.

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What is the No products found.?

No products found.

If you are aware of how a baby sleeps, you might have surely noticed that babies are belly breathers, i.e., when they breathe, there is a very prominent abdominal movement. 

No products found. used this typical characteristic to make a little device called the Snuza Hero SE Baby Monitor.

This Monitor clips onto the baby’s diaper and the top parts rest on the tummy to monitor the slightest of movements.

This monitor alarms you when there is no belly movement for a long time.  snuza baby monitor

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When to use the No products found.?

If you want to rest assured about your baby’s movements, the No products found. will assist you in your job by continuously tracking your baby’s belly movements.

You will know if there is any problem as the Snuza Hero SE Baby Monitor starts vibrating if it tracks zero movements for 15 seconds to rouse the baby.

And if even after the vibration, the child is not aroused, an alarm goes off.


  • Zero wires present.
  • Zero harmful radio waves.
  • Can be tucked underneath clothing.
  • Very portable.
  • The set-up is as easy as the use of this device.
  • Not a very sound monitor.
  • It cannot be attached to a baby sleeper, glider rocker, or baby car seat.
  • There are no settings for receiving notifications on your phone.

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Main Differences between Owlet Baby Monitor VS Snuza Baby Monitor:

The Snuza baby monitor does not provide Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connections to send alerts to your cell phone.

In contrast, the Owlet baby monitor does send information by Bluetooth between the two devices. 

  • Snuza is mainly a baby monitor that tracks movement, whereas the Owlet baby monitor tracks your baby’s oxygen level and heart rate.
  • Snuza is a wireless clip-on device attached to the baby’s diaper, whereas the Owlet is a sock that is wearable by the baby. 

Conclusion and Recommendation:

Comparing these two devices is quite challenging as they aim to prevent SIDS and, most importantly, work in two different ways.

The Snuza tracks the baby’s belly movement, and the Owlet tracks oxygen levels and heart rates.

Considering the feature that No products found. sends signals to your cell phone with an app, it would be more convenient for the newborn’s parents.  owlet baby monitor

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Snuza Baby Monitor:

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